Monday, 24 April 2017

The electorate’s choice: National determination or continued Zionist servitude!

By Stanley Collymore

Another cynically devised and instituted general election enforcedly foisted on the general public and crucially the British electorate by the toadying Tories at the insistent and unquestioning behest of their Nazi Zionist puppet masters and customary string pullers aided and abetted in all this by their likeminded accomplices: the treasonous, evilly self-serving and likewise lowlife, Labtory scum interlopers within the British Parliamentary Labour Party.

Dinosaurian and patently loathsome throwbacks, these Labtories, to the days of rampant Blairite patronage embodied in the criminally and blatantly undemocratic actions of thoroughly lowlife scum like Peter Mandelson and arch demon Alastair Campbell together with those of the discernibly dim-witted as well as exceedingly inept, cretinously implemented and dubious antics, in his wholly unfit for and unsurprisingly disastrous role as prime minister, of the manifestly incompetent moron Gordon Brown; hideous bastards and bitches all of them whose individual, collective and concertedly exercised activities of deeply ingrained and across the board selectively sponsored and tightly controlled nepotism became the standard trademarks in their demented, delusional and endemically megalomaniacal concept of their strictly adhered to and Zionist reinforced declaration of their inalienable white Caucasian supremacy and consequently their unchallengeable right to its attendant exceptionalism.

And, therefore, wholly unsurprisingly to those with functional and applied brains in their heads became the insidious mantra for these evil specimens of whatever species that they belong to, and I would hazard a safe guess it’s not Homo sapiens, virulently and continuously espoused and malevolently implemented warmongering, war crimes, mass murdering and gratuitous regime change agendas in their highly selective notion of disfavoured Global South countries; and doing so with absolute impunity and in tandem with their likeminded, staunchly supportive and supported Nazi Zionist brethren and sisters in the Tory and Lib-Dem political parties, who consistently and in the most blatantly, illogical and idiotic terms imaginable are forever unwarrantedly sniping at Jeremy Corbyn, the only principled and replete with unquestionable integrity leader of any major political party south of the Scottish border.

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely right when he blasts the British political system as a cosy and rigged one. But it doesn’t just stop there. Just look at the way in which the failed and utterly distrusted so-called mainstream but obviously establishment political parties, their apparatchiks, totally corrupt, dishonourable and even criminal leaders and bureaucratic counterparts are avidly ganging up in their concertedly orchestrated, ingrained and customarily self-interested fashion to, at all costs, stop Marine Le Pen from becoming President of France.

    And why? Because she’s “anti-establishment” and virulently opposed to their disreputable ways. In other words, she speaks from the heart and means what she says; something that no one could ever accuse her detractors, critics or enemies whether they are French, other EU, British or other western establishment figures on either side of the Atlantic or the Pacific for that matter, and that includes those who infest the political scene in Australia and New Zealand as well as the plethora of non-white US satrapies and vassal entities globally, of ever being.

    Attitudes directed at Marine Le Pen that the entire British establishment, their embedded MSM and the rest of the other malevolent lowlife scum across the UK virulently hold yet most unwarrantedly so against Jeremy Corbyn. And all because they’re shit scared that the general public and the electorate in particular that they’ve cynically used and exploited for their own avaricious and deceitful ends are finally waking up to what they really are, and furthermore that their lies and ploys are finally wearing thin.