Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Indubitably a very impressive woman!

By Stanley Collymore

The true essence of a worthy life is the ability: natural or
acquired, coupled with the common sense necessary
to astutely discern the difference between and then
to differentiate what constitutes constructive and
acceptable behaviour and what doesn’t; but in
reality in the case of the latter is manifestly
nothing more than obvious stupidity. And
having recognized the fundamental elements of both
these concepts to then be skilled at positively and
diligently embarking on furthering the former
while simultaneously doing one’s very best
to neuter and, in due course, eradicate the
latter. And observantly, and perceptibly
without exaggeration, it is strikingly
apparent that you’re undoubtedly
physiologically and specifically
psychologically too definitely
well resourced with a quite
astute discernment that’s
impartially epitomized as always, not only
in your unquestionably very responsible
position as an established librarian but
similarly and most gratifyingly too,
as a charmingly attractive and a
strikingly, intelligent woman
as well as an extraordinary
principled, human being.

© Stanley V. Collymore
7 January 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
I don’t subscribe to, nor will I ever do so, to the spurious and in my opinion asinine argument, or more fittingly what shambolically passes for one, that just because we’re living in a different century – which begs the obvious question to any intelligent person that is, since when has any century been an exact carbon copy of the previous ones, so such an idiotic pretence for an argument is significantly redundant even before it’s advocated – that libraries per se and what from the very outset of their conception and subsequent creation they have in the most principled terms stood for and therefore represent must, simply because we’re in the 21st Century, be severely neutered or worst still be cavalierly and highly irresponsibly in my view mutated into something they certainly weren’t intended to be by their altruistic and far-sighted progenitors, and must therefore be vigorously resisted from universally becoming.

And how despondently sad to see these created institutions of enlightenment drastically and callously transformed out of all recognition from what they’ve previously been. A crass and most infuriating attempt by their brainless eradicators that can best be described in the inane circumstances these people have obviously and thoughtlessly instituted them into increasingly becoming in large swathes across Britain as part of a reckless and retrograde situation; akin in description to stupidly and unnecessarily trying to invent the wheel all over again.

Only fools, thorough-bred idiots, the demented illiterate, utterly brainless, insanely and endemically supercilious, the patently intellectually challenged and the pervasively educationally dumbed-down would and do believe in what’s being vastly, draconically and devastatingly done to the very fabric and constitution of British libraries; since no one who would either consider themselves to be sane, rational or intelligent would ever contemplate let alone embark on or support such an illogical, totally senseless and jobsworth administrative procedure as entailed in destroying traditional British libraries and the time-honoured and reliably tested system that was put in place to supposedly protect them.

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