Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Imagine a Britain without Zionist, Tory or Blairite scum influence. Quite possible!

By Stanley Collymore

There are some incidents in life that are so utterly bizarre, incomprehensible and demonstrably incredible that even though they’re actually real were one, if these incidents were not, seriously contemplating to manufacture and utilize them as ploys in whatever sinister endeavours they were considering embarking upon and in essence employ them as such in these dubious or plain evil enterprises of theirs would in earnest reflection, even if they were only equipped with a modicum of common sense or any notion of what effectively constitutes realism, quickly and sensibly dispense with the idea of using these spurious ploys on the sound basis that they were discernibly too far-fetched and wholly unconvincing to be ever believable by genuine compos mentis individuals that they were conscionably directed at.

Yet incredibly these same intelligent, sensible and the well-informed among us within the UK’s population and who furthermore closely and objectively observe British politics on a routine basis, and significantly so have always done and intend to carry on in this manner, continue with marked incredulity to see these same sorts of aforementioned political ploys being recurrently and most mind-bogglingly used by several British politicians across all UK political parties, prominent members of these same political parties both inside and outside the confines of the House of Commons and even the unelected upper house of Britain’s national parliament, and what’s more even unscrupulously employed as dogmatic and the ludicrously driven policies of these political parties themselves.

A situation that is both grossly and grotesquely compounded by equally likeminded fascist mindset and Nazi-neoliberal and ultra far-right Zionist elements whose influence is pervasive throughout the British political parties’ hierarchy just as it’s equally pernicious to the body politic of the entire United Kingdom, and whose hardcore Zionist and neoliberal tsars patently undemocratic, warmongering in extremis, unscrupulously unconscionable; murderously, obsessively and exploitatively acquisitive by nature and accustomed practice, the latter sweepingly assisted by successive British regimes of all political colours and or ideologies, but notwithstanding their diminutive figure within the UK’s population at large nevertheless disproportionately and most obscenely exercise and maintain an inordinate amount of power and influence: politically, economically and socially, relative to their actual number within the British population.

And one notorious example where this is most evident is the British media owned in essence by just FOUR Zionist, neoliberal and Nazi mindset billionaires as well as inveterate tax evaders that contemptuously don’t pay any UK tax and never have done despite the vast amounts of wealth which they have in the past and still continuously accumulate from their individual and collective business enterprises in the UK, while blissfully carry on doing so with the overt blessing and generous immunity accorded to them by every British regime – I shan’t dignify any of them with the term of government as every one of them was/is a bloody odious puppet of one sort or another of discernibly external UK interests – that has blighted the real prospects of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom from and including Harold Wilson’s Labour administration, continuously throughout the succeeding decades and without exception to the current regime in situ that Theresa May as unelected PM titularly holds, as did every one of her patently obsequiously loathsome predecessors through the courtesy of arch-Zionist and ingrained Nazi, Australian media tsar and the kingmaker of British politics, the octogenarian Rupert Murdoch.

It accounts too for why Theresa May beat tracks to Rupert Murdoch’s lair in New York, while she was there ostensibly for the UN General Assembly meeting, to pay her obeisance to him as was and still is commonplace with all British leaders with the notable exception of one: a most principled human being by the name of Jeremy Corbyn and who is manifestly dissimilar from these pseudo-human androids that laughably to all intelligent minds, and even temporarily setting Rupert Murdoch aside, delude themselves that they have an inalienable right to “run” Britain as well as control the lives of those discerning members of the British populace like myself.  Well let me disabuse you of that delusion and risible fiction of yours and from my personal perspective say – you don’t! However, apart from her instinctive act of genuflection to the British political kingmaker by the name of Rupert Murdoch Theresa May who is candidly and to my mind  is as thoroughly useless as a colander for fetching water - and laughably she’s supposedly the “best” of her bunch of Tory nincompoops it’s reckoned – was principally in the presence of Rupert Murdoch to personally hear from him firsthand what HER political policies MUST be if she hopes to retain any favours of his or his News Corporation media empire.

