Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Why it makes sense for Marine Le Pen to be the next President of France!

By Stanley Collymore

I and my peers who were at school with me at the same time, and I know this to be so because I keep in regular contact with many of them, weren’t only exceptionally fortunate for the positive and hugely beneficial experiences that we had during our school days but will forever and as long as we live be eternally grateful for and to the teachers we had, and who weren’t simply highly competent and outstandingly brilliant teachers academically in their own right but overall were also comprehensively adept in inspirationally instilling in all of us the requisite requirements that were absolutely necessary for developing, improving on and consolidating the appropriate skills that would greatly assist us into becoming well-rounded and worthwhile human beings.

Skills like self-discipline, total respect for others deserving of such respect, particularly our elders and with the same attitudinal position as regards ourselves and significantly too those who at any time were in loco parentis of us. And consequently these impressive teachers of ours were unquestionably and automatically trusted by our parents or guardians and the entire community too that we all lived in, because these pillars of society who were immensely and profoundly respected either came themselves from the said communities we their pupils and students belonged to or had purposely moved into them voluntarily. So there was certainly no reluctance, or would anyone have thought of such as there was no necessity for it, on our part in all of us both individually and collectively according to these exceedingly well thought of teachers the cherished responsibility they had of looking after us children. This significantly was Barbados during my formative years in the 2oth Century and it’s a situation that is still very much prevalent today in 2017 and the 21st Century and I know will assuredly continue to carry on as it has always previously done.

A proud state of affairs that regrettably isn’t so in Britain, the United States of America, the Antipodean white Caucasian enclaves of Australia and New Zealand as well as several, and obviously, white-run European countries; a number of which are members, and particularly prominent ones too of the European Union. Entities where proliferating sexual fraternizing between teachers and pupils, lecturers and their students, and where “academic success” is either garnered or dispensed for sexual favours granted or received and has nothing at all to do with the intellectual capability, often non-existent in the cases of these whoring “clients” involved, is rampantly commonplace and paedophilia coupled with other predatory sexual abuse by principal staff members, students, pupils and several others within all educational institutions in these aforementioned countries is to put it mildly of epidemic proportions.

Throwing up in the process multiple numbers of such persons with their ill-acquired and highly dubious “academic” qualifications who essentially are as thick as a lavatory brush but because of the nepotistic network of loathsome deviants that they cheerfully belong because of their privileged “elite” status or sycophantically join to advantage themselves if they’re not from the aforesaid end up having ready access to profitable business opportunities or else go into politics and assume most undeservedly so to anyone with a functioning brain, prominent Cabinet positions like Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary, Home Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer and even Prime Minister.

And if the white Caucasian establishment and the privileged elites both in France and across the capitalist west frenziedly backed by their embedded and so-called mainstream media have their way a predatory paedophile supporter and sympathizer Emmanuel Macron will enter the Élysée Palace as President of France and the woman over 25 years his senior  and with whom he indulged in his paedophile activities with when he was a mere lad of 15 years and she his schoolteacher at the time was a married mother of three children one of whom was the same age as Emmanuel Macron himself, attended the same school and incredibly was in the same class that he was. Now this paedophile pair and with the French, British and other European establishment, as well as those across the entire white western capitalist world and together with their embedded media are collectively ganging up together to ensure that by hook or by crook this absolute nonentity but a sycophantic champion of the worst excesses of capitalism and without the merest semblance of conscionable morality about him, and that transparently includes his sexual propensities, gamely walks through the doors of the Elysée Palace as the next President of France and with his paedophile lover as the First Lady of France. And not so much a case of the Élysée Palace becoming a whorehouse but more like No. 10 Downing Street a Paedophile’s Sanctuary!

Is this really what the French public and more crucially the country’s voters if they become fully cognizant of the facts want, I wonder?

When I graduated a s a teacher I went back to Barbados to personally see my former English Master, the now regrettably late and exceedingly sorely missed Mr Kenneth Doughlin, at the 18th Century Grammar School which I’d previously attended on that island and where he was not only a hugely inspirational figure in my life back then, still is and will forever be so as the principal mentor he will carry on being. I specifically wanted to personally thank him for all he’d done for me and many others I studied with under his tutelage, those who preceded me and were also doing well for themselves, as well as the many others who came after me, and to let him know that the teaching methods he’d employed with all of us I would do my level best to implement in my own teaching exercises. Something I’ve ever since religiously and, even if I say so myself, successfully stuck to. And furthermore have the added satisfaction of knowing and having been told by multiple students of mine, many of whom I still regularly keep in touch with and who are themselves now highly successful adults in their own right and often with families of their own.

But before I flew back to Britain to commence my teaching there this excellent advice is what Mr Doughlin, God rest his soul, gave to me. I’ve memorized every word which he spoke then and can readily recall each one by rote. Here’s what he said to me: “Be always and genuinely open, frank and honest with your students. Don’t be afraid to own up willingly and frankly to the mistakes you’ll make from time to time and above all keep your students well-informed at all times. If they ask something and you don’t know the answer to their question honestly say so and don’t waffle or pretend otherwise as such conduct will only cause them to lack trust in you. For ignorance of something is no crime. And having truthfully done so tell them you’ll do your research on the matter to find the correct answer to their query and at the same time invite and encourage them to do the same independently or with other pupils and afterwards you can compare and discuss your respective findings.

“Always set aside at least one period of class time during the week, where the students can openly and honestly voice any concerns that they have about anything including your own teaching, ensuring as they do so that criticisms or plaudits are carried out in a constructive environment where all points of views are unrestrictedly aired and solutions either sought or offered.

“Finally, treat your students at all times with the respect that they deserve; be fair at all times with each one of them and while being friendly to them from the very outset draw a firm and permanent line between you and them and don’t ever endeavour to be their friends; for they are children or adolescents generally for whom you’re in loco parentis, and even if they are adults in tertiary or postgraduate studies you are the professional with the responsibility of due care towards them which you must never under any circumstance whatsoever abuse!” I warmly thanked my former Grammar School English Master for his outstanding advice and told him I would earnestly take to heart all that he’d said to me and assiduously adopt it in my own teaching what I complimentarily said to him I’d always refer to as the Kenneth Doughlin Manifesto. He smiled genially and thanked me for what he described as my kindness to him. And I can say, hand on heart, that subsequent to that meeting I’ve always methodically lived by and in every aspect of my teaching life comprehensively implemented the philosophy of this remarkable, sincerely loved, hugely respected and enduringly remembered Bajan, Mr Kenneth Doughlin.

What a discernibly marked contrast when one considers lowlifes like Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux whose paedophilia is being opportunely airbrushed and even scrupulously expurgated by the white Caucasian western establishments, so-called privileged elites and the MSM who are all cheerleading for Emmanuel Macron to be the next President of France and his wife France’s First Lady, because they wholeheartedly represent the equally sick, corrupt, criminal and decadent western capitalist and warmongering status quo. Claiming at the same time that Marine Le Pen is a racist and everything else that’s’ wicked under the sun. Truth is that they’ve been looking into their mirrors and the odious reflection they see staring back at them and which they want to transfer onto Marine Le Pen is their own.

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  1. They're both of them quite odiously Nazi Zionist in nature, the British and French regime respectively! But with the stated chance of the Elysee Palace: France's official presidential residence and its centre of government, that unfortunately could be placed under the control of Emmanuel Macron, will we then be forced to witness the immediate and resounding transformation of the Elysee Palace? As it embarks on dislodging Britain and Theresa May's No.10 Downing Street as the foremost paedophile sanctuary in Europe and possibly even within the entire white western world!