Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin

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  1. The full mastery of the tyrant whether that person is a parent, other relative, spouse, partner supposed friend, employer or those that unquestioningly or in a perpetual state of pernicious manipulation you politically “elect” to rule you is when they can with impunity act as they do without worrying about the outcome which they already know is a foregone one, as they know they have you exactly where they want you, and that inimical state of affairs always entails absolute control over you.

    And at that point you can stop calling yourself a human being, for in every regard you’ve permanently cease to be one having instead, through your rather puerile and wholly incomprehensible to every sane mind that is, in the most submissive manner conceivable willingly allowed yourself to morph into what’s essentially a tractable android, which in facsimile terms is unmistakably superficially capable of mimicking the worst aspects of human kind but in actual reality that is as close as it gets to you being Homo Sapiens.

    Reminds you of anything or any place? No? Really! Then take a hard look around you!