Friday, 6 January 2017

Just do what I'm told and don't even ask why?

By Stanley Collymore

Please can you do yourself and I while you’re at it
a great big favour and stop persistently withering
on about love; something that quite evidently
you know absolutely nothing about? And I
say this not just because of your marked
obsession with the subject that’s quite
perverse to say the least but also the
unambiguous evidence pertaining
to the fiction about love you are
assiduously carrying in your
head and is manifestly affecting your brain
can’t seriously be categorized much less
so be sensibly recognized or accepted
as representing ordinary behaviour
by anyone who’s realistically and
certainly responsibly sane, and
accordingly is very much to
the contrary very likely if
not to completely then
at least significantly
drive that person
utterly insane.

For the views that you hold on love are totally
Inane, since you can not in any understood
democratically regarded society lawfully
or compulsorily force people to either
be or else automatically fall in love
at some other person’s whim and
if they don’t enthusiastically oblige, as they’re
submissively required to do, publicly coerce
and shame them into doing so, and if that
fails to productively work then legally
and financially segregate them from
normal society in the furtherance
of some harebrained pursuit to
form the kind of ill-defined
homogenous, thoroughly
dim-witted and stupid
thoughtless society
which you clearly
desire to see for
everyone of us

© Stanley V. Collymore
6 January 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
We haven’t exactly reached the stage in Britain where every aspect of our individual private and professional lives, if in the latter instance we’re fortunate to have one, are minutely examined, charted, recorded and itemized but in truth we’re not very far off from that profoundly bizarre and scary Orwellian realization and its accompanying disconcerting nightmare, as those who at the behest of others but for all that still quite delusionally actually convince themselves that it’s really them who are in charge of Britain and thus the ones running the show do their very best to ensure that such an autocratic situation does eventually happen.

But while many of you might brainlessly and unthinkingly see nothing wrong with being a convenient zombie to be deployed and utilized at will for the sheer convenience of your much adored and so-called social betters, it’s not a prescription that I’ll either favour or have any wish whatsoever to be associated with. And while this poem of mine is in essence a fictional work of art and additionally a somewhat tongue in the cheek castigation of what’s going on in Britain and a conspicuous denunciation of the morons who run our country, the sentiments encapsulated in it are nevertheless very earnest indeed and seriously held by me.

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