Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Our strong and stable President – oops sorry – toadying PM of Britain!

By Stanley Collymore

I’m the delusional Prime Minister who’ll put the “Great” back
into Britain again and who therefore, and unsurprisingly so to
anyone but quite evidently left-wing and hopelessly out of
touch with reality morons of the discernible ilk of Diane
Abbott, John McDonnell and unquestionably Jeremy
Corbyn, is actually both generally and flatteringly,
gratefully perceived by people who’re equally
likeminded, together with others far more
dim-witted and racist than me as being
somewhat astute, politically outstandingly and very clever;
principally as a result of the things they hear me say and
watch me do. Not realizing for a single moment: these
lowlife, white trash, redneck scum, who in private I
socially spurn but publicly hail and acclaim as my
alluring supporters and most adorably beautiful
babies – even though I’ve never been a parent
myself, as honestly I’ve neither relished nor
would I ever individually wish to even be
remotely connected with anything that
distantly touches on maternity – but
how then could they effectively
have sensed otherwise, when
intrinsically they are all so
amazingly intellectually
impoverished, daft as
a lavatory brush and
furthermore, being,
as in perpetuum is
the situation the
electoral fodder
they routinely
are, candidly
futilely and
too, quite

Joyfully unaware, these poor and pathetic dears, that what
I’m abusively doing in the actions they see me take and
the pronouncements that I rather robustly and in my
echo-chamber-like manner make, is essentially me
engaging in the proselytizing and subsequently,
as is also my remit, repeatedly regurgitating
at every opportunity that I can conceivably
get or is fulsomely and unquestioningly
provided for me by the BBC and the
rest of the Establishment embedded
MSM, is effecting my avid best,
not as I always and deceitfully
assert for the benefit of the
United Kingdom or even imaginably a truncated Britain
after the conclusion of Brexit, but instead thoroughly
committedly as I certainly am - as are my fellow
Tories, Labtory and Lib-Dem collaborators - to
the Nazi Zionist, combined and obsessively
anti-Palestinian, Hezbollah and thrilling
Iranian hate-filled agenda plan we’ve
all mustered and clearly contrasts
with our determined and wholly
deferential, pro-racist stratagems acceptingly but
nevertheless, rigorously and comprehensively
disseminated, and furthermore discernibly
authorized by the orders of our Yiddish
kith and kin, terrorist, puppet masters
in rogue state USA; and absolutely
reasonably, and as your loyal PM
I’d say, in every likely way in
what these damnable, most
objectionably and rather
opinionated ridiculers
censure as Balfour’s
absurdly designed
and barbarously
made Khazar,

© Stanley V. Collymore
12 May 2017.

Author’s comments:
Other than money, power, influence and the execution of these attained by any nefarious means they can likely conceive demographic control by their white barbarian hordes is another principal mechanism employed by most whites universally and in particular by their Yiddish, Nazi-Zionist counterparts to obsessively endeavour, and on a continuous basis, dominate the rest of the world.

The normal and sane world has quite repeatedly, most unfortunately but rather sickeningly witnessed these practices murderously, premeditatedly and genocidically employed by and also carried out in rogue state USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, apartheid South Africa, the formerly named, Germany colonized territory of Southwest Africa, now independent Namibia, where the wilfully German conceived and barbarously executed first two holocausts of the 20th Century and which were both the benchmark and the precursors to the eventual and absurdly much more aware of from a racist perspective, as this time whites were murdered in the European one while in the Southwest Africa and German implemented holocausts the hapless victims and additionally 85% of that country’s indigenous population that was callously and intentionally exterminated was exclusively Black, not so the European holocaust that took place in Europe circa 1933-1945.

While complementing the aforementioned atrocities there were also the white and distinctly racial barbarities effected against Blacks in Southern Rhodesia under the aegis of the white minority led and apartheid regime of the late and unlamented in the Global South Ian Smith, a brutally racist regime as was clearly the case in likeminded apartheid South Africa that was enthusiastically supported by successive British regimes, including that of Harold Wilson a supposed Labour Party Prime Minister with sentiments firmly backed by significant numbers of white Britons asininely and flamboyantly supporting their white kith and kin in Southern Rhodesia as they typically did in apartheid South Africa. And not forgetting Britain’s own massive and equally racist atrocities in Kenya accompanied by those of France and Belgium for example among other European nations in their own African colonies.

