Friday, 31 March 2017

The absolute debunking of a sexual myth!

By Stanley Collymore

You turn me on in a fashion I previously thought it was highly
unlikely that anyone of my immediate acquaintance could
possibly do; for you know what they say: Familiarity
even if it doesn’t actually breed contempt often by
its precise nature and intimate association does
prevent those who’re directly involved from
actually forming meaningful relationships
of a personal and especially so a distinctly sexual nature.
And always having been told and in turn for so long
unquestioningly believed this, guess what? You
just happened to come along at the right time
and so easily, persuasively and effectively
in me have methodically debunked this
widespread and deeply held universal
fallacy which I have personally and
unthinkingly contributed to for so
long and naturally in the process
have pleasurably, ardently and
most positively I can joyfully
say in relation to all of this
proved most convincingly
in every way that I was,
let’s say, at best quite
mistakeningly wrong!

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 May 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Without exception every one of us at some time or other from the onset of our individual pubertal years and a situation that usually develops with increased interest as we grow older and the intensity of our personal sexual yearning grows stronger is guilty of either invariably convincing ourselves or at least are most earnestly embarking on what we deem is a firm and concerted exercise of persuading ourselves that we’ve either done already or else are in the process of doing so what we assert we undoubtedly know, and that we’re essentially after in the particular sexual states we’re personally involved in and therefore we can further and also willingly embellish on as regards that particular viewpoint we hold in relation to what we unquestionably believe either does or doesn’t personally turn us on emotionally and most specifically so sexually

But when externally and closely examined, looked at objectively and even analytically these assumptions we generally and often consensually hold are little more than wishful delusional fantasies conveniently and self-servingly dressed up as firm and unchallenged reality when in effect there’s precious little or no substance whatsoever to any of them to clinically support these often keenly held and fervently espoused assumptions, the attendant tenaciously clung to beliefs or furthermore the entrenched and confidently stated aspirations such beliefs give rise to. And why it is that every clear-cut and sensible departure, deliberately or accidentally occasioned, is encouragingly a sound and worthwhile victory for the positive and stable process of natural human and an extensive species selection as well as the accompanying and, in realistic terms, ascendancy of common sense.

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  1. Sex in the confines of a genuinely meaningful relationship doesn’t have to be a perfunctory duty, something that must either be tolerated or else dutifully pigeonholed into some specific category of one’s personal life; but rather ought instead to become and permanently remain an integral part of your relationship with that special one.

    The equivalent, in other words, of a purposeful and quite enlivening heart that vigorously, harmoniously, hypnotically and highly effectively, if well taken care of, beats out assuredly and credibly that expectant and welcoming tempo throughout one’s life.