Monday, 19 December 2016

An Exceptional Lady!

By Stanley Collymore

The term friend and the expression neighbourliness
are perpetually and rather inappropriately, in my
opinion, overused and even cynically abused
with the primary intention of achieving any
number of specific and self-serving ends
by those who’re insensitively and most
calculatingly using them. However,
and most appreciatively so, not in
your case Marguerita; since in every imaginable,
customary and naturally expected way you’re
unquestionably the classic embodiment of
innumerable civilized virtues, which are
themselves, and transparently on your
part, intrinsically consolidated with
the on a daily basis, and altruistic
interpretation of what those two
previously mentioned key and
august human characteristics
essentially denote and also,
in point of fact, represent.

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 December 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem was inspired by and is specifically dedicated in grateful thanks to Marguerita; a longstanding personal friend and a thoroughly exemplary neighbour. Thank you Marguerita for the several years of your excellent friendship and altruistic good neighbourliness.

And with my deepest appreciation too for all that you’ve excellent done, as usual, over these several years, have a blessed and Merry Christmas with its attendant New Year celebrations.

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