Monday, 16 January 2017

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (HQ)

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  1. What we currently have in Britain, at the moment, are considerable numbers of so-called teachers who’re incompetent and from my personal perspective I wouldn’t entrust then to take care of any local public lavatory let alone have them teach any children in need of wanting to have a decent, fulfilling and a totally relevant education compatible with their realistic future aspirations. And these failed teachers can be found across the entire range of schooling in the UK. Then there are other educators who can be found in higher and tertiary education across Britain: a coterie of paedophiles and sexual predators that use their positions to sexually gratify themselves however and whenever they can with those whom they’re meant to be educationally enlightening. Not that they are particularly the sole or even the instigating players in these sexual scenarios that they willing involve themselves in.

    On the contrary! Because there is enough empirical data available to not only suggest but also confirm that several of those eventually coming down from universities in Britain – the equivalent of the movie industry casting couch brigade – and these include those universities hyperbolically reckoned to be first class British academic institutions, with their much lauded and supposedly brilliant degrees are fakes: bogus degrees often conferred on them for either dropping their knickers or effusively baring their asses to the preponderance of Queers and Dykes that were always there at these universities in their teaching capacities to start with but are now rampant across the purportedly elite Oxbridge University system, and which like a massive tsunami now envelops that closet bubble – no pun intended – and has become the recurrent source for the pervasiveness of paedophiles, sexual abusers, Queers, Dykes and the likes that with absolute impunity infest both Houses of the British Parliament, the so-called privileged elites and unsurprisingly successive British regimes, Cabinets, ministerial offices, the upper echelons of the Civil Service; the Ministry of Defence and the Police: their embedded and sycophantic media snouts and of course that loathsome entity defined as the Westminster Bubble!

    And given that sort of prurient backdrop and the brainwashing assiduously carried out by those in the media of the utterly dim-witted twerps that pervasively inhabit Britain, what sort of education other than the one we currently have, and critically given those circumstances, can you expect in this here Disunited Kingdom?