Endemic barbarities that were carried out either personally or else through their toadying surrogates at the behest of every western white country or their thoroughly demented and unequivocally terrorist organization NATO, and habitually at their revolting will globally conducted, as well as at home in entities like Portugal, Spain and in Italy the Gladio operations, in addition to others in the Ukraine, Poland and all of Eastern Europe, by these endemically barbaric Caucasian sub-humans masquerading through their concerted and utterly bogus acts of barbarism as actions derived from and spurred on through their concerns for and keen desire to implement conditions of humanitarianism on their part – when nothing could be further from the truth on their part, and the real reasons for their most unwarranted interventions in the domestic and foreign affairs of other sovereign and independent UN member states worldwide were themselves instigated by consummate greed, natural resources exploitation, regime change in those countries whose rulers, prizing enormously the independence of their countries, resolutely refused to bend the knee of subservience to these white interloping carpetbaggers, colonialists and imperialist hegemonists staunchly imbued with their delusional notions of white supremacism and exceptionalism.

A white demographic obsession that still steadfastly prevails in the west in the 21st Century as it carries on hauntingly stoking the fears of those desperately afraid they might lose what they unquestionably consider as their inalienable right to forever and numerically control others - somewhat of a ludicrous pipe dream, since whites statistically are undoubtedly the smallest racial group among human beings and clearly the very last among Homo sapiens to emerge on earth – even within the confines of the latter’s own indigenous countries and, of course, their millennia old ancestral homelands.

And accounts for Donald Trump’s compulsively conceived Mexican Wall to keep out those southern and neighbouring to rogue state USA foreigners. Irony completely lost on him and his equally numbskull supporters in this regard that unless they’re Native Americans they’re all of them foreigners either by birth or descent to this genocidally stolen and usurped Native American ancestral homeland. But the debilitating fear that Donald Trump and the majority of white Americans feel is that Latinos and others will displace them as the principal ethnic group in what these essentially white northern Europeans have manifestly turned in rogue state USA; and as such it’s literally driving these conceited and barbaric immigrant fuckers crazy.

A similar mindset that prevails in Britain, France, Holland, Belgium and the rest of these demographically dominated and exclusively controlled white European states. Absolutely aware or should be, despite their airbrushing of the facts in their coordinated, revisionist history books of what their unquestionably barbarian ancestors and now themselves have done, and in numerous situations too irreversibly, as well as barbarically, transformed the demography of several countries worldwide. Situations insufferably compounded by the horrendous and evil barbarities perpetrated against the local indigenous inhabitants there; and who in 2017 are still in their own countries the wretched and reviled victims of racist, exploitative, warmongering, mass murdering, war crimes, lowlife and white scum barbarians.

A student of mine drew my attention to this headline in a British rag that I shan’t dignify by naming it. The explicit headline, referring to testosterone Theresa May and her husband, for the lack of a more appropriate term I thought, read: “Our strong and stable marriage.” Those of you who routinely read my articles and the like know that I went to a grammar school and also had a very classical education that I’m thoroughly proud of. And couldn’t resist when I was shown the aforementioned headline of asking myself in what context was stable being fraudulently employed in relation to testosterone Theresa? Then instantaneously I realized that even if the intellectually impoverished retards lauding testosterone Theresa weren’t aware of it at least with my classics educational background I did know of it. And consequently there was only one stable applicable in her case, namely: The Augean Stable! Exceedingly apt and deeply entrenched in 21st Century Tory run, and most sympathetically supported Labtory and Lib-Dem infested Britain. Other than being a chronic redneck racist, Nazi-Zionist, gullible and likeminded lowlife piece of white scum yourself, wouldn’t you agree?

But who cares? I know I fucking well don’t! So be my guest to get as offended as you care to! It’ll be like water off a duck’s back!

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  1. Whatever else anyone might think, say or even propose that the UK, Rogue State USA, the EU or the rest of the white west should do to improve the lives, prospects and general wellbeing of us “endangered” human beings, the only sensible, logical and practicable way to avert the impending catastrophic doom that the Nazi-Zionist, avaricious, warmongering, mass murdering, demented purveyors of war crimes syndicates and the complementary terroristic cabals that they formulate but despite all that seek to fraudulently masquerade as responsible, humanitarian caring and matured governments, when in actuality they’re patently nothing of the kind, is for the rest of the world to dispense with their petty and truculent differences that ironically and invariably are implanted and vigorously nurtured by these discernibly lowlife vermin passing themselves off as Homo sapiens.

    And then as one concertedly and effectively engineer positive and successful root and branch changes to get rid of all of them. And the measures that these vermin and their kind have used for centuries to achieve their nefarious and pernicious ends against the multitude of victims they’ve consistently and barbarously abused during all this time should now be employed in a like manner to effectively eradicate them.

    In short, an insurgency attendant with a bloody revolution! As they are the only things they’ll understand.