Friday, 26 May 2017

A Death wish and its final solution!

By Stanley Collymore

I’m here patiently waiting for a much desired coming
from you but instead of you appearing I’m routinely
left pessimistically wondering when, or even if
you’ll show up. A massive kick in the teeth
is how I see it, clearly bearing in mind it
need not be this way; and I’m explicitly referring to the
inexplicable manner in which you’re obviously and
quite irresponsibly behaving. As I’m earnestly
in favour of dying and have been for some
considerable time now, and as you’re
well aware from the outset of this
irreversible realization on my
part have always with you
God made my decision
on this matter quite
abundantly and
openly clear.

So if you’re the compassionate and forbearing
God Almighty you deliberately pacify your
believers into not only thinking but, on
your part as well, claiming you are,
what’s the problem then that you
are so visibly grappling with
when it comes to me? Someone who is sick to
death of being on this Earth, is additionally
fed up to the back teeth with what on a
daily basis I consistently observe is
constantly going on everywhere
around me; while at the same
time absolutely appalled by
the completely deceptive
and mendacious double
standards augmented
by the unhampered
hypocrisy which
exemplifies the
currency that
drives the
we alas are
made to

An inadequate state of affairs that unfavourably compels
ordinary men and women, who in order to earn even a
half-decent living straightaway find that they have
no substitute but to unenthusiastically subjugate
themselves to this insidious option of a take
it or leave it requirement which they’re
intimidatingly given. And with me personally being
the principled and unquestionably plain-speaking
individual you indisputably know that I am in
such circumstances, I’d rather be dead God
than have to carry on living. So why then
don’t you just pull your fingers out of
your Celestial Bottom God, and let’s
jointly, civilly get this death show
that’s crucial to me on the road?

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 May 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Death is an inevitability of life that all of us, in one way or another, will eventually encounter whether we like the idea of it happening to us or not. So fretting needlessly about it or becoming wearisomely obsessed or depressed about it isn’t going to make an iota of difference to that divine timetable, if one is religious, or the Nature inscribed one, if that person is not, that was calculatedly devised and consciously implemented in the case of each one of us, that began with our biological conception and thereafter instantaneously went into operation the very moment that each of us was born.

But because that prescription has been decreed for our individual life it doesn’t automatically mean that we must slavishly concur with it or that life under any circumstance is a far better situation to be in than death. I personally don’t believe, not even for a solitary moment, that glib explanation of life and would like to believe as well that no right thinking, logical, sensible or intelligent person does either.

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  1. Unless one is determinedly scheduled for compulsory execution, whether this act of being killed is statutorily or gratuitously instigated and carried out in entities like Rogue State USA where the perceived as well as the actual difference between these two states of existence is so negligible as to be rightfully deemed as non-existent, there is no conceivable way, even accidentally, other than purposely taking one’s own life that any individual can with absolute certainty, and unchallengeable in that process, say when precisely or the manner in which they’re going to die. So death in most circumstances will continue to be a mysterious and unfathomable conundrum in most of our human lives.

    A manifest inevitability then, whether we welcome Death with grateful, relieved and opened arms or otherwise perceive it, because of the loathsome and discernibly evil existence which that individual has lived, as an accursed demon and therefore with impassioned hatred and justifiable despair fear its resultant coming. And begs the obvious question: “Which category are you in?” As for me I know where exactly I stand on that question, as morally and with absolute confidence in myself I neither fear Death nor anyone.