Monday, 20 March 2017

A Bloody Awful Night!

By Stanley Collymore

Slept fitfully during the night vacating my bed at times to go
to the loo, an urgent necessity I must say as this recent bout
of incontinence I’ve been irritatingly having remorselessly
continues to have its sway. The aforesaid activity now
finally done and me back in bed instead of my quickly
falling asleep again and getting some much needed
 rest that my physically and mentally traumatized
body could well do with I annoyingly lay wide
awake desperately yearning in my disturbed state to mercifully
fall asleep, but does that happen? Not on your nelly as my
aching joints begin to constantly and cruelly play up
something awesome and so the entire bloody mess
of what’s unjustly and painfully happening to
me relentlessly goes on. And after all
 that who given the excruciating
agony of such awful physical
and psychological distress
would seriously and
involuntarily, let
alone willingly,
want to be so
comprised as
I was in
all this?

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 March 2017.

Author’s Comments:

This poem wasn’t written with any intellectual or academic pursuit in mind or because it was intended as a means of conveying any inspirational or instructive message to anybody. It most certainly wasn’t I can assure you! The motive behind it, if you can call it that, is that it was born of a situation where I was totally pissed off due to a lack of sleep and no matter how much or how hard I tried to remedy that state of affairs there was no respite to it. So with those frustrating thoughts running fervently and inescapably through my mind I usefully employed the time to pen this poem. So here it is and you’re perfectly at liberty to make of it what you will!

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