Saturday, 26 November 2016

A woman like no other!

By Stanley Collymore

You came into my life with the vibrant and compellingly
winning force of a major tropical hurricane yet also
with the tender, empathetically soothing and
the refreshingly comforting embrace of
a Barbadian Trade Winds’ breeze
blown directly and uninterruptedly onshore on to
the island from across the azure blue, turquoise
green and spotlessly white-tinged waters of
the Atlantic Ocean, thoroughly livening
up my keen senses with your entirely
stunning, beautiful and completely
irresistibly sensuousness which
immediately and without any
duress perfectly captivated
as well as enjoyably and
most enduringly also
perfectly sustained
my spirited and
with you.

And what else, given those propitious and absolutely
irresistible circumstances, could I realistically do
other than to willingly fall head over heels in
love with you and in addition with you my
truly gorgeous and mesmeric German
Princess pleasurably and positively
making this adorable amorous
transformation an undoubtedly veritable success
beyond question. And as we look forward to
and earnestly prepare to celebrate another
glorious Weihnacten let me decisively,
tenderly and proudly reiterate that I
still passionately do love and am
also in love with you and very
much care about you; and if
that’s at all possible even a
lot more this time round
than I have previously,
assuredly, ever done!

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 November 2016.

Author’s Comments:
As a still practising Christian whose personal approach to the religion I voluntarily choose to follow has been decidedly a very pragmatic one all along, Christmas even with its many and currently unrecognizable features as well as for me patently unappealing characteristics that have in every mindboggling sense emerged and furthermore firmly established themselves as the “norm” in the decades that have followed my birth is notwithstanding the aforementioned a pivotal religious, social, cultural and familial event for me, and the likelihood is that it’ll indefinitely carry on being so; and not in the least too because of the tremendously important, highly instructive moral and profoundly ingrained religious values so crucially indispensable to my personal and professional lives but which are also genuinely and enduringly embedded in the general character as well as the overriding concepts of Christianity itself.

Therefore to have someone so immensely valuable to me voluntarily and consensually in my life who shares and just as passionately but also intelligently and objectively believes in these same fundamental values and moreover earnestly and freely incorporates them into her own life means a great deal to me both as an undertaking of solid commitment on her part as well as the true optimization of the admirable and adorable personification of who and what she is as a truthfully exceptional woman and a most extraordinary human being; and furthermore as someone I immensely love, cherish enormously, deeply respect and hugely admire!

And while this highly and devotedly appreciative of her poem is symbolic of the spontaneity that characterizes the nature and uniqueness of the close, personal relationship we obviously and spectacularly have and empathetically share with each other, it’s by no means however the culmination of everything that constitutes the embodiment of our lives either individually or together.

For just as it encapsulates the representation of my ongoing love for you my Darling it’s also an optimistic and enduring declaration, and specifically at this Christmastide, of what you do, have always done, and will continue to mean to me!

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