Saturday, 29 October 2016

Parenting or narcissistic posing?

By Stanley Collymore

It’s not rocket science on how to produce, or not to,
babies whether voluntarily, accidentally, or come
to that even enforcedly; or just as importantly if
you’re the least bit compos mentis, that once
they’re here that as the vulnerable and quite
helpless infants which they conspicuously
are they’re going to need a considerable
amount of continuous care to prepare them physically
and psychologically for the journey ahead of them,
transforming them from the children they are into
adult persons hopefully capable of confronting
and dealing appropriately with life’s several
problems which will certainly and even at
the best of times inescapably beset them.
So why is it then, that so many of you
out there still persist in embarking on
what you’re rather stupidly and quite immaturely
doing and in this absurd process creating totally
hellish nightmares for loads of children every
where whom you’ve irresponsibly brought
into this world and candidly, as it seems
simply don’t really give a damn, or the
least bit care about the vast majority
of them, and who, let us not for a
second forget, didn’t ask to be
and now knowing what they
unmistakably do wouldn’t
have chosen to be here?

© Stanley V. Collymore
29 October 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
It doesn’t take a great deal of intelligence, if any at all, or any planning that’s worth the term to have children and observational experience, certainly on my part, confirms that those who’re least capable of being parents in any sense of that word are often the ones who produce children on a conveyor belt process and with even less thinking behind their actions than when placing their groceries on an actual conveyor belt check-out system in the supermarket where they buy their groceries.

But why should they care when they know full well that the responsible ones in their community generally and the country specifically will unhappily pick up the financial tab through their taxes for these free loaders lascivious I’m all right Jack or Jill irresponsibility? And the children? Well knowing nothing better they’ll invariably grow up doing the same and so the cycle of immaturity carries on.

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