Saturday, 25 March 2017

Eternal Love - Beautiful violin music

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  1. My eternal and gracious thanks to you Gran for being the principal and instrumentally influential mentor, confidante, enduring friend, consoler in times of personal stress or difficulties in my life and the consummate advisor you have accordingly always been to me. Someone who has always and willingly been there for me and specifically whenever I needed you most and who I not only knew I could dependably count on you but just as assuredly would never let me down. And just a few of the millions of just reasons that I profoundly and most enthusiastically love you.

    All this intellectually and sensibly complemented by admirable advice from you that has always stood me in good stead. As hypocrisy and double standards so commonplace nowadays have never been your thing nor the sorts of things you would ever have any truck with; nor are they mine having always had the excellent teacher in you to guide me and that you have at all times been to sensibly and objectively outline what these cancerous and malignant evils are all about.

    So thank you Gran for massively assisting in making my life what it is having had it vastly enriched by all you’ve done for me, and thus enabling me to be the confident and self-assured person, both professionally and personally in my private life, that through your sterling efforts, love and devotion I have gratefully become. And significantly too my German Partner who has reciprocally become that “Special One”.