Tuesday, 18 October 2016

What part of British barbarity have you problems understanding, Alison Saunders DPP Fuehrer of the CPS?

By Stanley Collymore

In the lead up to and during the Second World War hundreds of thousands of Kenyans like many others throughout the then enormously non-white British Empire collectively in their millions and in Kenya’s specific case hundreds of thousands of volunteers altruistically gave significant help militarily to Britain during that war. It was essentially an act of altruism on their part this assistance of theirs and was reinforced by a pledge that Britain of its own free will gave to Kenya and other colonial territories that it then controlled that should Britain with the help of these colonies emerge successfully from World War II it would look most favourably on the prospect of these colonies acquiring their independence and henceforth the inalienable right on their part to individually conduct, without any interference from the UK, their own domestic and foreign affairs as sovereign and independent states.

However, with these colonies having played a substantial part in the defeat of Germany and its Axis collaborators, the permanent demise of fascism and Nazism in Britain and the rest of Europe one genuinely thought at the time, but how unbelievably wrong they were as current events show; and Britain still very much in possession of its empire, the United Kingdom, quite true to form, and shamelessly adopting the attitude that it no longer had any obligation to honour its pre-war pledge and similarly wartime promise as well, rather contemptibly and regardless of the deep offence and hostility that it knew this would cause despicably reneged on its own solemn pledge to these colonies to grant them their independence.

Finding themselves grotesquely and repugnantly betrayed by Britain, a past master of such odious conduct by the way, several colonies proverbially shook their heads in utter dismay while others decided to challenge Britain’s betrayal of them and its attendant and dastardly conduct in relation to themselves. One such colony that acted in this latter way was Kenya that the UK pre-war had ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of indigenous Kenyans from their ancestral locations in their very own country to prepare these areas as exclusive preserves for mainly white British but also other European settlers as well.

Understandably aggrieved as they were by what had happened to them previously Kenyans were ever more so by this blatant betrayal of them by the British as it was patently obvious to them now that Britain all along had mercilessly tricked them and had no intention whatsoever of ever relinquishing Kenya back to its indigenous population but instead had every intent on calculatingly turning Kenya into a country appropriate for the habitation of white Caucasians only while having dotted here and there within that country densely and even overcrowded populated internal Bantustans where those Kenyans who now were forced to live there would serve as and also provide a source of cheap and indispensible labour at the behest of these privileged white settlers.

Incensed by it all and quite determined to have their country back the Kenyans resorted to peaceful protests that were initially ignored, but as these grew bigger and with the protestors demands becoming more insistent the minority white settlers claiming in the most fraudulent and deceitful manner that they could muster among their plethora of other lies, petitioned not only the colonial administration, which knew that they were lying, but also the Westminster regime in London that their lives were dangerously under threat from savage Black brutes – why I wonder don’t white morons up their vocabulary when describing my race instead of resorting to the same old childish stereotypes – and loudly insisting that something be done to rectify this dangerous state of affairs.

Quite predictably the British authorities both in Kenya and London authorized military action against the Kenyans. Hundreds of Kenyan civilians of both genders and of all ages including young children and babies with their mothers were quite savagely gunned down, a response from the Kenyan people that instinctively heralded and not unnaturally triggered a guerrilla war against the British. Fighting the Kenyans on their home turf was always going to be quite difficult for the British and so the British in customary fashion resorted as they invariably do to the old habit of theirs of resorting to maximum barbarity. Thousands of Kenyan women, children, the elderly and the disabled were gratuitously rounded up and afterwards stockaded in multiple reinforced pens as if they were animals and while there it was demanded of these hostages where the guerrilla fighters were. Many of those stockaded hadn’t a clue but those who knew refused to give that information; an attitude that only incensed the British.

Ian Henderson who ran this barbaric and genocidal campaign against the Kenyans gave the order for all of these hostages, still securely stockaded and unable to free themselves, to be liberally doused with petrol or kerosene, set alight and while still alive horrendously burnt to death. Ian Henderson’s orders were callously, racially and sadistically carried out as the sick, British and white perpetrators of these heinous crimes watched gleefully as these Kenyans in gruesome agony were unbearably consumed by the raging flames.

Undeterred and even more passionate and determined to achieve victory the Kenyans kept on fighting for their independence and won. Ian Henderson was then immediately transferred by the British regime he loyally served to Bahrain where for decades until his death he exercised his endemic barbarism against the Bahraini people with the wholehearted permission and full support of successive British regimes and the savage, dictatorial and minority Sunni “ruler” – Bahrain is an overwhelming majority indigenous Shia country – installed by the British. On the 13 April 2013 at the age of 86 “The Butcher of Bahrain” as Ian Henderson was and is still notoriously widely known as happily died and his understudy and someone that he personally mentored, John Yates: a most dodgy and criminal former Assistant Commissioner at the Met Police in London with the avid complicity of the then British regime, the Metropolitan Police itself and the Crown Prosecution Service instead of facing the criminal charges for the many and extremely serious criminal activities he should be serving time in jail for was allowed to resign, retain his pension and additionally was dispatched to Bahrain, where first he became the understudy of Ian Henderson and afterwards in his own right the new Butcher of Bahrain and where to this very day he sadistically carries out his handiwork.

