Wednesday, 29 March 2017

True love is about selflessly giving not selfishly or exploitatively taking!

By Stanley Collymore

Please have the courage and decency to give me back what you
have duplicitously and quite insultingly taken away from me;
and I’m specifically referring to my self-respect, self-worth
and human dignity that in the concertedly premeditated
fashion that you’ve so loathsomely done you have
gratuitously and most callously deprived me of.
And why it is that I’m so desperate now to
regain the previous state of affairs that before you
came into my life I was most happily ensconced in, and
also why I’m absolutely willing to make any reasonable
sacrifice that will ably assist in forever eradicating
the everyday unhappiness and strife that have
consistently bedevilled my life ever since
I innocently but now remorsefully made
 that fateful decision to be your wife.

A now intolerable and wholly impossible situation that I’ll
no longer either tolerate or consciously endure anymore
and why it is that I’m voluntarily and even willingly
prepared to overlook all the money that in your
exquisitely beguiling, I must say, and utterly
convincing charm offensive way when we
were happily courting naturally led me
to irresistibly, unavoidably and in practically every other
conceivable manner lose my head, enthusiastically and
carelessly succumb to and quite stupidly as it turned
out, it has to be said, inadvertently allowed you to
gyp me. A complete idiot you must surely have
gleefully concluded of me in the aftermath of
what you did; easy pickings for you on your
part and all from a besotted woman freely
and explicitly declaring to you what was
honestly and lovingly in her heart but
all the same seen by you as someone
with more money and a credulous
nature than usual common sense.

And you were probably right then. But guess what? I’m no
longer that feckless female you attributed to me and then
duped into marry you, for in the interim amid my first
meeting you and now I’ve been forced expeditiously
from our marital point of view, albeit distressingly,
agonizingly but none the less honestly admit, to
fundamental changes in my personal life that
preceding your eventual coming along and
essentially ruining my life in addition to
critically endangering my entire wellbeing, I just couldn’t
have ever imagined myself doing. But I’ve changed, all
the same, and for the better! And therefore there’s no
likely chance now of my ever wanting to stay with
you let alone continuing to be your convenient
doormat, dutiful spouse or obedient woman.
And that doesn’t simply apply to you my
soon to be ex-husband but every other
man who thinks and acts as you do.
So good riddance to bad rubbish I
say, for as far as you’re affected
I’m well and truly on my way!

© Stanley V. Collymore
28 March 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem was inspired by an interesting, open-hearted, laughable at times but all the same a very intense conversation that I had with a personal acquaintance of mine who of her own volition, because she trusted me she complimentarily assured and confided in me, related the corresponding events to me. In the course of our conversation I told her that her story had all the hallmarks for being a very instructional and inspiring poem that I would very much like to write, she already knew that I’m a poet, but that in my doing so if she had no objections to my writing the said poem I would quite naturally, meticulously retain her anonymity as well as studiously protect her identity and the confidences she’d freely but trustingly entrusted in me.

In response she spontaneously but laughingly and encouragingly replied: “Name the bastard, I don’t mind!” However, in all fairness to her as well as professionally to myself I decided not to, for once these things are out there online they tend to permanently stay there, and a decision made in haste or out of revenge might very well be regretted much later once the anger or even the hate that instigated it have themselves grossly diminished.

Besides, not yet a mother herself this personal acquaintance of mine confided that she would despite her unpleasant experiences with her now ex-husband nevertheless with someone that she could genuinely trust love to have children, and given those circumstances I felt that I didn’t want to unnecessarily, if at all, inflict a needless burden on any future children my acquaintance may have and in the process lumber them with an intolerable and degrading legacy that stemmed from the now defunct relationship between their mother and this utterly loathsome, manipulative, avaricious and lowlife scum of an individual that their Mum had unfortunately married.

But even so and while it’s honest on my part to say that this poem was specifically written for this personal acquaintance of mine and likewise is unquestionably dedicated to her just as it’s similarly penned from a female’s perspective, I must furthermore say that anyone: female, male, married, engaged, living in a partnership or single who can individually relate to my personal acquaintance’s experiences or have yourself been in a similar situation that is itself troublesomely laden with its deeply traumatic or disturbing involvement in relation to your personal love life are quite at liberty, if you want to, to empathize with this poem and draw whatever comfort or lessons that you can from it. And I sincerely hope that you do.

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