Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Clinical response to an adulterous affair!

By Stanley Collymore

When one solemnly promises loyalty, or at most pretends
to do so, but what in reality they either spitefully or else
clandestinely deceitfully and contemptuously deliver
is the worst kind of treachery they’re odiously and
dishonestly capable of; in essence nothing that is
remotely comparable to the basic necessities of
compassion; is by no means compatible with
human dignity and far less so in terms of
emotional behaviour has nothing at all
to do with the normally understood
concepts of love, what out the
response then realistically,
whether proportionally
or otherwise, to such
an intentional act
of treachery?

A Russian man: very much like and well-respected in his
local community, on arriving home unexpectedly early
from his job as a seasoned, accomplished and a most
popular and highly professional veterinarian, on
going indoors to his house devastatingly found
to his utter surprise his wife of many years standing
in bed – and in of all places their matrimonial home –
having sexual relations clandestinely with none
other than the individual whom he’d always
regarded not only to be a longstanding
but also, until this most shocking of
revelations to him, a reliably
trustworthy and ironically
deemed by this Russian
veterinarian as his
very best friend.

Deeply angered and justifiably feeling very betrayed
by two significant persons in his life: his wife and
his best friend, this Russian veterinarian surgeon
promptly murdered his adulterous spouse but
for some inexplicable reason still unstated
by him didn’t do the same deed to his
erstwhile friend, maybe a subconscious triggering of
old friendship ties I guess! Nevertheless, with a
righteous vengeance kicking in it didn’t stop
him though from divesting this definitely
treacherous Judas friend of his, of his
valued meat and two vegs by using
his normally used expertise and
surgical skills to immediately
and clinically castrate him.

And the moral to this painful story is: if you’re a
Lothario and arrogantly or even treacherously
fancy yourself as such, fine – just as long as
you don’t in the least mind running the
likely risk during your clandestine
sexual trysts of credibly ending
up being an enforced soprano
or even more humiliatingly a bewildered eunuch!
In which case I would earnestly suggest to you,
if otherwise, that you steadfastly keep away
from obviously married women, however
seductive they may appear or actually
be, who are openly known to have
husbands that are either medical
or furious veterinary surgeons.

© Stanley V. Collymore
7 November 2016.

Author’s Comments:
This Russian man, in my honest opinion, deserves on the basis of his ingenuity alone, a medal not I imprisonment! And I do hope that if he unfortunately does go to jail that his sentence will be a short and lenient one.

It was my German Partner, who obviously lives in Germany, has never lived in Britain and voluntarily expressed the opinion, long before she and I became an item, of not having the slightest wish or intention of ever doing so in this earthly life of hers, a view she still firmly holds, that first brought this story to my attention.

Like me she found herself instinctively being sympathetic towards as well as being rather empathetic with this veterinary surgeon; and detesting all kinds of treachery as she clearly does and especially on such a personal level as this one, as I similarly do, her support is obviously for this man although she astutely and readily recognizes that his dire situation need not have arisen in the first place if his cheating wife and so-called friend had been openly honest with themselves about their surreptitious relationship with each other, subsequently once they’d sorted that specific matter out between themselves in a mature fashion had then jointly and as constructively as they possibly could related their personal predicament to an after all justifiably angered, offended and traumatized husband.

Assuming, of course, that what they were jointly and lasciviously involved in had anything whatsoever to do with love and them genuinely wanting to be together; and what they were happily engaged in wasn’t simply a case of unbridled lust coupled with a downright arrant, totally deceitful and a most arrogant treachery against this Russian veterinarian, and with it all being done ostensibly laughingly and odiously contemptuously behind his back.

No aficionado of ever wanting to live in Britain, My German Partner is however completely conversant with British politics – a major disincentive if ever there was one to put even Brits like me from doing so let alone compos mentis and intelligent foreigners by the way – and genuinely thinks that the vast majority of British politicians at national and local levels and whether they’re the endemically corrupt, born to the Manor with an omnipotent and quite irrefutable right to privilege and to lead as they delusionally deceive themselves on all of these counts and of the ilk of Ms Hilary Benn and David Cameron; or a psychopathic and sociopathic bunch of manifestly demented upstarts like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson or Neil Kinnock; the comprehensively outright and risibly inept, but personally and distinctly, idiotically unaware of it but nevertheless compulsively toadying and social climbing nerds like Alan Johnson, Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper and Ed Ball.

Manipulative, unreservedly undemocratic and discernibly lowlife morons like Tom Watson, Margaret Hodge, Tessa Jowell and Margaret Becket; demonstrably graspingly avaricious and criminal clowns like Jack Straw, David Blunkett and Frank Field; or the plethora of inured Dykes and Queets: openly so or of the clandestine closet and even conventionally “married” variety, in whose loathsome ranks there are the likes of Mr Angela Eagle, Kezia Dugdale and Chuka Umununa, and consisting of a keen and practising assembly of paedophile associates, wholehearted sympathizers and committed political protectors, and invariably so from a self-protecting perspective on their part, of both local government politicians and the usual run of the mill national ones either in situ as parliamentarians in both houses, or are otherwise either retired or out of office but all of them nevertheless deeply embedded on the national level in the Westminster Bubble – individuals who both independently and collectively my German Partner considers to be indisputably puerile and senseless, feral fantasists that haven’t grown up and what’s more in her estimation, and which concurs with my own, permanently lack the capacity to do so! So against that decidedly disastrous backdrop why on earth would a highly intelligent, superbly well-educated and a thoroughly professional German lady in every sense of all those definitions and who has everything going for her want to leave Europe’s foremost political, economic and significantly most cultured country to live in Britain? A no-brainer I would say!

She did however make a very perceptive suggestion. Namely that the rank and file members of the real Labour party could hire this Russian Veterinarian as a consultant, since as a Russian he probably won’t be able to join the Labour Party, to advise on similarly clinically sorting out – Dykes, Queers they’re all the same to me - our own traitors in the Labour Party. In which case I’d like to be the first to genially nominate him as the new General Secretary of our Labour Party!

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