Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Living with diabetes the silent but implacable killer

By Stanley Collymore

It’s depressingly cold, densely foggy and absolutely freezing and
my feet are literally killing me with pain and furthermore are
virtually driving me insane. Nothing to do with the weather
what’s going on actually, since like the rest of my body I
made quite sure before leaving home this morning that
they were properly taken care of and unquestionably
cosy and warm in the comfortable shoes that I’m
wearing. So what’s the problem then I hear you
questioning and why am I really complaining?
Quite relevant, I freely admit, the question
that you’re asking; but it’s medical with
me you see as in actuality I’m a long-
standing sufferer of Type 2 diabetes.

Yes my conscientious and very much on the ball doctor
has from the outset prescribed me with all the requisite
medication I need and which I routinely take for my
established medical condition, while additionally,
as determined by the extremely charming and
methodically professionally knowledgeable
GP practice, diabetic nursing sister who I
often and confidently see, as guided by
her I unwaveringly monitor my blood sugar situation
daily, and furthermore every eight weeks or so my
similarly adorable and exceedingly professional
podiatrist in her thoroughgoing and proficient
manner that’s so emblematic of her affable
and engaging nature diligently attends to
any pesky symptoms I might have and
need to be catered for or any residual
work requiring to be done. Even so
life’s such a bitch that even with
the very best will or intentions
in the world of either myself
or others it nevertheless has
it appears, to periodically
and perversely embark
on exasperating and
infuriating glitches
like that which at
the moment I’m

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 January 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
There is no doubt that diabetes in both its forms: type 2 the more common one and type 1, and despite the sterling efforts on the part of organizations in Britain, one wishes that the same resolute commitment not only in financial terms but also in numerous other evidently practicable ways were also invested by consecutive UK regimes but which manifestly hasn’t been the case, but instead is an ongoing and utterly despicable situation that both conscionably and urgently needs to be attended to, and especially when these same regimes not only disingenuously imply but also publicly and dishonestly say that there is no money available to invest in vital counteractive measures like diabetes treatment coupled with the eradication of this disease and other illnesses that imperil the health, welfare and future prospects of the average British citizen or UK resident but nevertheless can and do without any scruples or hesitation liberally and willingly shell out shed-loads of money for useless and empire throwback imperialistic and colonist adventures that are themselves exacerbated by the obscene and hubristic purchase by the impracticability in their usage of nuclear systems like Trident, that only wreak consummate misery on millions of innocent civilians worldwide.

That diabetes is significantly triggered and further exacerbated globally by propagandized and self-serving financial interests foisted on a worldwide community by irresponsible and corrupt multinational corporations and their associates involved in crops mutation, the growing of them and their distribution and with all sectors of these lucrative and exploitatively embarked on procedures exclusively owned and controlled by a small coterie of utterly unconscionable, totally lowlife scum and attendant with that graspingly avaricious multi-billionaires who the more that they fleece the global population financially the more they greedily want, I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind on this and the other calamities that these dubious specimens calling themselves human beings callously inflict on everyone, it must be said, so long as there’s money in it to be made and garnered in dumper-truck loads for these consummately Zionist-Nazi pimps.

For centuries and even millennia global communities and countries have lived healthy and productive lives in which they grew their crops naturally, fed the animals on which they relied on in the same way and knew precisely what it was that they were ingesting into their stomachs, and as such and especially in thoroughly sensible countries like Barbados - which assiduously and quite harmoniously with Nature routinely employed and benefited enormously from these harmonious procedures - that per population as in Barbados’ case has the most centenarians anywhere in the world carry on with their tried and tested solutions to a happy individual, eating life and happy life. But unfortunately in many other countries the culture of greed and making a quick buck has asininely interceded and thoroughly screwed up many innocent lives as a result. And it’s not only diabetes but also many varieties of cancer that as a consequence of these unedifying and totally materialistic measures which are now savagely plaguing not just a few countries but humanity globally.

So why don’t you, and especially those of you in Britain, use your loaves and the brains you’re supposedly born with, although I personally doubt that very much going by your overall, rather stupid and manifestly brain-dead behaviour and instead of hubristically and unthinkingly lending your idiotic weight to the insane purchase of expensive and useless military toys for the personal aggrandizement and greater financial empowerment of those that own and abusively control the military industrial complex aided and assisted by their political lackeys, get a grip on yourselves and do something truly constructive in terms of helping top rid of not only in Britain but also the rest of the world of what I honestly believe are curable diseases? And while you may flatter yourself that neither you nor anyone close to you is a suffer of diabetes or any of the malignant cancers, that’s fine now; but can you honestly say with certainty what will happen to you or them in the long-term or even more crucially the imminent future?

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  1. This poem: “Living with Diabetes the silent but implacable killer”, is an inspirational tribute to as well as a rewarding and appreciative thank you for the earthly lives coupled with the inimitable and immensely valuable constructive contributions of some members of my family and those close friends of mine who unfortunately either suffer from diabetes or else have sadly in some cases succumbed to its terminal effects. It’s also in recognition of the experiences undergone by all those currently suffering from diabetes or who similarly like me have lost or are in the process of losing dear ones because of it.

    But significantly too it’s my profound and grateful appreciation to all those who’re conscionably, conscientiously and earnestly working most assiduously for the permanent eradication of this growing disease. And in that regard I’d like to express my deepest and sincerest thanks and additionally reinforce those sentiments of mine by naming a special few among many others for specific mention.

    There are: LINDA J. HURRELL, Diabetic Nursing Sister at the Southgate medical Group; JANICE CHRISTIE, podiatrist with the Podiatry Centre, Crawley Hospital in West Sussex, England; and DIABETES UK. And additionally I’d like to impress upon you the general public the pressing and worthy need to fulsomely support Diabetes UK in any and every way that you possibly can, including the DIABETES LOTTERY. And Thank You in anticipation of you doing so.