Saturday, 8 April 2017

CrossTalk: Unhinged Intel

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  1. My Maternal Grandmother told me early on in my life from around the age of my being five years old that if I told a lie, which she always exhorted me NOT to do as it wasn’t a particularly nice thing to do, I should always remember what that lie was so that I could at least either defend that lie or else know what others who found out about it were criticizing me about.

    I was a mere child then and that instruction by my Gran deeply imprinted itself permanently on my mind. Yet we have so-called white supremacists and the purported elites of this world we live in totally incapable of lying convincingly and furthermore not having the intelligence or capability of remembering their lies. What utter braindead buffoons!

    And observing these intellectually challenged morons I’m very grateful that I’m NOT a member of this alleged White Supremacist Entity! For if that’s the best of their lot, I’d hate to come across the worst of them. What am I saying? I do! As I regularly run into on a daily basis the manipulated twats who support these idiots and therefore I’m not the least surprised that the west is in the dreadful state it’s in.