Saturday, 17 December 2016

Sexually alive but mentally brain dead!

By Stanley Collymore

Seemingly I’m in love with you but to be perfectly honest
too I neither like nor trust you, and how the hell I got
myself into this ridiculous situation is a complete
mystery to me, I readily agree, and an entirely
inexplicable conundrum that I really don’t
care for or even properly understand. For
am I, both as a woman and similarly as an individual
person, so utterly weak and feckless that I’m quite
willingly permitting unbridled lust coupled with
its attendant sexual assignations with you to
unreasonably and destructively influence
every rational and sensible explanation
I can realistically think of to literally
spurn what I’m now doing and in
the process either unreasonably
distort, or else destroy them
under the entirely pseudo
and mystifying notion
it has to be all right
then, and doesn’t
matter because
I am in love
with you?

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 December 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
We all of us at some time or other in our individual life do things that candidly put are downright stupid and irresponsible. And dependent on when these occurrences take place are usually put down to age, lack of maturity or plain incompetence but with seldom or even rarely a mention every being made about the wilfulness or even the evil component that comprises our actions. Usually those involved grow up, become wise or are forced to accept that what they’re doing is not only anti-social and counterproductive to everything that’s reasonable or responsible but can and unusually is injurious to that person’s well-being also.

But incredibly there are still significant numbers of people who never learn, either because they haven’t the capacity to do so or else because to put it bluntly they’re absolutely brain-dead; and this poem highlights just one area in which this kind of situation is very prevalent. One area yes but nevertheless a crucial one that generally not only affects the idiot involved but can and invariably with all its diverse consequences impacts disastrously on society and one’s country as a whole. Read it carefully and see how you fare in all of this. Then having honestly done so, ask yourself why are you still behaving in the manner in which you stupidly are?

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