Monday, 3 October 2016

The brain-dead drivel passed off as valid journalism, eh Matt Dathan?

By Stanley Collymore

If as you’re clearly stating and NOT simply suggesting Matt Dathan that Theresa May can easily wipe out the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party in a snap election, something if true that she as PM MUST already know and as you evidently state that you do, why then doesn’t she? For not to do so as I see it would not only be a marked dereliction of duty as regards the Tory Party she leads and even the country of which she’s very much an unelected PM to publicly and also demonstrably assert her democratic legitimacy as prime minister, strongly consolidate her position in that role and thus unchallenged be able to carry out the massive mandate given to her by the British public – in the manner of women suffering from battered wives syndrome at the sadistic hands of and in relation to their brutal spouses, partners, boyfriends or lovers or for that matter kidnapped hostages like the privileged heiress Patti Hearst who quite voluntarily succumbed to the condition known medically as Stockholm Syndrome and allying herself with those who kidnapped them as Patti Hearst most certainly did with her kidnappers and moreover even physically and psychologically behaved as they did, and that’s assuming Matt Dathan that you know about or even understand these sorts of things, would care in the least providing that is that you either have the intellectual aptitude or the moral integrity to do so about any of this stuff if you did – to inflict more devastating austerity and rightwing policies on them! The British public I’m referring to.

And since when Matt Dathan has any political leader or party in history or currently anywhere in the world ever voluntarily eschewed either real or the perceived chance to garner power and influence for themselves through the process of imposing massive political defeat on its rivals by as you’re distinctly and rather asininely asserting in Theresa May’s case as well as that of her bunch of Tories Matt whose grassroots membership is considerably less than the total number of votes that Owen Smith got in the recently held and enforced re-run Labour leadership contest that Jeremy Corby won with even a bigger landslide than he did first time round and this despite the massive purge of his supporters that was actively condoned by the likes of you Matt who shamelessly when it suits your purpose happily wear you rather sickening display of bogus democracy and patriotism on your rightwing sleeves. So going back to my pertinent and exceedingly relevant question why would Theresa May and her Tories turn down such an opportunity to have genuine legitimate power and at the cost of an “unelectable” Jeremy Corbyn and especially when all intelligent and sensible people, and evidently excluding dimwits like you Matt, well know that political leaders and party cadres would willingly sell their own mothers into prostitution in order to secure political power and influence of the kind that without any election even in the offing you’re already according to Theresa May? Politics in case you don’t know Matt Dathan is about grabbing political power and influence by any means NOT acting like a charitable organisation or for political leaders to aspire to be saints of the calibre of Mother Theresa!

So my suggestion to you Matt Dathan is to take an URGENT trip to the loo, as you obviously need to, clean your bowels out and have a good SHIT there where it sanitarily matters and in your case NOT spout it out from your facial orifice as you’re clearly doing! I’m a journalist and instinctively because I have faith in what the Fourth Estate is realistically all about, know good journalism when I see it and trust me Matt Dathan your “article” is absolutely nothing more than far-fetched rightwing garbage and propagandized crap; and wishing for something doesn’t necessarily or automatically mean that it’ll happen! And furthermore, if Jeremy Corbyn is so “unelectable” then as the right-winger that you and others like you are why not leave him alone to his “natural” fate instead of contriving one for him. I don’t know whether in Dyke and Queer infested Britain which is also officially genderless whether or not you’re conventionally married or not – not that that makes any difference these days since William Hague and Keith Vaz are also conventionally married but it doesn’t/didn’t stop them from shagging with other men, and there are also conventionally married Dykes in Theresa May’s Cabinet but reverting to you Matt Dathan if you are strictly heterosexual like me and you knew that I don’t have a snowflake in hell’s chance of bonking your wife, partner or girlfriend even if I were interested in them, why the hell would you go on blathering about my not having a chance with them? Get where I’m coming from mate?

And the only reason I can think of for Theresa May NOT calling a snap General Election if the predictions by the polls – just as fraudulent as your piece Matt – and yourself are correct, is that she’s essaying to protect the assess of the Blairite Labtories and essentially the Fifth Columnists in the Parliamentary Labour Party who’re all inveterate Tories and in any realistic as apart from a fictional wipe out of the Labour Party it’ll most certainly be them: the vast majority of the 172 coup traitors against Jeremy Corbyn who’ll lose their parliamentary seats and NOT the likes of Jeremy Corbyn. So why don’t you MATT DATHAN tell this inconvenient truth to the British public? But that would be rational journalism, which is out of your league isn’t it Matt – stenographer extraordinaire – and NOT the kind of fiction masquerading as journalism that your sort likes!

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