Monday, 24 October 2016

Expertise melded with affability!

By Stanley Collymore

A maturity that’s self-evident and which evidently
needs neither embellishment, qualification nor
explanation; for to do any of these obvious
things would be similarly as superfluous
as questioning why one breathes, it’s so
apparent! But which in itself is quite
pleasant, most reassuring and with
a trustingly dependable demeanour that readily
transports even the most mindless requester
of your reliable assistance into a visible
receiver and apt beneficiary of your
wide-ranging wisdom and astute
supervision. And collectively
constitute a mere fraction
of a diversity of apposite
justifications why you
are such a huge asset
not only to Horsham
but equally as well
the current library
organization of
the entirety of
West Sussex!

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 October 2016.

Author’s Remarks
There’s a sick, narcissistic, hubristic and even an obsessively depraved tendency in Britain and which is deeply ingrained in significant sections of its population – who when objectively scrutinized are very much analogous to the proverbial sayings of the pot calling the kettle black or people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – who have no compunction whatsoever in wading into the affairs of people who personally or in terms of their actual personalities these brainless and unthinking nerdish critics haven’t the foggiest idea about but because those whom they obsequiously and unquestioningly follow in their own brain-dead state of affairs that they blissfully and ignorantly live in, stipulate that this is the point of view they must follow, in toadying and asinine fashion they instinctively do as they’re told.

I see things entirely differently, and from my childhood have been told and inspired not to be fearful of anyone, to honestly speak my mind at all times, regardless of who gets offended by my doing so or how powerful or influential that person might think that he or she is or as it may even turn out to be actually is. That I should always back such criticisms up by supportable facts and never resort to misinformation or fabrication in anything I say or do; but should I later discover I was wrong in making an assertion about anything however minor it is, I should be man enough to freely admit, and of my own personal accord, what I’ve done and unreservedly apologize for my mistake.

Similarly that just as I’m entitled to criticize when I genuinely feel that such criticism is appropriate, I should equally and un-enforcedly give praise whenever, wherever and to whomsoever it’s rightfully due; and the latter situation is what I’m doing now.

These are some of the many and unquestionably fundamental aspects that have beneficially and constructively shaped my life; that I live by; try whenever I can to instil in others by my personal example; and will happily and unconcernedly die for if necessary!

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