Friday, 4 November 2016

To hell with acerbic and bullish Dykeism, give me naturally beautiful femininity every time!

By Stanley Collymore

Travelling through the very centre of an old West Sussex
town recently my eyes were instantly drawn to and my
full attention pleasurably distracted by a handsome
young woman who’d suddenly emerged in front
of me from one of the shops I was about to pass
and of which there was a long and neat row of
these glass-fronted edifices, including the
one just exited by this young lady, to the left of me. With
straight shoulder length natural blonde hair and herself
averaging, I would say, in height about five feet and
eight inches tall; vividly possessed of a beautifully
sculptured body: lithe in frame and quite amply
displaying a noticeably natural, rhythmically
synchronized and artistic gait, I can firmly
state, without concern of contradiction,
that this undeniably attractive young
lady was the epitome in my honest
opinion of what true and clearly
unadulterated beauty actually
is, and should sagaciously
be approved of and fully
recognized by all and
sundry universally!

And a final and appealing touch to this thoroughly enchanting
display of feminine charm and symmetry was the obviously
natural way in which this live and walking Mona Lisa
Dame perfectly handled herself in that busy town
centre environment with all manner of shapes
and forms: men too and not simply women
exclusively, subconsciously and even intentionally
vying with each other to be appreciably noticed
or personally acclaimed as all human beings
in outdoor situations are often inclined to
do unilaterally, regardless of whether
they’re seasoned adults or young
pubescent first-timers testing
out in somewhat unrefined
terms their own puberty.

Anyway, smartly dressed this young woman I’m
referring to but with no signs of fastidiousness
or a calculated sense of exaggeration having
played any part in her wardrobe decision
and now attendant with a demonstrably
cultured demeanour that transparently
exemplified an equivalent confident
attitude in her current behaviour;
whether or not she was the least aware of the profound
effect she was intuitively having on the red blooded
and heterosexual guys like me for example, who
casually or businesslike were milling around
in her vicinity, I really couldn’t say. But
either way one things was definite for
certain! That swaying and absolutely
hypnotic bottom of hers as she all
so elegantly and quite sensually
progressed on her way won’t
easily, if ever, be forgotten
I’m unconditionally sure;
nor will she I dare say
for many a long day!

© Stanley V. Collymore
3 November 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, but judging anything without being well informed in the first place about it or not having had any experience let alone expertise in that specific area is not only pointless but utterly counterproductive.

For how can you pronounce intelligently on something in any area you might care to name in which you don’t have any knowledge or expertise? And furthermore that the judgement, if you can call it that, which you’re relying on is essentially the calculated brainwashing of others and whose hidden agendas you’re probably totally ignorant of?

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