Saturday, 1 October 2016

Discernibly and markedly so politically Britain just gets sicker and sicker by the day!

By Stanley Collymore

Britain and especially England as I’ve said before in several articles and tweets online, do still firmly maintain is the case and reiterate here, is a very sick country where significant numbers of its populace are so inured in their endemic stupidity or else are willingly and even enthusiastically caught up in, in the quite transparently to those with eyes to see and also realistically accept the actuality of the situation they’re observing, brainwashed state of affairs that those affected blissfully permit themselves to continuously wallow in and to such an extent that they don’t even recognize let alone grasp the consequences of the dire position that they’re in. And as an example of what I truthfully mean let me cite just three current examples of a multiplicity of others that routinely abound across the entirety of the United Kingdom.

First we had cunt face Tim Farron – and as a life-long committed heterosexual who trust me have seen a vast majority of these female sexual organs in my life time so I do know what I’m actually talking about – rather than telling the country what the Lib-Dems and most particularly himself as their incompetent leader can possibly or will actually do for it and our citizenry, which I frankly believe is fuck all and even this pillock Tim Farron must know that, sets about instead copiously lauding mass murderers and war criminals Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and their coterie of likeminded pernicious and evil slime balls as he fervently courts and pleadingly entreats their Labtory Fifth columnist in the Labour Party and most particularly the abhorrent traitors in the PLP to collectively desert Jeremy Corbyn and join his Lib-Dem movement, not on any ideological grounds mind you but as he thinks, does cunt-face Tim Farron, that with so many traitors in the PLP he along with them could then pressurize the Speaker of the House of Commons to officially accept this swarm of stinking sewer rats and including his own lot among the considerably depleted numbers now in Parliament after the 2015 General Election wipe-out of his party to allow them to displace Jeremy Corbyn’s own legitimate Labour Party as the official opposition in the said House of Commons and have him Tim Farron in place of Jeremy Corbyn as the official leader of the opposition.

Nothing moral about any of this, and to the astute among you out there you may well say that’s politics, but while that may be so I do distinctly remember cunt-face boasting about how devoted a Christian he was and how that religion and Christian principles do matter to him. Well I too am a practising Christian and have been all my life and while I actually don’t know or care what branch of Christianity Tim Farron belongs to I do know that the kinds of dishonest and unprincipled tactics he was espousing against Jeremy Corbyn and those like me who actively support him have bugger all to do with any genuine branch of Christianity that I’m aware of, and probably seriously accounts for why the churches in Britain are so depleted in numbers, and while deluding themselves when it conveniently and politically suits them to dishonestly say that Britain is a Christian country and should continuously stay that way and not have its “Christian culture” tampered with in any way the vast majority of those sanctimoniously jumping on this particular xenophobic or racist bandwagon aren’t by any means members of a Christian church, haven’t been to one for ages, and then only do so when it’s a BBC Songs of Praise thing or some royalty do and they want to be seen as the attention seekers and spotlight cravers that these bastards and bitches are on television that they’re so fixated with.

No successful business or one seriously aspiring to be would remotely adopt the rather unscrupulous tactics that Tim Farron is adopting, publicly boast about them and hope to succeed when against that backdrop its CEO is offering nothing in the least constructive either to the shareholders of his company or those of any company that he wishes to take over or at the very least unscrupulously pinch in relation to some of its assets and what’s more any conscionable trading standards body would be down on him and his company like the proverbial ton of bricks. But it simply goes to show that significant numbers of those who’re elected to the House of Commons have the same marked lack of principles that their pin-up boy Jimmy Savile had and make it into parliament principally because of voter apathy which these so-called parliamentary representatives love and want to avidly maintain and which is itself monstrously and patently undemocratically compounded by the dastardly corrupt first past the post system in the UK. But it evidently works for slime-balls like cunt-face Tim Farron and quite frankly to scum like him that’s all that really matters.

Then there are similar sewer rats in this Westminster Bubble repository like Boris Kamal the US-born immigrant, manifestly delusional and markedly quintessential “Englishman” of Turkish ancestry and the incumbent Tory Foreign Minister for the UK, aspirant Prime Minister and consequently prominent Brexiteer as a convenient vehicle/route he thought of allowing him to achieve that role after David Cameron’s departure from it and therefore telling the plethora of dim-witted and likeminded racists how evil the EU is and how they and their precious and swamped with foreigners Britain should get the hell out of it, now ironically – and one really couldn’t make something up like this and certainly not here in Germany as they’d be instantaneously ridiculed – going to Turkey post Brexit in the UK, in September 2016 to be exact, and solemnly pledging to the Turks how he Boris Kamal and the British government will do everything in their respective power to assist Turkey getting into the European Union.

