Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Beauty and Charisma subtly combined!

By Stanley Collymore

Beauty’s in the eyes of the beholder some say and among
those who make this bland and unimpressive statement
without any correct evaluation of the real situation, it
would have been noticeably better, in my opinion,
if they had sensibly first booked an urgent eye
test and then afterwards followed it up with
Specsavers or some other reputable firm
of opticians. No such misapprehension
forms part of the equation, however, in your particular
case, since by any principled assessment or concrete
extrapolation of the truth, you are undoubtedly by
every impartial understanding of the term a very
attractive: physically and temperamentally so -
woman; clearly always having been thus and
accordingly there is no valid postulation to
presume that will ever change. And as a
prescient-minded, altruistic, life-time
observer and a fervent admirer of
all things astonishingly beautiful and most
outstandingly awe-inspiring, what better
backdrop then than at Christmas time
amongst the gamut of the multitude
of yuletide greetings – authentic,
sham and self-serving ones – to
appropriately re-energize and
hopefully express the true
spirit of Christmas with
its parallel fellowship
to an incontestably,
exemplary and a
truly estimable
human being!

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 December 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
The stable product of a well-educated; culturally, socially and religiously integrated; intellectually, politically, gender emancipated and a comprehensively extended, painstakingly closely-knit, a thoroughly proud and decisively personally empowered familial background and environment, and with a distinctly positive approach to all aspects of genuine heterosexuality that I’m unreservedly committed to as they pertain to both genders, have always featured, still unchangeably do, and will forever play a prominent role in my life.

And to that end I have never or do I ever envisage myself in the sickeningly pathetic situation of viewing either of the two genders that there rationally and distinctly are as being in any way either superior or inferior to the other as there’s no logical basis to any such presumption; and accordingly always approach all matters relating to either with the same measured objectivity, instinctive courtesy and warranted respect that’s due to both of them. Consequently to that extent, justifiable compliments and genuine acts of altruism play a crucial part of precisely who and what I am, as do absolutely understandable criticisms when these are truly merited and accordingly executed.

The response of the recipients in these cases to my work, either way, is a matter that’s entirely up to them and one that I don’t mind or will I ever allow in any way to affect my initial judgement and final decision which caused that specific artistic work to be written in the first place; since I never embark on anything, let alone something that’s creative without first having given it a great deal of thought.

And even when I instinctively feel in advance or know for sure beforehand that what I’m endeavouring to do or portray are themselves very much akin, and certainly in terms of delivering complements or engaging in acts of altruism in relation to some human subjects, is absolutely a case of literally casting pearls before swine; or more colloquially and far more familiar to almost all of you out there like having that deep gut feeling that in optimistically opening a door in some building or other or even the local County Mall shopping centre to let some person or others to freely and totally unhindered pass through and while you yourself patiently await them doing so as an obvious act of goodwill or generosity on your part that none of those whom you’re about to let through and in actuality do facilitate in that process, although willingly taking full advantage of your sociability and kindness will happily sail past you but wouldn’t dream of thanking you for what you did for them, nevertheless being the kind of person you are you still act accordingly as your principled conscience and good-spiritedness bid you to.

And while I don’t write any work of mine, whether complimentarily or critical of others, in order to solicit praise or else advantageously harvest the opinions of others in relation to what I’ve done, several years of being in the business have nevertheless evidently taught me that were I to expend an inordinate amount of time and energy or else be so stupid as to pay compliments to or otherwise in the circumstances indulge in even basic acts of altruism towards significant numbers of Britons and afterwards expect any thanks for what I’ve conscionably done would be tantamount, I know, to trying to ridiculously get blood out of a stone.

Since to be perfectly frank most Brits haven’t a clue what compliments far less so acts of altruism are let alone know how to respond to them when they’re given. And British women are amongst the worst culprits in these specific regard, irrespective of their class, social upbringing or what educational background they stem from.

Therefore, genuine compliments to or principled acts of altruism towards them would instantaneously be met with outright suspicion at best or else downright aggression on their part that in term would be coupled with the asinine assumption by them that the individual concerned – and especially someone who is distinctly of the male gender and who moreover is unquestionably heterosexual (British women universally feel far more comfortable in presence of Queers) must obviously have an ulterior motive in mind, and it’s not rocket science to determine what their quite ludicrous or delusional assumptions are.

A state of affairs that’s strictly peculiar to Britain and more especially so to England. Yet these are pathetically the very same women who’re irresponsibly increasing our national population at a most alarming rate through their unmistakably feckless acts of infidelity, stupidity, transparent lack of any moral fibre or any noticeable ethical discernment on their individual part that in turn and collectively have unmistakably given rise to the UK being the bastard capital of Europe and arguably the developed world as well, and not only in terms of those lawfully designated as women but also in respect of underage minors. A most idiotic case by them then of laughably crying wolf at fraudulently manufactured and perceived bogus threats from very improbable and principled sources of heterosexual men by these British women, yet equally not having the common-o-garden sharpness, intelligence or the basic commonsense about them – these very same women - to essentially detect real-life subterfuge, lies, deceit, sexual opportunism and the genuinely exploitative tactics of the host of misogynists who they willingly, brainlessly and enthusiastically fuck and even breed with!

Therefore outside of quite understandably compliments to or acts of altruism towards my British family members and close friends in the UK all such actions dispensed by me to other Britons are very rare and only rendered after very serious thought on my part, something that essentially and otherwise with me is fundamentally a natural and instinctive act when applied to everyone else – irrespective of who they are or where in the world they come or else originate form - other than Britain.

And in response to any lame-brain assumption or unthinking assertion that tendering even rare compliments or acts of altruism to British women is somehow routinely or even dubiously wrapped up in ulterior motives and designed to sexually seduce them, well I’ve news for you! I’ve never ever needed to apply such artifice before to seduce any woman whoever she was and much less so a British one, or to be even blunter in my vindication succeed in that particular regard, nor have I ever had cause for or been the subject of any such complaint on either of our two sides; but for the past 32 years and unmistakably coinciding with my moving to Germany to live and work there I’ve not consciously felt the requirement, nor would I succumb to it if it did most unlikely emerge again, as occurred in the distant past, to remotely be tempted to emotionally, romantically or sexually become involved in this life or any other with another British woman. An unchallengeable argument and statement that would readily apply even if I wasn’t intensely, voluntarily and contentedly involved with the most outstanding in every conceivable regard female imaginable, with whom I’m reciprocally and deeply in love with, and who is German.

To any intelligent and rational mind therefore giving up on that would be an absolute no-brainer. So please, whatever you do, don’t second guess my reasons for principled compliments or acts of altruism on my part and just treat them in the manner in which they have been honestly given!

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