And all of this I hope should convince the lot of you out there why it is that I’m doing what I am. I don’t see it as trolling – whatever that Americanism means to the lot of you even if you do know what its real connotations are and that also includes you Alison Saunders and which I very much doubt, but as an English specialist I deal strictly in “proper” English and have no time for junk imitations. So I’ll say this much that what I do is always an attempt to highlight what are essentially sick, extremely barbaric and deeply ingrained aspects of British cultural and political life and why the so-called forces of law and order that operate in Britain – quite nepotistic and decidedly cronyism to the core – not only condone but actually encourage and grant official immunity to generations of mass murderers, war criminals, paedophiles and the rest of these white Caucasian lowlifes especially if they stem from the privileged elites and in 2016 and what’s the 21st Century  still continue to do so.

Consequently Alison Saunders your appointment as Director of Public Prosecutions was to ensure that the status quo remained rigidly intact and your lying and disingenuous statements coupled with your farcical declarations that you’ll resolutely go after and remorselessly in the process imprison these “trolls” are simply quite cynical distractions and sops to the public at large to give the intentionally dishonest impression that you’re actually doing or are going to do something monumental to permanently clean up the rather stinking Augean Stable which you now preside over. And how mind bogglingly ironic that, when in effect you’ll actually be taking no heed whatsoever of the message while assiduously doing your level best to kill the messengers that are bearing a vital message. Hardly a recipe for progress or success is it? Well Alison I’m one messenger who isn’t falling for your crap or will I ever succumb to your bullying tactics – the same kind of behaviour that you hypocritically decry in others that you unwarrantedly disapprove of or is markedly and characteristically practised by the privileged elites and those who consist of the same graspingly greedy, US versus THEM mindset, and the cap-doffing lowlife scum network that you Alison Saunders are very much a part of!

Which prompts the obvious question: can seemingly normal human beings or even those who actually are, but nevertheless morph into becoming horrendous and utterly appalling monsters, and as a result solidify into the odious characters that they subsequently and narcissistically display; discernibly obtain tremendous satisfaction from being in full possession of patently repulsive human characteristics while sadistically, obsessively and, evilly in the bargain, manifestly derive massive pleasure from barbarically inflicting their sick perversities onto others who’re innocently undeserving of what is done to them and therefore like all other conscionable and principled individuals of the calibre and ethical standing of Diane Abbott, John McDonnell or Jeremy Corbyn truly see or regard in any mode, shape or form the revolting likes of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Margaret Hodge, Neil Kinnock, Tom Watson or vote rigger Ian McNicol; Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson, Nick Clegg, Tim Farron, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Margaret Beckett, Liz Kendall, Charles Falkner, Frank Field, William Hague, David Blunkett; Amber Rudd, Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, Boris Kamal, Michael Hecht, Alan Johnson, Sadiq Khan; Michael Fallon, Philip Hammond Theresa May, slavery beneficiary David Cameron or the plethora of other Blairite-Labtory, Lib-Dem and Tory scum-shit - including too in this elimination hit list detritus, media morons Laura Luenssberg, Tim Sculthorpe and Matt Dathan as veritable human beings? To be perfectly honest with all of you I very much doubt it!

This article which began life as a poem was conceptualized as part of my ongoing and justifiable, I believe, attack on the privileged paedophiles, war criminals and the rest of these principally white Caucasian and “British” lowlifes that literally with the blessing and the officially granted to them immunity by consecutive UK regimes, the police forces across Britain, the Crown Prosecution Service and the several judiciaries sitting in what’s still my country Britain routinely and literally get away with.

However, this poem is NOT in response to anything that the female tsar Alison Saunders of the Crown Prosecution Service and its lamentable Fuehrer has reportedly said on the BBC: a notorious propaganda mouthpiece which I haven’t watched or listened to for donkey’s years and have no intention of changing that positive habit I’ve acquired. Moreover, this particular poem like a lot of my work was recently put on the backburner for excellent reasons, since as my readers already know a week of celebrations are currently taking place here in Germany as a most laudable tribute to a truly phenomenal female, the lady in my life and my Partner, whose birthday it was on the 8 October 2016 and consequently in relation to this I have far more important and pleasurable things to occupy my life than resorting to dealing with white British lowlifes however powerful or influential, courtesy of Rupert Murdoch, that they may in typical delusional fashion think they are. But when my attention was drawn by a British guest of ours to Alison Saunders remarks on BBC Radio 4 I believe it was, even my German Partner who is as politically active as I am insisted that I respond.

