Tuesday, 25 April 2017

[465] Busting Environmental Crime and Media Manipulation

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  1. Those of you who routinely fall for the propagandized and arrant nonsense that rogue state USA, its collaborators and vassal entities who keep you in a constant state of fear through their fraudulent ploy of a world infested with rampant terrorism that they are there to protect you from is nothing by a blatant lie and perniciously orchestrated propaganda.

    And actually their real goal is the permanent institution of unbridled capitalism for the very privileged few and by any means possible including warmongering, mass murdering, war crimes, false flag acts of terrorism, regime change in disfavoured countries, media manipulation of the public and especially the electorate and over 700 US military bases globally; and you the public are simply the gullible pawns or willing jerks in their sick, demented and avaricious games.