Now hang on a cotton picking moment Boris Kamal! Is this another European Union that the rest of us didn’t know anything about or is it the same one that you wanted all Brits to high-tail out of? For having lived in Germany all these years and being a Brit myself I’ve only known of the ONE European Union and that’s the one which you wanted all Brits to get out of, so why are you encouraging the Turks, and especially as they’re your kith and kin, to voluntarily join the European Union which is the same organization that you were stomping around England and enthusiastically claiming was an even worse shambles than Jeremy Corbyn – bless him - being democratically elected and massively so as leader of the Labour Party? And this when Britain is no longer a member of the EU with no influence there? How are you and Theresa May going to manage that Boris Kamal?

And if all that wasn’t bad enough we have conventionally married but all the same closet Queer William Hague and himself another Tory pillock: a failed Nazi-fascist-Zionist and rightwing former Conservative party leader and also wannabe prime minister of the UK, even in Queer infested Britain where that sort of behaviour that the likes of himself have enshrined into British law and consequently isn’t any longer a criminal offence but now is a way of life for many of his ilk yet for all that doesn’t actually have the balls to come out and be what they really are any more than Keith Vaz did or the married Dykes who infest the BBC, the House of Commons, the British Cabinet and the privileged establishment in the UK do. And while frankly I don’t give a shit whose backsides they consensually stick their cocks up or have stuck up their own or whose fannies they embed their own against it none the less irritates me when I see the manifestly blatant double standards and rather stinking hypocrisy that these sickening cretins quite cynically use their privileged positions to brainwash significant numbers of a largely ill-informed and consistently brainwashed British public.

We’re constantly told by them and their embedded media jerks that the Labour Party in the democratic hands of Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable and the UK will constantly have a Tory regime in control. Given that load of crap, and assuming for argument sake that it was correct, why the fuck then would a prominent Tory and one who aspired to be the UK’s PM be moaning about that fact? What business is it of his? And moreover with Theresa May all set to gerrymander the parliamentary constituency boundaries to favour his Tories and gravely disadvantage the Labour Party, why then would William Hague be advising the Labour coup plotters how best to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and have a leader that could stop the Tories from being a permanent government in the UK?

Does that make any sense at all to you? Any more than you taking to advising a rival for your wife or girlfriend’s affection if you really love either of them, which in closet Queer ass William Hague’s case he most certainly does with the Tories, how best to smooth talk your wife or girlfriend with the objective on this suitor’s part of fucking them? Work it out for yourselves, assuming you can, you dumbos out there!

I can well being exhorted in church, at Sunday School, at school, in my familial environment and also in the community where I lived and grew up that there were 10 Commandments that I should adhere to if I genuinely considered myself to be a Christian. Over the years I’ve looked very closely at these and while in general I support the vast majority of them the one about not committing murder while I basically adhere to I’ve nevertheless decided, and my priests over the years were and still are fully cognizant of this that I view this specific one in a particularly pragmatic light. For there’s no way that I’m going to sit back forgivingly after some bastard or bitch of whatever race or nationality have quite gratuitously murdered members of my family or those of my ancestral homeland and either stupidly and trustingly leave their wanton act of barbarism to legal authorities that either racially or from their privileged mindset then to think like them, couldn’t give a toss as regards the invidious harm caused to the victim’s families and of course allow the killer or killers and their families to walk free.

And it principally accounts for why knowing that that is exactly the approach that the British authorities and the ICC adopt towards mass murderers and war criminals Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and rest of their ilk - and looking at it strictly from a British perspective - that I personally want to see not only them and their entire Cabinet, government ministers, Civil Service advisors and their respective close family members killed in like barbaric fashion as well. And one can even take it even further and say that employing the British introduced “principle” at the Nuremberg Trials that ordinary German commanders and their soldiers couldn’t or shouldn’t be allowed to claim that they were acting under orders and therefore in accordance with this introduced British tenet expressly used against them to execute several of them, why the hell then with that tenet vigorously introduced at the United Kingdom’s behest and also universally accepted into international law, the Geneva Convention and the UN Charter should British commanders and/or military personnel of whatever branch of the British Armed Forces that they belonged/or still do to shouldn’t likewise suffer in 2016 the same fate as that barbarically inflicted on those German soldiers and other members of the German Armed Forces by the British? But what do we get instead, a load of crap lame excuses about how “our boys” shouldn’t be touched as they were, and this is what gets me as a former and voluntary Royal Air Force member, only doing their duty. Well, weren’t the members of the German Armed Forces doing precisely the same thing? Completely blatant hypocrisy and absolutely stinking double standards, since Britain has a most disreputable and totally one can justifiably say as well thoroughly unenviable track record of mindboggling barbarity practised across its empire and is still recurrent in 2016 in the Global South.

