Friday, 12 May 2017

Nothing good ever comes from House Niggers!

By Stanley Collymore

Why would ordinary and decent white Brits, of whom they are
some, let alone any principled Black man or woman want a
loathsome House Nigger as Prime Minister of Britain,
with or without the inclusion of the entity we know
as the United Kingdom? Far less so any number
among the plethora of lowlife, white trash,
redneck and discernibly intellectually
impoverished retards routinely used and mercilessly
manipulated by their alleged social betters - and
come to think of it they don’t either, as these
privileged elite pillocks wouldn’t stomach
having a nigger: house or other mixture,
marring their obsessive and delusional
social strata status would they? – or
these controlling puppet masters
established and self-appointed
mainstream media cons who
mockingly pretend they’re
responsible and factually
recounting journalists
when obviously they
unmistakably aren’t!

So out of respect, if indeed you have any such thing,
for each honourable human being who is Black,
white, yellow or brown throughout the whole
of Britain, uumm shall we say, exhort your
half-breed Black moron, to firmly chuck
this imbecilic and delusional notion of
his forever out of his stupid head that
he will be the leader of the Labour
Party in place of our current one
Jeremy Corbyn, and thereafter
be Prime Minister of a vile
Nazi Zionist encouraged,
bottom engrossed; and
a demonstrably run,
imperialistic and,
quite ironically
in his House
Nigger case,
Britain. But sad for you
house boy it’s never
going to happen!

© Stanley V. Collymore
10 May 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Blacks globally put their faith solidly in Barack Obama when he ran for President of the United States of America and many of them wept openly and unashamedly with relief and in profound gratitude to the Almighty God on the night that he was officially and tumultuously declared as the popularly, and certainly among Blacks and other non-white victims of white racism, imperialism, colonialism and global exploitation of themselves and their numerous supplies of natural resources, and democratically elected president of what was previously, continuously, firmly entrenched and customarily expected white and frequently redneck, constitutional and executive head of the United States of America.

But despite his electoral mandate for change which he’d solemnly promised it soon became quite disappointingly obvious to every discerning soul within and outside of the United States that Barack Obama’s much vaunted mantra of change was nothing more than a skilful and cynical PR exercise in sleight of hand on his part commensurate with the customary duping of a domestic rogue state USA population that’s traditionally kept obliviously ill-informed, cold-bloodedly and continuously mainstream media manipulated, Zionist bankers and other exploitative financial institutions exploited; the Military Industrial Complex abused; and a whole assortment of other nefariously assorted multinational corporations, all of whom are controlled by their privileged elite, Nazi Zionist cadres of puppet masters.

However, these home-grown Americans weren’t the only ones who were dishonestly caught up in these disreputable, contemptuous and glaring contemptible shenanigans. As millions of non-whites and principled whites worldwide also were. For far from fomenting and heralding in change, Barack Obama and his puppet masters instituted more ferociously than any other rogue state USA regime had previously done more of the same, to which the entire world had been forced to get accustomed to, and that the US electorate for once in their huge numbers had voted against. It didn’t make any difference though!

So instead of a noticeable and positive transformation in both the United States and global societies we were quite despondently obliged to observe a fundamental worsening of both situations in tandem with the Barack Obama regime presiding incomprehensibly over more gratuitous and monstrously sadistic African-American killings by US police forces, redneck racist vigilante in common with sanctioned state murders of Blacks specifically, than at any other time since Slavery and the Jim Crow era; and with Barack Obama himself concertedly doing nothing to rein in any of this. While internationally his earnest and perceptibly vested interest obsession with rogue state USA wars, illicit and war crimes initiated drone killings and the shoring up of the barbaric entities of dictatorial satrapy Bantu Saudi along with that of Nazi Zionist, apartheid, illegal nuclear pariah and Khazar embedded Yidland carried on unabated under Barack Obama’s tenure of office, as they still do now he’s thankfully gone.

So if this is what another half-breed Black and House Nigger, Chuka Umunna and his backers covet for a toadying to all things rogue state USA Britain, from my personal perspective they’re quite welcomed to their fantasies. As it won’t happen! And certainly NOT with a House Nigger at the helm! Not that sensible Black and white voters of Britain don’t ever want to see a Black as Prime Minister of what ultimately remains of the United Kingdom, or the entire UK if miraculously it stays in one piece, but having seen one House Nigger in operation and rather arguably in charge of the world’s supposedly most powerful nation, we just don’t want to see another House Nigger moron in charge of the UK this time or, come to that, any place or anything. And besides we all know what white Zionist racists do to their imbecilic stooges when they become surplus to requirements.

Remember Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noriega to name just two examples? I’m sure you do!

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  1. As a Black race we’ve had a plethora of unwarranted burdens barbarically inflicted on us by those who in the most laughably absurd and delusional manner possible then, and to this very day in 2017, arrogate to themselves the right to treat us Blacks in any abusive fashion that they consider appropriate and accordingly want to.

    Simply because they either consider themselves to be immensely superior to us Blacks and furthermore consider these odious forms of conduct that they practise as their inalienable right of passage in subjugating us. And to rub salt further into our wounds have through their well-rehearsed and brutally practised methods of divide and rule employed their bevy of brainwashed or coerced House Niggers, who ironically they never treated in the past and sure as hell don’t either in the 21st Century any better than their perceived regular sub-human niggers, except when requisite to requirement they submissively do their white masters or mistresses bidding. But are easily disposed of when they become surplus to requirement.

    Well this poem written from the heart and with the spirit of my ancestors coursing resolutely through every fibre of being is to tell all you mother fuckers out there: white imperialists and your utterly loathsome House Niggers whose sickening contributions enabled Slavery, segregation, Jim Crowism, colonialism and apartheid coupled with all the rest of these repellent “isms” that this is a wholly different breed of Niggers, as you still perceive us, whom you’re now dealing with in the 21st Century. And yes like our ancestors we’ll happily and purposely bleed for our rights and dignity; but this time will determinedly make sure that we won’t be the only ones to do the bleeding or the dying!

    Don’t say you haven’t been warned!