Something of an irony here and I’m positively sure that is totally lost on all these British clowns, that someone of Irish extraction and who generally the British and particularly the English have treated most appallingly over the centuries of their continuous abuse of the Irish people and in this particular context in which I’m writing Australia of all places with its history of massive and markedly inhuman transportations Down Under and in which the Irish suffered enormously and horrendously, is not only calling the major shots relative to Britain’s  behaviour: both domestically and in terms of foreign policies, but also playing the mood music that the UK is avidly and sycophantically dancing to. And even though Rupert Murdoch and I are light years apart on virtually everything that one could possibly think of I must truthfully confess in this one regard to a sneaking admiration for what he’s doing. Why? Perhaps it’s my ancestral Barbadian colonial instinct which has triggered that particular reaction to seeing these white “exceptionalist” Brits getting a resounding and most deserving kick up the ass!

Even so, and that aside, it isn’t good for British democracy or democracy per see anywhere to see billionaire media moguls like the loathsome and immensely tax evading Barclay brothers who own the infantile rag the Daily Telegraph, Zionist to the core and repetitively spouting out the same puerile stuff that every seven year old German kid from my personal observation here in Germany during the several years I’ve lived here would unquestionably shake their head in complete dismay about, notwithstanding the immensity of the Barclay brothers’ brazen, considerable and contemptuously ongoing tax evasion with the complicit assistance and official immunity of the David Cameron regime as well as that which poor David was enforcedly made to bequeath to Theresa May.

Predictably so as that’s exactly the sort of thing his father did all of his life and from which David has benefited enormously in conjunction with the vast amounts of money which he also derived from Caribbean Slavery while my enslaved ancestors and others like them nor their descendants have never got a single penny between them in any sort of compensation for this very barbaric travesty of justice they were conspicuously and inhumanly subjected to in conjunction with the added insult conceitedly coming from David Cameron while as prime minister and moreover throughout his pathetic but all the same privileged existence at these peoples’ horrifying expense that no reparations should be made to Caribbeans on whose backs nevertheless and through whose blood, sweat, tears and enforced slave labour England and afterwards Britain’s prosperity were created; something that this Zionist Yid, like all of his kind who started the slave trade in the first place, is diametrically opposed to while predictably very much in favour of continuous German reparations, and exclusively so, to his fellow European Yids. Arrogantly in their contempt for everyone else who died in the concentration and death camps of Europe, and this thoroughly despite the fact that the Romany people, or as they’re more commonly called the Gypsies and among the oldest and continuous inhabitants of Europe and who in 2016 are still ongoingly persecuted, suffered far more deaths at the hands of their Europe-wide, and not just the Germans, abusers than the very fictional number of six million European Jews ever did.

But why on earth should the Barclay brothers or any of these other criminal bastards care when they’re all of them laughing their way to the banks and their respectively chosen tax free havens globally while you their compliant and cap-doffing serfs to your perceived and born to rule “superiors” – in other words folk like themselves among the 1% who own most of the wealth that there is and most ironically that YOU generate – wallow ineffectually in the austerity that they’re devotedly helped to create for you while cynically and barefacedly telling you to your faces and through their propagandizing media that it’s not only for the good of yourselves but also the overall benefit of Britain which to anyone with half a brain can readily discern it evidently isn’t but as they know, and in typical Zionist fashion react, tell a lie loud and constantly and eventually enough dimwits start believing it; however in all of this these deeply ingrained charlatans quite conveniently forget to mention that their sort don’t, neither intend to, or will they ever experience the horrible curse of austerity for themselves but very much on the contrary will be, and as they’re discernibly shown to be and will continuously remain if you stupidly allow them to, the sole beneficiaries of it.

