Monday, 17 October 2016

For me the huge pleasure from celebrating your birthday was surpassed only by the multiple orgasms we had with each other!

By Stanley Collymore

Indisputably it has been a marvellous occasion for all
concerned: family members, close friends, invited
guests, neighbours, colleagues and specifically
for me your Partner, to be accorded this quite
glorious opportunity both individually and
collectively to personally say how justly
precious you are and additionally too
how very much you mean to all of us and hopefully
trust there’ll be many more such occasions in the
future when everyone of us can expectantly and
blissfully meet up again to both facilitate and
actively share the joyous reunion of another
delightful birthday celebration on behalf
of a most gorgeously beautiful, highly
intelligent, a naturally sophisticated
and a really phenomenal woman.

And as we inevitably prepare to return to our everyday
lives again, enthused, fully engaged and thoroughly
fascinated by everything that has happened over
the past week of us all pleasurably celebrating
your authentically incomparable day; let me,
having been unanimously, but most humbly
on my part in accepting it, granted this distinct honour
by everyone who has been a part of what has gone
on to regrettably, but also pragmatically, declare
these festivities to be officially over. However,
in the process of my doing so to nevertheless
also say that with an intense interest that is
itself interwoven with an undiminished
enthusiasm that contentedly won’t go
away, we shall assiduously and not
surprisingly be looking forward to
your birthday celebrations, and
not only in terms of next year
but also in the coming years!

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 October 2016.

Author’s comments:
From my Partner and me a most grateful and a heart-warming “thank you “ for the valuable part you all admirably played in turning what was always going to be a most memorable day and its attendant celebrations into a truly super and unforgettable occasion.

And to my Partner specifically from me and all those who most pleasurably and enthusiastically celebrated your birthday, thank you for being the enlivening and truly inspirational figure we’d never any doubts in our minds that you are, but all the same with your characteristic charm, innate sophistication and a most evocative femininity you had us all literally spell-bound and kept us that way.

Finally and deeply personally from me: “Thank you my Darling for being you and likewise for reciprocally loving me!”

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