Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Fidel Castro the iconic and unquestionably principled Hero of the 20th Century!

By Stanley Collymore

Your humanity, inspirational leadership, instinctive
and sympathetic alliance with the downtrodden,
the persistently marginalized, unwarrantedly
outcast, the intentionally made powerless,
the entirely ignored and the politically
and economically debarred; qualities
which unsparingly, cheerfully and
altruistically on your part were very much
personified in you heart, and now with
your sincerely bereaved passing will
permanently remain well known,
were always well received by
those that were recurrently
on the receiving end of
these numerous and
insidiously illegal
acts of habitual
injustice done
to them.

Acts of consummate barbarity malignantly unleashed
against their targeted victims in tandem with their
abusers’ demonic and vitriolic wrath directed
against you Fidel Castro because of who
and what you admirably were, and in
the most trustworthily and deeply
principled manner were totally,
committedly and unequivocally doing. But in
spite of all their unquestionably provoking,
numerous and quite criminally inspired
shenanigans you, Fidel Castro none
the less stalwartly, courageously
and selflessly carried on with
your profoundly socialist
and for you ceaselessly
principled process of
fully empowering
the intentionally
ignored and

And furthermore achieving the incredibly remarkable success
of brilliantly doing so in the hostile face of a most brutal,
spitefully malicious, constantly ongoing and obdurate,
vested interest calumny; venomous smears, outright
lies, propagandistic innuendos, harsh condemnations
and numerous attempted assassinations all aimed
specifically at getting rid of you Fidel Castro:
our charismatic, inspirational and still very
much alive hero and legend, while at the
same time ruthlessly endeavouring to overthrow your
socialist enterprise towards and our effective means
of achieving the political, social, economic and
cultural salvation we were jointly after. But
these evil morons failed spectacularly and
dejectedly in their despicable exercise
because the Cuban Nation and the
globally deprived masses who
were so hatefully disdained
had always, still do and
will always personally,
historically and most
endearingly regard
you, Fidel Castro
as our distinct
saviour and

© Stanley V. Collymore
28 November 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
The enduring legacy of a truly great man or woman isn’t solely evaluated or measured by what they said or even did to the worthy and justified applause of friends and avid supporters or come to that against the acerbic backdrop or the demeaning chagrin of virulent opponents and utterly narcissistic malcontents that detested them when such champions of the people were obviously alive, but rather, and most significantly so I honestly believe, by the inspirational impetus which that particular individual’s demonstrably principled, selfless and altruistic actions in relation to life generally and other human beings specifically have successfully and irrevocably been imbued in the hearts and minds of succeeding and future generations.

And you Comandante Fidel Castro unmistakably iconic, undistractedly and unambiguously true to what you always and genuinely believed, set out to do and ultimately achieved exemplify in every regard all the wholesome characteristics of a truly great and formidable man, as well as being an amazingly charismatic and a remarkably outstanding human being.

So now with your exceedingly outstanding and personally contributory work here on earth quite satisfactorily completed, rest in your very much deserved eternal peace my political mentor and likeminded Caribbean citizen, comfortingly and justifiably assured that what you yourself Fidel, Che and Raul did in Cuba and in the process enthusiastically inspired all right minded and highly conscionable revolutionaries globally against the distinctly vile evils of imperialism, colonialism, racism and indigenous peoples’ exploitation in their own countries to strikingly take cognizance of and follow, will undauntedly because of you enduringly continue.

“Ever onwards to Victory!”

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