Saturday, 28 January 2017

SAMMY DAVIS JR. ~ "WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I" stereo 45rpm version ~1962

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  1. Recognizing and acknowledging one’s faults and limitations is not a crime far less so any reason to actually give up on one’s self and deem that life is a waste of time. Rather such a perceptive recognition of who and what one is ought to be a catalyst and inspirational launch pad to take bold steps towards markedly improving on one’s life chances and doing the very best that one can in this endeavour; all else simply makes you a sorry for yourself loser.

    And education and the means of achieving it must be the first step in the noble enterprise of fashioning a constructive and rewarding life not only for yourself but also those who you would claim matter the most to you. And I’m in no doubt whatsoever that libraries can, and as they’ve done in the past and should be allowed to, not only at present but also forever in the future, an inspirational factor in all this.

    So why not positively give them a try out and use them in the manner in which they were intended and created for?