Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Where there’s Jill there’s a way!

By Stanley Collymore

The reassuring warmth and comforting empathy that you
spontaneously, naturally, excitingly, delightfully and
enthusiastically radiate are wondrous to behold,
and as personal experiences to those who are
the fortunate beneficiaries of this agreeable
good-naturedness of yours are absolutely
no less remarkable or inspirational in
the manner in which individually or collaboratively
they brilliantly connect to fashion and sustain in
character what is indisputably in every regard
a genuinely superb lady whose stimulating
charisma, accomplished self-confidence,
appealing maturity, elegant poise and
a perceptibly shrewd, attentive and
good-tempered brain, places you
undoubtedly in that specialized
category Jill of not only being
key among the brightest and
most estimable of women
but also unquestionably
positions you apart as
a manifestly affable
and extraordinary
individual; and
human being.

© Stanley V. Collymore
13 December 2016.

Author’s Remarks:

This poem was inspired by and is dedicated to Jill of Vision Express, Worthing, West Sussex.  Thanks for the gift! And have a truly wonderful and blessed Christmas!

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