Thursday, 20 April 2017

The ability to casually breed isn’t the equivalent of responsible parenting!

By Stanley Collymore

It takes much more than the ability to have sex coupled with the
mutual or one-sided personal interest and gratification on the
part of an active, casual or even an opportunistic or clearly
a calculatedly one-off occurrence either by a woman or
equally so a correspondingly sexually motivated and
implicated man satisfactorily endowed with all the
corporeal necessities to amply and productively
generate, safely store and competently at the
obligatory moment in time fittingly release
the desired quantity of semen necessary
into a keenly receptive, disinterestedly
spiritless, as in rape, or alternatively
within another designated vagina.

And in the course of such a carnal physical transaction to
then have hundreds and conceivably even thousands
of fertile spermatozoa enthusiastically embroiled
in an all-out life or death fought competition
of no quarter necessitated and none given,
dynamically and assertively propelling
themselves in a mutually relentless
and absolute desperation towards
the same indicated destination, endeavouring in their
resolute pursuit and intently embarked on exertion
to be the only one, having seen off the likewise
indomitable competition, to be adjudged as
the finest suitor, collaborator, and in this
unmistakably life or death situation as
unquestionably the most achievable
potential life-giver together with
the unwearyingly waiting and
expectantly optimistic egg
predicting, on its part, the
enthusiastically hoped for, subsequent and
harmonious synthesis between the two
of them; climaxing afterwards in the
conception of their joint offspring
venture and apropos a journey
that animatedly begins with
this coordinated amalgam
then automatically and
prescriptively finally
played out in the
wombs of the
females that
this tale is
all about!

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 April 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Procreation whether through natural or artificial insemination means is currently the only known and effective method by which all of us happen to be here. And while its’s perfectly rational to argue that the presence of a considerable number of us in this world is as a direct consequence of the conscious and even the concerted actions of those who initially brought this state of affairs about, and regardless of what their individual rationale for doing so was at that particular moment in time, it is also equally logical to state that significant numbers of those who comprise the present world population, and who knows you may be one of them, arrived at their earthly destination against the agitated backdrop of parental consternation, and doing so simply because they were either unplanned for or else thoroughly unwanted.

Not the fault of the children involved I hear you say, and that’s a given. But all the same is a clear indication that liberated sexual involvement while having its physical benefits is not in itself a panacea for sensible or rational reproduction however seriously or casually embarked upon; and by any reasonable definition is not a trustworthy mechanism in itself for responsible parenting.

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