But the crass and heavy handed manner that the DPP’s Fuehrer Alison Saunders favours, going so far as to threaten she’ll have imprisoned those who are evidently disgusted with the blatant hypocrisy and rampant double standards that she Alison Saunders happily, self-servingly and toadyingly presides over in respect of her personal, social-climbing and asininely perceived “societal betters” when nothing of the kind could be further from reality in respect of these loathsome lowlifes, like the multiple political mass murderers, war criminals and their diverse and complicit advisers: public service as well as public sector involved; privileged paedophiles and the rest of them that Alison Saunders resolutely refuses to prosecute.

Contemptible detritus elements of humanity all of them who indifferent to the conscionable repugnance of ordinary conscionable persons carry on nevertheless detestably doing whatever they want to but clearly at the same time arrogantly dislike and take vicious and great offence when they’re publicly criticized in respect of their odious or heinous criminality and consequently as is always their wont and from their discernibly sick perspective not only earnestly and obsessively do their level best to have such criticism outlawed but their critics permanently silenced as well.

And this is the toadying service, and at their behest, that you Alison Saunders are most willing to provide them with and what’s more you’re idiotically and criminally doing so by dishonestly using the cover of your unfit for purpose position as DPP to give them what they’re demanding of you in exchange for the position you have. And whatever you may say or whatever lame excuses you either advance or promote in your spurious defence simply stink, for they are nothing more than criminal and dishonest ploys in which you’re employing the same perverse and stinking bullying tactics you’re now publicly utilizing to decry these “others” who you deceitfully claim are using them to routinely insult, disparage, defame, slander and even libel your privileged and criminal – yes criminal Alison Saunders – friends and your personal benefactors, and in a way that is quite patently designed to silence exposure and criticism of their criminality: from their barbaric war crimes to their odious and mindboggling activities of revolting paedophilia: while at the same time, and most sickeningly and ironically so, imprisoning their laudable critics. Some justice, eh – Alison Saunders DPP Fuehrer of the CPS.

Freedom of expression and the right to free speech should and must incontrovertibly be salient and unquestionably universal aspects, and thus available quite freely to everyone regardless of who or what they are, in every genuinely civilized country or society or those seriously aspiring to be such.

An unchallengeable right that should only be legally restrained or in extreme cases be prohibited by objectively proven cases of premeditated and therefore consciously embarked on and intentionally libellous conduct on the part of the accused against the accuser, or otherwise the wilful dissemination of material, whether orally or in any other form but all the same publicly communicated knowing on the part of the offender and from the very outset that this information was fraudulent or even downright lying yet stating it as incontrovertible fact, and with the principal or even the sole purpose of maliciously or detrimentally destroying the victim’s reputation, justifiably earned social standing in society or even that person’s livelihood derived through their committed and hard-won professional achievement.

But crucially in all such cases provable facts must be the only determinant factor as to whether a case is warrantable or not, and not the litigant or the defendant’s social standing in society or their close connections to those wielding power or influence!

And no more of the blatant double standards and mindboggling hypocrisy where those in powerful positions or who’re exercising great influence in the country in tandem with their friends and likeminded followers can with impunity and even with official immunity embark on all manner of injustices against those whom they unwarrantedly despise under the patently dishonest mantra that they customarily employ of claiming that they’re simply exercising their inalienable right to free speech and freedom of expression – always their exclusive right mind you – but when they’re either criticized or challenged about these double-standards, for that’s what it clearly is, approach to their sick perception of free speech, freedom of expression and the rest of it always without exception disdainfully, with official rightwing MPs – the sorts of cunts that make up these self-serving and dinosaurian parliamentary committees and, of course media approval, dismiss their critics’ valid criticisms as political correctness, or them and conscionable supporters of theirs as politically correct tsars; a terminology however lying, abusive, or racist their own conduct is will never be perceived in that manner or do they think is worthy of any such disapprobation.

However, when these narcissistic offenders come up against those who don’t buy into their inbred prejudices and thus find themselves scathingly but justifiably under attack, like the cowardly bullies that they all are they instinctively and pathetically run to the police, the CPS or the DPP or pass resolutions in their parliamentary committees claiming all manner of threats to them and others like them, which as it happens only exist in their sick minds, and demanding that retributive action be taken against those responsible in the full knowledge that their spurious at best and entirely dishonest in character at worst complaints will find favour with those directly responsible for what’s ludicrously described as law and order in Britain.

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