Friday, 28 April 2017

Paedophile, married mother of three and adulteress wanting to be France’s First Lady!

By Stanley Collymore

Western politics in the hands of and manipulatively controlled
by imperialistically indoctrinated, obsessively implemented
and Nazi Zionist capitalism promoters and well-heeled
beneficiaries have seen the latter readily throw their
hats fittingly, willingly, firmly and expectantly
into the political ring of Emmanuel Macron:
arch sycophant of the excesses of western
universal imperialist strategies, NATO
expansionism, subjective and wholly
unjustified regime changes in truly
sovereign and independent countries that persistently
and resolutely refuse to bend a subservient knee to
the haughty demands of western and especially
white Caucasian led global hegemony, or
else these interlopers’ perverse ideology
of an inalienable and contrary to any
question, complaints of any kind
regarding such, or the slightest
defiance to the absorption of
their delusional but none the less staunchly
perceived and deeply ingrained notion of
white supremacist dominion attendant
with its exclusive view of fixed and
absolute, white exceptionalism in
all things conceivable that sure
idiots and brownnose persons
like dim-witted Emmanuel
Macron indiscriminately
and conceitedly put
their unshakeable
allegiance in.

And logically then shouldn’t in the least be a surprise to
any logical person considering, when all is said and
done, the sexually stimulated and egocentrically
predatory antics of this erstwhile and utterly
deviant adolescent, Monsieur Emmanuel
Macron, still basically of that identical
compulsive and typical mind-set of
his, that asininely for him adopts
in his twisted mind an automatic and indisputable
right to privileged entitlement. Precisely as he
did with his quarter of a century much older,
married and discernibly mother of three,
when he was barely fifteen years’ old  
paedophile lover that he now wants,
with her utmost cooperation and
calculating blessing, to rather
implausibly thrust onto the
populace of France as an
extremely unacceptable,
unconscionable, but
even so First Lady!

© Stanley V. Collymore
27 April 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Anyone with even a casual observation of Britain let alone an in-depth comprehension of this country knows full well that the UK, right across the board, has consistently, as it still is now, run by a closely knit and comfortably nepotistic, as well as an enduringly intimate, communal and politically embedded incestuous coterie of unrestricted protected paedophiles and several other hazardously sexual deviants who ascribe to themselves the vainglorious designation of “privileged elites” and whose only other purpose in life in addition to satisfying their crazed, obsessive and discernibly decadent sexual inclinations is to make huge amounts of money at the expense of those whom they endemically consider to be either inferior to or less fortunate than themselves, and to do so by any means, fair or foul, that appeals to their insatiable greed.

Now it seems that the likeminded deviants among France’s own equally so-called “privileged elites” are earnestly endeavouring to do the very same things as their counterparts in Britain, and what’s more with the extensive and expedient backing of their fellow foremost European states’ collaborators, patently undemocratically appointed and forthwith installed EU bosses and apparatchiks who collectively are pulling out all the stops to ensure, either by hook or crook, that Emmanuel Macron emerges as the next President of France.

All sense of irony completely lost in the spurious endeavours on these loathsome bastards and bitches and indisputably ingrained morons that in the most offensive manner to anyone with an objective mind can readily see that they are gratuitously and unlawfully interfering in the domestic affairs of what is unquestionably in France’s case a sovereign and independent nation. Something that these same boneheaded lowlifes virulently and without a shred of any evidence to support their tedious, tendentious and obviously lying accusations repetitively accuse the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin of maliciously doing.

And why? Because they all of them desperately want to maintain the corrupt status quo that they handsomely benefit from by scuppering the presidential prospects of Marine Le Pen who has repeatedly and courageously pointed out their several shortcomings as well as called out their dishonest and unethical practices; laying bare for all to see their blatant double standards and pernicious hypocrisy, as she scathingly denounces the fraudulent political and financial activities, the overwhelming majority of them undoubtedly criminal by any genuine objective assessment, that these socially perceived “privileged elite” crooks and compulsive criminals characteristically and with complete impunity for themselves opportunely engage in while in addition hugely and beneficially profit from.

And to hopefully secure their goal and fraudulently mislead as well as lie to the electorate of France specifically and the European and global public that listens to what they say generally they virulently set out to paint Marine Le Pen as everything noxious under the sun. Well I’m Black and quite intelligent with it and know the difference between truth and fiction. And for me the malevolent fiction is Emmanuel Macron and not Marine Le Pen who says and does what she genuinely believes in. And given the unambiguous choice between someone who calls me a NIGGER to my face and tells me they would rather that no Blacks lived in France or the rest of Europe, I smile disarmingly at their remarks because I’ve heard it all before and it’s like water off a duck’s back to me; we part company and as I continue on my way I’m unexpectedly forcibly pulled to the ground by the person who’d earlier made those remarks to me, only to later discover that unknown to me they’d seen some scaffolding I was about to go under collapsing overhead and had instinctively and altruistically pulled me out of harm’s way and clearly saved my life.

Given the choice of someone like that and the usual liars who constitute the British and European establishment who claim they’re “friends” to all persons including Blacks like me when given half a chance these fuckers will cheerfully knife me in the back, I know who I’d prefer to have around me.

And finally! If you found out that your 15-year-old daughter was being fucked by her male school teacher who was over 25 years her senior; was himself married with three children from that marriage one of whom was the same age as your daughter and at the same school, you would, if you had any sense, immediately regard that as paedophilia and the rank abuse of teacher responsibility. You would also involve the police. Not so apparently if you’re from the “privileged elites” and in the case of France the 15-year-old pupil then was Emmanuel Macron and his 40-year-old teacher lover was Brigitte Trogneaux.

Playing Devil’s Advocate, just imagine for argument sake as I know nothing of the kind would ever have happened in Jeremy Corbyn’s case as he’s much too principled a man to act in that sordid, licentious or criminal manner, but like I said playing devil’s advocate, can you imagine the hypocritical furore there would be from the deeply ingrained paedophiles among the Tory, Labtory and Lib-Dem paedophile class and those in the MSM! But when it comes to protecting their Nazi Zionist and obsessive capitalist asses they’ll do anything they can to maintain the status quo.

So Marine Le pen MUST be eradicated from the political scene while toadying to the overall aims and malevolent financial objectives of virulent capitalism Emmanuel Macron and who is himself a thoroughly ingrained paedophile sympathizer and incontrovertibly too a culpable practitioner of that odious human conduct must be supported at all cost permitting France, in the process, to have bask in the social and political limelight an unprosecuted and seemingly immune paedophile as its First Lady.  So rather absurdly Marine Le Pen “No” but Brigitte Trogneaux “Yes!” I’m not French and can’t vote in your elections but there’s nothing in the current circumstances that can stop me from advocating support for MARINE LE PEN on the part of those who can vote!

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