Saturday, 11 March 2017

The control-freakism of the CIA, UK and other western supposed "intelligence" organizations!

By Stanley Collymore

How and why is it that everything I say and do, even acts
like going to the loo in this house, which after all is my
home, customarily, systematically and automatically
becomes common knowledge to persons not even
known to me, and who in the course of my life
I’m most assuredly convinced I’m unlikely
ever to meet let alone be afforded the opportunity to
properly and sensibly engage in any constructive
face to face conversation with any of them or,
come to that, through other personal means
whether at their stated behest or a case
of much more unequivocally of a
direct request either curiously
or else inquisitively that
might stem from me?

Well if the same thing is happening to you but unlike
my disdainful response to it is nevertheless causing
you a load of hassle or traumatic distress, then
calmly essay to put your troubled mind at
rest, since you’re far and away not alone
in this significantly troublesome and
most peculiar situation which has
effectively rendered you into
becoming a rather hapless victim of those whom
you’ve witlessly voted for and in your routine
“Useful Idiot” role just as unthinkingly put
into political power; and who themselves
are now premeditatedly and actively
orchestrating their Animal Farm
type, aggressive and criminally
state of mind Dogs to see to
their particular bidding.

Yes indeed it’s all down to the widespread obdurate
and relentless control-freakism of western Zionist,
neo-con, Nazi regimes principally in the United
States, Britain and throughout the EU too and
profitably franchised to the CIA, which I’ve
fittingly renamed the “Criminally Inured
Agency”, its British toadies, formerly
MI5 and MI6 but now labelled by
me the “Manipulated Insane Five and Six,”
together with the dementedly, earnestly
eager and actually bit part player the
BND: Germany’s post the Second
World War national intelligence
agency, most fawningly, rather
asininely and quite risibly if
it wasn’t so grave a matter,
seeking to make a name
for itself in all of this!

So don’t dwell unduly on any inconveniences
that you might be having but instead count
your blessing that these “intelligence”
organizations through the precise
weaponizing of your television
set, smart phone and all other
electronic devices in your possession and also
your home can without difficulty coupled
with their natural and fitting adeptness
ensure 24/7 that you’re protectively
safe from all terroristic harm; and
in your typical sadomasochistic
fashion continue to vote for
and constantly keep their
political superiors and
your controllers in
power as you’ve
always done.

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 March 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
This is the ongoing saga of psychopathically minded and manipulatively control-freaks in absolute control of intellectually challenged, unthinking, utterly dim-witted, short attention span and very easily persuaded and acutely prone to fraudulently peddled populist myths, “Useful Idiots”. But in all honesty who with even a half-functioning brain in their head and a modicum of common sense really cares about these joint and avidly supportive of each other collectives of largely white western Caucasian morons?

I know that I actually don’t!

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