Thursday, 13 April 2017

St Matthew Passion, J.S. Bach, Final Chorus

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  1. Dear Jesus, son of the Almighty God, in your infinite mercy, wisdom and understanding at this Eastertide and the faithful commemoration of your cruelly inflicted but unflinchingly on your part barbaric death conjoined with your ultimate glorious resurrection on behalf of the wellbeing and salvation of mankind, I sincerely and wholeheartedly entreat you to create in these troublesome and dangerous times a global climate of common sense, rationality and assistance among authentic world leaders where in the face of and the perilous challenges by threatening, hedonistic and ungodly, warmongering western so-called “world leaders”, their likeminded terrorist associates and cold-blooded killing collaborators that this world your Father and our Divine Creator designed and implemented for the good and benefit of all humanity and not just an arbitrarily chosen and “privileged” few will regain and permanently retain the status that our earthly domain, now terrifyingly threatened, once had and was most categorically by your Death and Resurrection meant to conserve.