So perhaps that accounts for why professed Christian Tim Farron doesn’t pay any attention to the sixth Commandment: Exodus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 5:17 exhorting others NOT to kill; or come to that the profoundly moral imperative also included within the 10 commandments: Exodus 20:17 that advises against coveting what lawfully belongs to others, And in both these incidences alone Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the rest of this white Caucasian British exceptionalism deluded scum have been grotesquely and grossly at fault. Yet cunt-face and professed Christian Tim Farron undeniably thinks that what these monstrous British criminals did is quite okay and should be lauded, this despite the fact that over ONE million innocent Iraqi civilians comprising mainly of women, children, the elderly and the disabled were slaughtered, over FIVE million Iraqis displaced externally as refugees and another FOUR million of them similarly internally displaced; that Iraq is now a lawless state where the British created al-Qaeda and ISIS thrive; that Libya Africa’s richest state has also been turned into a quagmire of chaos and is itself now a failed state and one could go on about Afghanistan and Syria, where in the latter case the British regime was operating with the SAS a clandestine insurgency FOUR years before the so-called Syrian Civil War began. Which was never and isn’t a Civil War but an invasion in which British trained foreign mercenary and killer insurgents are operating along with their American, NATO and Israel counterparts and all for the benefit of their enfant terrible in the Middle East – YIDLAND!

But why should any of this matter to “Christian” cunt-face Tim Farron when with the morality of Jimmy Savile all he and his equally loathsome ilk can see if their sick enterprises succeed is more of the same chaos and trauma for the people of the Global South that clearly don’t matter to them in life and most categorically NOT in death and are even then most arrogantly and contemptuously dismissed as nothing more than COLLATERAL DAMAGE – high time cunt face that you and your ilk along with your family members were likewise treated in the same barbaric fashion as “Collateral Damage!” And I’m totally committed to doing everything that I can, as I’ve previously said on a number of occasions publicly, to facilitating that process.

Finally, here’s some information that I’m quite sure that all you dimwits out there are totally unaware of, and the reason I raise it here is to demonstrate the rank stupidity of those who do think that they have an omnipotent right in their delusions to rule Britain, notwithstanding that it’s the likes of Rupert Murdoch and his loathsome ilk that actually do. In a speech at the Tory Party conference in 1977 WILLIAM HAGUE who at the time was a rather precocious pillock said this and I quote: “Half of you won’t be here in 30 or 40 years time…..but the others would have to live with the consequences of a Labour government if it stayed in power.” At Oxford University later, Magdalen College to be precise, William Hague was elected as the President of the Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) but was “convicted of electoral malpractice in the election process. OUCA’s official historian David Blair notes that William Hague was actually elected on a platform to clean up OUCA but that was severely tarnished by accusations, subsequently proven to be true, that William Hague blatantly misused his position as the returning officer to help the Magdalen candidate for the presidency one Peter Harvey. And in this Hague systematically used his powers as president to keep his faction in power and Peter Harvey was duly elected with massive and blatant ballot box stuffing. William Hague also served as President of the Oxford Union which became his route into British politics.

So two things here: 1. William Hague is a ballot rigger and use to rigging elections; 2. He’s no lover of the Labour Party and NEVER was as his speech in 1977 at the Conservative Party Conference at the age of 16 which got rapturous applause from those attending it and who included Maggie Thatcher, so why would William Hague in 2016 be advising Labour coup members how to undemocratically get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and from your sick perspective and NOT his, get a Labour leadership and party more likely to keep the Tories out of office? That’s not the aim of William Hague and never will be. The real reason for his antics is to have a Labtory opposition of neoliberal Zionist Nazis like himself in parliament though not in power but who along with his own tribe of the same ilk will ensure that you the general electorate and the masses of the UK population NEVER have any real power or are in any position to challenge their privileged position. And if you can’t see that I sincerely hope that they continue to treat you with the contempt that in those circumstances you truly deserve. 

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