Thursday, 2 February 2017

The delusional imponderables occasioned by hating others

By Stanley Collymore

Hate is a controversial feeling and sometimes an ingrained
sentiment that directly affects and consequently can and
invariably does compulsively consume the everyday
lives of millions of infected individuals globally;
sometimes rationally it might seem in the eyes
of those who’re intensely affected with this
incapacitating syndrome and who might
think and certainly approve that what
they’re doing is simply natural and
therefore in their estimation of it
perceive as entirely fair; though not the same opinion
necessarily held or displayed by prescient-minded
and thoroughly conscientious onlookers who, in
marked contrast, might very well deduce, and
especially since the overwhelming majority
of them already know that this pernicious
and neurotic preoccupation is markedly
without a jot of commonsense or any
merit to it, see no logical reason to
support what is unquestionably a
comprehensively mindless and
detrimental fixation in which those who’re
individually engaged in it can’t rationally,
constructively or effectively cope with
in their private life far less so actually
defend; contend that in the end and
commensurate with the aftermath
of such abject failure which they
are faced with, these hopelessly
sad and deluded specimens of
the human race chose instead
to speculate about and even
disturbingly as a result talk
themselves into believing
the only substitute option
and remedial course for
them is to interminably
and unyieldingly hate.

© Stanley V. Collymore
31 January 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Commonsense, intellectual acumen or ethical principles aren’t characteristics let alone prerequisites that readily spring to mind when it comes to hating others since all that’s required to do so in that regard is for the individual(s) involved to be in possession of a witless mindset that’s totally and even permanently ingrained in a brainless skull which precludes them from the ordinary process of thinking for themselves and which in turn makes them entirely incapable of either intelligently and objectively deducing, as one would ordinarily do in normal circumstances, what is basically factual and provable information and what clearly is not?

And what’s more, that is itself in relation to this obvious inability to think for one’s self, completely and permanently divorced from being able to deal competently, constructively and effectively with reality. That essentially has no concept of far less so the capability of independently and forensically examine whatever problems one is confronted or presented with and having been proactive and efficient in doing so to then positively and energetically embark in the most appropriate manner on requisite problem-solving solutions, while taking the utmost care and attention to satisfactorily ensure that that specific process of dealing with the issues involved not only lessen but also purposefully set out to eradicate, and does so, all prevailing misunderstandings and tensions, which if left unattended to could potentially give rise to even greater difficulties and increased conflict with its attendant harmful consequences.

Unfortunately however there are considerable numbers of people globally who because of their myriad innate inabilities, lack of self-worth that was profoundly ingrained in them from birth and then socially reinforced with inane bigotries and hatred, and which are themselves compounded by the development of an encouraged feral disposition within them, unthinking gullibility and a highly successful and even manipulative proneness to being easily mislead or brainwashed become and remain the grist to the mill of hate mongers who like nothing better that inducing hatred which they sumptuously thrive on – since its concerted deployment by them are relevant conduits, as undoubtedly perceived by them, that constitute the mechanism by which means they can and do achieve power and massive influence over others – use as a suitable vehicle to combat their detractors and adversaries, as well as a convenient and populist propaganda mode for fashioning and garnering massive amounts of wealth for themselves.

So which category of persons are you honestly in? That of a pernicious, mendacious and manipulative hatemonger or hopefully a conscionable, principled and a progressively thinking peace activist or one of their supporters concerned about the world that YOU live in, and very much wanting to make your personal and positive contribution towards making it a just, more equitable and a CIVILIZED one?

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