Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Merely fleshing out your concerns!

By Stanley Collymore

I’m certainly not obese, maybe in retrospection just a
little bit fat. But hey, come on, what’s wrong with
that? We can’t all of us have hour glass figures
you know, and even if desirous to be so just
imagine how boring that would be if such
an inclination were ever to turn into a
dogmatic reality! Anyway, regardless of what you
may think or say of me I personally prefer to be
well-rounded, a bit meaty, and cuddlesome;
and, furthermore, my thoughtful and very
adoring man obviously agrees with me
on that score, as he noticeably loves
me being so you see. And, what’s
more, states unequivocally that
my physical dimensions are
indisputably an enormous
turn on for him; that in
turn doesn’t half do a
lot for me sexually.

Something, this extremely gratifying situation for
him, he most categorically reckons, is evidently
due to him physically having lots more of me
to grab hold of when it comes down to the
business end of things; you know what
I mean! And which I can frankly tell
you is decidedly an enormous and
most energizing catalyst for me
particularly when it involves my very thoroughly
turned on erogenous system, psychologically
as well as physically, and coupled with all
matters pertaining to him. Consequently,
providing that he enjoyably continues
occasioning within me the copious
cycle of multiple orgasms which
are and delightfully have always been his time-
honoured and dedicated habit, and doing so
with breathtaking dexterity and expertise,
why on earth then should I care or else
be frightened when people like you
politely perceive me as obese or,
more commonly and viciously
on top of that, judgmentally
berate me in your inured
intolerance as outright
repugnant or else as
nauseatingly fat?

© Stanley V. Collymore
23 December 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Obesity or fatness as it’s also generally called can be occasioned by a number of different factors, some of these unavoidable others on the other hand distinctly preventable. In the first category of factors I’ve referred to, the transparently unavoidable ones,
of their own accord but are also exacerbated in turn over the months and years of that individual sufferer’s life.

The other category, the clearly preventable ones, can be directly attributed to a multiplicity of factors, among them a sedentary lifestyle comprised of bone idleness on the individual’s part compounded by little or no exercise at all other than stuffing one’s face with highly unsuitable, exceedingly fattening and non-nutritional junk food; routinely poor dieting, assuming of course that that word ever enters the culprit’s lexicon of words; and, of course, an ongoing lifestyle coupled invariably with and plagued by entrenched poverty or social deprivation.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned however as well as other factors associated with them, it would be absolutely wrong to automatically assume that obesity or fatness is associated exclusively with one’s educational background, race, class or the economic environment one happens to be in. Far from it! Since the anxiety factors associated with obesity or fatness have no specific delineation. But hey, despite the well-known health factors directly associated with being obese or discernibly fat, if you’re absolutely comfortable with that state of affairs and also within yourself when it comes to obesity or fatness and you’re neither posing nor presenting discernible problems to anyone, whose business is it but yours how you physically look?

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