Monday, 16 January 2017

You’re Black, inferior and have no rights to a proper education!

By Stanley Collymore

In Britain there’s an inured dumbed-down educational system,
that is fittingly and therefore encouragingly in the sick and
puerile minds of its progenitors and supporters, which
actively and self-servingly encourages academic
failures through assisting incompetent and
wholly intellectually challenged white
students directly across the board from nursery,
primary and secondary school entry to their
ensuing enrolment at university and other
tertiary levels of education to markedly
conscious and distinctly unprincipled
terms, as is quite evidently there to
see, by design wholly bedevil all
efforts and purposeful avenues
of meritocracy and assiduous
study and rather junkie-like
and zealous rely solely on
the devious shenanigans
as well as the blatantly
unethical exploits of
chicanery indulged
in by their useless,
also corrupt and
educators up
to the major
standing of

Students and the alleged allocators of their questionably
delivered education alike who conveniently for them
find themselves resolutely and most reactionarily
imbued with their joint delusional, completely
white supremacist and exceptionalist racist
mindset, convincingly in their rather sick
minds and furthermore constantly brain
washed by an unjust and discriminatory system that
imperiously directs them to feel and unfalteringly
believe that there’s nothing for them to either
learn or even in the situation of their trusted
educational minders for the latter to really
dispense to them; for as they’re already
and comprehensively persuaded that
whatever they needed to know and
would subsequently as practising
adults oversee throughout their
individual life had previously
and indisputably from birth been intrinsically
permanently and significantly genetically
embedded in their everlastingly white
superior DNA, why on earth then it
was subjectively reckoned should
educational institutions like Top
Valley Academy, Nottingham,
England pointlessly go out of
their way to provide for, as
they saw it, the ridiculous
academic abilities or the
absurd aspirations of
full-blooded Blacks
or even half-breed
picaninnies like
Chloe Barton?

© Stanley V. Collymore
13 January 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem has been inspired by and is also specifically dedicated to Chloe Barton: a student at Top Valley Academy that’s located in Nottingham City in the English East Midlands and also others like her across the entire United Kingdom and at all levels of tuition received by them attendant with individual study on their part, who both feel and are equally convinced in the vast majority of their cases that the entire British educational system, for what it’s truly worth that is and spanning essentially from nursery throughout primary, secondary and even upwards to tertiary studies levels and beyond, simply isn’t working for them and is routinely and categorically characterized and likewise inimically jeopardized and wilfully destroyed as well by individuals both within and who’re also entirely responsible for the said educational system but who none the less are largely unaccountable by any enshrined or even universally understood democratic criteria for that educational system, its diabolical liberties and clearly its gross racial and social inequalities.

And among these inveterate, full of themselves, highly incompetent, narcissistic, enduringly diehard and sycophantically nepotistic employees – that’s how they got their jobs in the first place and manage, despite their transparent lack of ability and multiple inadequacies, to hold on to them – and particularly ironic too as it happens, relative to the aforesaid circumstances, indisputably and disturbingly intellectually challenged morons of the likes of Sean Kelly: the sitting Principal of Top Valley Academy in Nottingham and correspondingly his like-minded cretinous teachers and administrators at that supposed educational institution who incredibly and as supposed educators nevertheless in their fervid imaginings literally assume that being white Caucasian is all that substantially and even vitally matters in the educational and purported racial superior stakes, and then in their delusional mindset rampantly transfer those loathsome and sick assumptions of theirs to all those who don’t fit their repulsive and totally unsubstantiated conclusions.

But alas they’re not alone in this and merely constitute the tip of this malevolently treacherous and out of control iceberg that menacingly and perilously lurks within the dangerous waters of the British educational system. A situation where skin colour and not personal ability – as is quite discernible to anyone with eyes to see and really wish to do so - in the individual and collectives cases of all these so-called brilliant graduates even from purported prestigious British universities that infest the British House of Commons; corporate, banking and other financial industries and, of course, major media outlets in the UK both private and state-owned like the BBC but who in actuality couldn’t plot their way, without assistance, out of a sodden paper bag if that action was even to save their fucking pathetic lives, do unwarrantedly but nevertheless continue to reign supreme!

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  1. What we currently have in Britain, at the moment, are considerable numbers of so-called teachers who’re incompetent and from my personal perspective I wouldn’t entrust then to take care of any local public lavatory let alone have them teach any children in need of wanting to have a decent, fulfilling and a totally relevant education compatible with their realistic future aspirations. And these failed teachers can be found across the entire range of schooling in the UK. Then there are other educators who can be found in higher and tertiary education across Britain: a coterie of paedophiles and sexual predators that use their positions to sexually gratify themselves however and whenever they can with those whom they’re meant to be educationally enlightening. Not that they are particularly the sole or even the instigating players in these sexual scenarios that they willing involve themselves in.

    On the contrary! Because there is enough empirical data available to not only suggest but also confirm that several of those eventually coming down from universities in Britain – the equivalent of the movie industry casting couch brigade – and these include those universities hyperbolically reckoned to be first class British academic institutions, with their much lauded and supposedly brilliant degrees are fakes: bogus degrees often conferred on them for either dropping their knickers or effusively baring their asses to the preponderance of Queers and Dykes that were always there at these universities in their teaching capacities to start with but are now rampant across the purportedly elite Oxbridge University system, and which like a massive tsunami now envelops that closet bubble – no pun intended – and has become the recurrent source for the pervasiveness of paedophiles, sexual abusers, Queers, Dykes and the likes that with absolute impunity infest both Houses of the British Parliament, the so-called privileged elites and unsurprisingly successive British regimes, Cabinets, ministerial offices, the upper echelons of the Civil Service; the Ministry of Defence and the Police: their embedded and sycophantic media snouts and of course that loathsome entity defined as the Westminster Bubble!

    And given that sort of prurient backdrop and the brainwashing assiduously carried out by those in the media of the utterly dim-witted twerps that pervasively inhabit Britain, what sort of education other than the one we currently have, and critically given those circumstances, can you expect in this here Disunited Kingdom?