Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Oxford University – Lone wolf assassin urgently required!

By Stanley Collymore

It calls itself the beacon of learning and those in charge of
it, tasked with being so, and who then arrogantly and
vaingloriously run it to suit their insolent egotism,
foster their ingrained and pernicious prejudices;
assiduously and fixatedly participate in their
nepotistic, sociopathic, psychopathic and
inured abusive paedophile and sex-for-
degrees indulgences evidently in line
with their delusional perception of
themselves as the crème de la crème not only of the
coterie of privileged, white racists, supremacists
and exceptionalists to which they committedly
and haughtily belong; the leading lights, as
they envisage themselves relative to the
British social and intellectual scene,
and also and naturally for them, as
they unquestionably believe, the
pivot both in terms of worthy
societal principles and the
spirit of their perception
of suave intellectuality
obligatory not just to
Britain but equally
too the whole of
white western
and urbane

And therefore as one objectively looking in on this
perverse, twisted, narcissistic, utterly subjective
and fully one-dimensional conceptualization
of theirs swiftly understand why it is that
these egocentric, full of themselves,
awfully out of touch with reality
and dross Oxford University
morons and lowlife scum
can’t discern anything
wrong in what they wilfully and recurrently,
although in the most observably depraved,
abominable fashion and insupportable
circumstances, cheerfully embark on
doing; never mind the deleterious,
crushingly disadvantageous and
long-term effects that Oxford
University’s fraudulent and
criminally proposed and
its subsequently master
minded, deliberately
placed and grossly
repulsive actions
have on those at
the sharp end of
them; and for
whom they’d
always been

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 February 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
There’s a rather misguided, wholly unthinkingly subscribed to and dimwittedly accepted misconception that because something has been around for some considerable time, and even occasionally for centuries, that that specific entity ingrained in those involved over all that time and replete with their prejudices and calamitous travesties of life and that in turn have themselves been encouraged, reinforced, consolidated and actively promoted by the elites at the time who arrogantly and even disdainfully deem and unsurprisingly conclude that they owe no explanation of any kind nor, come to that, any allegiance to those whom they unilaterally, self-servingly and uncaringly lord their unilaterally subscribed to, deeply entrenched and confidently inspired, personal interest commitments over, and with whom the aforementioned special-interests groups rapidly and committedly align themselves with, that nothing else needs to be evaluated or taken into consideration by them so long as their individual, joint and constantly reciprocally beneficial and overwhelming wants, with the occasionally relevant requirements intervening, are well catered for.

No discernible recognition by any of them during any of this, in psychologically much less so in concrete terms either, honourably suggesting or seeing the basic requirement on their part for any consultation with or a requisite dialogue between themselves and those whom they quickly and patronizingly dismiss as absolutely undeserving of any such approach or respect, and instinctively regard as consummately beneath them intellectually, physically and in every conceivably social and civilized way.

This, to put it bluntly, is precisely how Oxford University with its chillingly pernicious and elitist mindset has operated ever since its establishment; and particularly good at using and manipulating those who’ve either been idiotically or self-servingly conned or persuaded to align themselves with its invidious practices, has managed to create an almost indestructible chain over the years and centuries of ingratiating and essentially evil cult worshippers, not dissimilar from the Masons, that assiduously ensure those of their kind are well catered for and coupled with the myth of Oxford University’s intellectual and civilized greatness have markedly distorted and even irreparably damaged in a multiplicity of ways the entire fabric of British society.

So assuming and worst still even firmly committing one’s self to the asinine concept that because something has been around for a long time and especially so when that entity has throughout its entire existence done absolutely nothing, and moreover arrogantly feels that it doesn’t have to, to adjust to the relevant and pressing needs of the society or the nation it hypocritically and through its blatant double standards purports to serve is not only brain-dead drivel gullibly consumed by mendaciously manipulated village idiots like YOU but equally too the disingenuous mantra of the privileged elites and their toadying kind who either benefit sumptuously from the crass privileges that Oxford University dispenses to its cult supplicants or those aspiring to become part of that perceptibly moribund, habitually corrupt, overtly and pretentiously lowlife, sewer repository.

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  1. The acquisition of genuine and reciprocal friendship coupled with the recognition and acceptance of that comprehensively beats the lowlife, racist scum prejudices, lack of self worth, sociopathic and psychopathically evil activities of deluded racial supremacists and demented sewer rats every time; regardless of who these scumbags think they are, or what positions in life they unwarrantedly hold or the influence they exert.

    Treasure that experience! And work assiduously to reinforce it.