Friday, 20 January 2017

A veritable human gem at just four years old!

By Stanley Collymore
Exceedingly young in age for behaviour like this one
would have thought, just four years old to be exact,
but already well-versed in the social graces and
disciplined art of refinement commensurate
with the cherished aspirations of all truly
civilized and caring communities and
absolutely resoundingly too in your
very principled action young lady
demonstrably putting to noticeable shame significant
numbers of people, by far considerably older than
you who is distinctly of Asian extraction, not
only residing in but also, in addition, self-
righteously and cheerfully regarding
themselves as irrefutably rightfully
and furthermore exclusively too
belonging to Britain; entirely
nothing like you and others
whom they derisively see
and regard as foreigners
and strangers in acerbic
language they awfully
utilize to keenly but
implausibly malign
in those fallacious
contentions used
by them to none the less contend and as
they see it that you’re unquestionably
surplus to requirements, who have
constantly implanted yourselves
in what they acerbically claim
are plainly minority-ridden
or to boot immigrant and
consequently ingrained
delinquency teeming
and unsurprisingly
too contemptible,
in sponging off
them, peculiar

This notwithstanding how recently or previously
non-existent their own dubious and far from
advantageous association with the United
Kingdom is or has been. Even so their
ill-conceived, hubristic, narcissistic
and gratuitous arrogance coupled
with their transparently fixated, deeply ingrained
insolence and totally aggressive malevolence
don’t stop the likes of them from decrying
your natural and lawful presence to be
in your birth country where clearly
in wedded conditions you were
conceived and born, entirely
dissimilar from the distinct
circumstances pertaining
as it happens to the vast
majority of them and
where in person I had personally observed this
incident of your amiable and instinctive act
of altruism - into believing, these clearly
despicable and lowlife charlatans, that
they’re fundamentally better in every
respect than anyone like you – who
though indeed young is none the
less already a veritable human
Gem – that neither looks nor
decides to behave like them.

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 January 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem was inspired by a four year old Asian girl of Indian extraction and a total stranger to me as was her father who were both waiting in a queue that I was at the head of in a well-known take-away establishment waiting to be served at the same moment my purchased transaction was in the process of coming to its conclusion. I had just paid for the items that I’d ordered and was about to receive my receipt for them from the sales assistant who’d served me when in the process of him doing so the receipt accidentally slipped from his hand - an occurrence that he immediately apologized to me for which was pleasantly very nice of him but in actual fact there was absolutely no need at all for him to do so, since what had happened was really no one’s fault and simply just one of those things – and landed on the floor on my side of the counter that separated us.

Both the sales assistant and myself fully cognizant of what had happened and also where precisely the receipt had landed and I motioned to him that I’d pick it up just as soon as I’d safely and quite securely replaced my debit card, which I had used for that particular transaction, back into my shoulder bag that was now opened and also on the counter. However, before I could do so I felt a gentle tap on my leg and on glancing to where it had come from became aware of this smartly dressed and also beaming with a most enchanting smile young girl of Asian extraction who’d in the process of her own volition and quite unbeknown to me at the time had picked up the said receipt and was now presenting it to me with the words: “You dropped your receipt and I thought I’d pick it up for you.” Immensely charmed by what she’s voluntarily and altruistically done I instinctively thanked her with the words: “Thank you young lady; that was most kind and very thoughtful of you.” She smiled engagingly and returned to her father.

I then thanked him although it was entirely his daughter’s doing; but that said such behaviour from one so very young had to be derived from somewhere, and not emerge purely from thin air, as every intelligent and conscionable person in Britain well knows that such unselfish behaviour even from supposedly mature adults is extremely rare and very akin to trying to getting blood out of a stone; and so I warmly and genuinely and thanked that little girl’s dad too for being the kind of father that he obviously was. And with my own thoughts on the contemporary Britain that I routinely observe when I’m there I was buoyed up with hope for its future, although not from those who delude themselves that they alone are exclusively Britons and no one else has any right to that supposedly on their part exceptionalist distinction. So thank you again young lady, and here’s to the future and significantly too the kind of civilized, diverse, compassionate and thoroughly principled Britain that you and others like you, regardless of their race or background, represent.

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  1. Here’s to a New Britain as the old, white colonialist and imperialist, delusionally exceptionalist, pathetically and most risibly white supremacist, attention-starved, demented lunatic, sociopathic and psychopathic one is resoundingly and tsunami-style swept away permanently by the former’s civilized, principled, conscionable and decidedly educationally competent, meritocratic onslaught.