Thursday, 23 March 2017

All glory to patriotic Martin McGuinness the redoubtable Che Guevarra of Ireland!

By Stanley Collymore

You were from the outset of your social and political life
a man of sterling qualities and outstanding integrity
Martin McGuinness forced as you undoubtedly
were into the savage and unremitting crucible
of fire and the epidemic dishonesty of the
British generally and the English most
specifically and, what is more, was
remorselessly conducted by them
in their combined barbarity against the courageous,
long suffering, subjugated and genuine Irish men,
women and their children. And although the
mountainous odds in these inured abusers
favour were always massively against
Eire together with all the undeniably
patriotic Irish men, women and
their offspring both at home
and in the wider Irish
Diaspora globally.

Who as in the past had openly and democratically
done in a free and fair election expressing their
earnest and still ongoing desire for a United
Eire and Irish nation, that quite adoringly
impassioned dream and and matching
aspiration assuredly will always live
on eternally rooted in the deeply
emboldened hearts and the
conscionable minds of all successive generations of
courageous, committed, truly nation-loving and
indubitably patriotic Irish man, woman and
their children as admirably it must and
will consistently do; and due in no
short measure to irrefutanly loyal
and genuinely committed Irish
citizens like yourself Martin
McGuiness and the heroic
and selfless part that you
and of course Sinn Fein
have massively played
and carry on doing in
every aspect of this!

So hail then I openly and proudly say to you Martin
McGuinness, Sinn Fein and the IRA! completely
convinced as evidently I and every other right
thinking and knowledgeable person knows
and intensely wishes for, that those who
selflessly fight and willingly die for
their national integrity conjoined
with the united sovereignty of
Ireland and its people’s right to choose
and unconstrained determine their
own destiny will inevitably one
day sucessfully achieve their
ambition by appropriately
acquiring and proudly
upholding their way.

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 March 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Firstly, I wish to express my deepest and sincerest regrets and sadness at the death of Martin McGuinness a truly great man, courageous in his actions, inspirational to all genuinely political democratic aspirants and a highly principled individual who gave no quarters and expected none and who, in my honest and unapologetic opinion, unsurprisingly and also non-ostentatiously convincingly developed into a markedly consummate and a most outstandingly accomplished statesman.

Secondly to convey at this grieving time for them my heartfelt condolences and best wishes to Martin’s widow and his family members, close friends and associates and, of course the members and supporters of Sinn Fein for your irreparable loss. But if it’s any consolation to you to say to you as well that you weren’t alone in your justifiable love for, respect of and total admiration also of Martin.

And that this poem I’m now publishing online and which was instantaneously conceived and written the very moment I learnt of Martin’s death on the 21st March 2017 is a personal tribute from me, my German female Partner and my family to a fantastically remarkable man together with being as well a noble statesman in the true context of that terminology. Someone whose untimely death is deeply regretted but will all the more because of who Martin McGuinness was and the exceptional legacy that he has achieved during his lifetime and has left for us will focus our thoughts and fond remembrances of him on the massive loss we’ve all both individually and collectively suffered.

So God continue to bless you Martin as He takes you to his and now your own celestial home, while we who remain here on Earth until our individual time comes to depart it in permanent fashion will until we meet up with you again earnestly cherish and enduringly remember you for the superb, conscionable and implacably fair and honest Gentleman that you were and for us will always remain! Farewell friend and political mentor, until we meet again.

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