Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf - I know that my redeemer liveth

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  1. With the advent of Easter and taking into consideration all its religious connotations and ethical consequences my earnest hope is that the blatant warmongering purveyors of rank hypocrisy and odious double standards will pause, examine their nefarious behaviour and not only realize but also acknowledge and finally accept that this world they unfortunately share with us is not always and exclusively, nor should it be, about them, their narcissism or loathsome contempt for everything that bears any semblance to humanity, basic ethical principles or bodes well for the benefit of mankind generally and not the selfish whims and ambitions of a barbaric and privileged few.

    And to all genuine Christians everywhere at this Eastertide I extend to you my warmest and sincerest Easter Greeting to you and ask of you that you continue in your concerted and Christian efforts to make this world of us a far better place to live in than what the plethora of warmongers and their evil lowlife associates have selfishly and barbarically turned it into.