And when this sort of attitude and the plethora of lies that go with it are reinforcedly added to by the risible misnomer “state owned” BBC with the only state aspect about it being that you and I must compulsorily finance it if we happen to own a television set and whether or not we actually watch the BBC or listen to it on radio, that with its cohort of inured Zionist-Yid controllers apply the same policies as the corporate mainstream media it’s not difficult to ascertain why Britain is an overwhelmingly poorly informed, intentionally misinformed and a massively rightwing, thoroughly and continuously disingenuously portrayed by these same Nazi Zionists in the British media as “centrists” or “moderates” brainwashed country.

One in which the notoriously idiotic journalists-cum-reporters class – more fittingly to my mind suited to called sycophantically embedded and dictated to stenographers – that work for these mainstream corporation, effectively and consistently use their essentially and out of place monopolistic status as so-called “reputable” representatives of these media outlets but are in essence thoroughly unbridled purveyors of deliberate acts of misinformation, lies and contrived “facts” that have in actuality been mendaciously fabricated in, then spun and disseminated from offices within these media outlets; and this completely against backdrop of these utterly malevolent charlatans and useful idiots quite energetically, enthusiastically and most advantageously from their distinctive financial perspective making the most of what is on offer to them. While additionally and unconscionably in the process of all this keenly embracing an outlook that firmly underpins their ingrained and deeply supported personal avariciousness that is itself fully augmented by their utterly distorted aspirations and compulsive hankering for anything and everything that smacks of money.

Detritus elements of purported humanity combined with being loathsomely ludicrous and discernibly ludicrous and unprincipled clowns in the bargain who’re totally uncaring about the monstrous, damagingly perfidious, far-fetched lies and the wholly embroidered smears that they gratuitously, dishonestly and concertedly pass off as the unvarnished truth to the several dimwits and those whom they’ve consistently brainwashed with strictly malicious intentions in mind across the entirety of the United Kingdom and beyond.

Activities that when looked at objectively and furthermore are sagaciously examined have no credibility whatsoever about them but succeed nevertheless on these identifiable counts: rank stupidity; apathy; laziness compounded by a distinct disinclination to exert one’s self by questioning so-called “irrefutable” facts and then thoroughly checking these out if the slightest doubt or suspicion concerning them arises in one’s mind; gullibility; a penchant for avidly jumping on propagandized and populist bandwagons; and most categorically in Britain’s case automatically and unconditionally on the part of a sizeable number of those who like to regard themselves as subjects rather than citizens choosing rather subserviently and in preference to assessing their own judgements and opinions blindly instead follow the dictates of their purported and acknowledged by them social betters!

And the positive and hopefully from his perspective encouraging contents outlined in this article are unapologetically what its author is endeavouring to get across to you in the very earnest expectation that you’ll stop for a moment and seriously realize that there are ways and means of successfully nullifying and what’s more eradicating the lies, disinformation, fabrications, misinformation, malevolent propaganda and all the rest of it that for several decades now have detrimentally permeated the political, economic and social fabric of the United Kingdom. While likewise pointing out that you can positively change what you’re faced with by methodically and completely endorsing the democratic, self-empowering as well as the authentically pioneering opportunities and strategies that the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and his innovative team of likeminded progressives in the parliamentary Labour Party: John McDonnell and Diane Abbott primarily among them, as well as those of the Labour Party’s membership at grassroots level can with your voluntary, committed and wholehearted assistance and goodwill deliver!

Turning Britain in the process and as we see it into a worthwhile and truly civilized country which at present it isn’t, suited for all of its citizens and residents to live in and furthermore to properly, beneficially and I reiterate self-empoweringly enjoy; and most certainly not as it manifestly is at present a thoroughly sordid, salacious and distinctly egregious plaything for all manner of sexual perversions, avariciousness and other abuses wantonly perpetrated by the so-called privileged elites and the 1% who effectively control them. And the reason this is and must be a matter for you and now is that it’s not just you but also your children, grandchildren and their offspring who’ll bear the negative consequences for generation to come – and not the privileged elites that want to keep you in check and what they markedly and rather patronizingly perceive as your rightful place - if there’s this continued inactivity and incapacitating apathy on your part.

Is this what you truthfully want or think that you deserve? Or will you emboldenly embark on changing this insupportable status quo?

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