Monday, 12 September 2016

You are and always will be the model depiction of human detritus and moreover strikingly daft with it!

By Stanley Collymore

So you look at yourself in some mirror or other and on
the reflection that it casts back then not unnaturally
because you’re not physically blind – although
it’s quite obviously the case that the same
can’t by any categorical means be so
readily affirmed and stated by any
observant person in relation to
your mental capacity – conclude in your mind
that you are by virtue of your distinct albino
complexion and regardless of your gender
status, adult age of majority or minority,
namely a child, woman or a man, that
you’re obviously indisputably and
will perpetually, irrevocably and
markedly providentially be an
inestimably, indispensable
white Caucasian person.

Well bully for you that you can so excessively
and patently racially luxuriate in the banal
folly of something in which you didn’t
have a hand in and rather logically
couldn’t have done; and what’s
more that your birth and fairly
dubious presence with the rest of us here,
for all we know, could have been totally
unplanned. A mere casual fuck to be
blunt between your mum and him
who’s purportedly your dad and
therefore as such your racial
bigotry and mindboggling
arrogance really sucks!

© Stanley V. Collymore
10 September 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem/article is in general aimed at and acerbically dedicated to all those who unequivocally fall within its remit but specifically also to foreign Yid Laura Kuenssberg; purportedly a political editor at the BBC – and one could hardly be blamed with scum like that holding such influential positions at the BBC that with what is supposedly meant to be a public service financed and British interest run organization but nevertheless is consistently being inundated with all manner of Yids implanted in it and in all the top positions there too and furthermore with the BBC’s markedly politically motivated dispatches risibly passed off as news, objective reporting or analysis which are themselves propagandistically and with a toadying intensity concertedly directed from Tel Aviv that that Yidland entity located in the Middle East, that pulls the BBC’s strings and to which the latter so sycophantically pays its noticeably mindboggling and intuitive obeisance that Yidland and the Yid community in Britain that the BBC specifically caters for would at least be asked to or automatically volunteer to make a financial contribution to the statutory TV licence fee that theoretically every Briton in possession of a TV set and whether that individual watches the BBC or not has to cough up for and religiously pay else he, she or it in gender neutral Britain will undoubtedly find themselves summarily hauled up before a magistrate’s court or even a crown court one, prosecuted, fined or imprisoned and furthermore gratuitously named and shamed in their local community.

But, of course, even with all the money that these Zionist Yids have been conning out of Germany and still do in their consummate avarice off the back of the long past European holocaust and those media entities like the BBC and others have assertively, sanctimoniously and rather self-servingly been doing their utmost best even before the last shot was fired in anger in continental Europe to ensure would be the case, it’s abundantly clear that this avaricious state of affairs so beloved by all Zionist Yids and their similarly inured non-Yid secular kind intransigently persist, and that Yidland and discernibly Zionist Yids per se who even though they inordinately exert considerable and disproportionate to their numbers in the UK’s population massive political influence in Britain that’s manipulatively employed and cunningly coordinated with their own and comprehensively direct means of social manoeuvring and engineering within the UK through these chosen media outlets– those that they preponderantly control both in terms of newspapers and electronic media ownership, as well as the BBC. But even so it’s patently obvious even to the most dim-witted of Brits, and trust me there are plenty of them around infesting our country, neither Yidland nor controlling Zionist Yids have the slightest desire or intention ever of forking out for the onerous financial upkeep of their puppet mouthpiece the BBC; a situation analogous to that of the privileged British elites who by virtue of the nepotistic and cronyism jobs which they’ve been officially granted enjoy a similar dispensation of not having to pay any TV licence either? And why should they the intelligent and sensible among us ask when the collective of fools and brainless nerds in deliberately austerity hit Britain will happily and unconcernedly continue en masse to pay their share of the TV licence for them!

Temporarily setting aside the ignorant-bitch-cum-married-closet-Dyke Laura Kuenssberg, her BBC colleagues and the entire gambit of Zionist scum that infect Britain, let’s now turn our attention to another linked problem that in actuality doesn’t exist but is still somehow manufactured and robustly propagandized by similarly pathetic and thoroughly brain-dead cunts like Laura Kuenssberg. So here’s a starter for ten. Hands up those of you who either know what Mosborough is or where it’s located. No answers anyone? Haven’t a clue? Well I can’t say I’m surprised as you’re not alone in that matter so don’t feel at all bad about it. For until a couple of days ago I didn’t either; and unlike the vast majority of you out there I’ve over the several years of my life travelled extensively across the UK by every feasible means of transport, public as well as private, at my personal disposal and additionally have flown over our country numerous of times when I was in the Royal Air Force, yet I’d never once heard of Mosborough previously and now that I have quite frankly wonder why I’ve bothered.

Mosborough is some pokey backwater nondescript entity I discovered in my enforced research on the place that is geographically part of Derbyshire but is linked to Sheffield for administrative purposes. So why my enforced research on Mosborough? The latter was sparked by an article in the Daily Mirror written by one Mickey Smith who previously I’d never heard of principally because I don’t read trite even when it’s fictional as apparently from what I also discovered all of Mickey Smith’s so-called “journalistic” contributions distinctly are, while he himself is as much a nonentity if not even greater in that regard than Mosborough is. Brought to my attention this article by one of my German students who like many of them have taken a keen interest in the upcoming Labour leadership campaign in the UK and know how supportive I am of Jeremy Corbyn, Mickey Smith’s fiction goes on to castigate Jeremy Corbyn as a loser, frenziedly pointed out in typical make belief fashion and without a shred of evidence to support poor Mickey Smith’s sick fantasies that Jeremy Corbyn was “ordered” - can you realistically see Jeremy Corbyn being ordered to do something he didn’t want to, well neither can I - to stay away from Mosborough and that all the inhabitants and activists – unnamed of course - in Mosborough – virulently and “universally despise” Jeremy Corbyn.

I am an English specialist and Academic who has taught English at every conceivable level there is and have in the past lived in Yorkshire, a county I’m very fond of and where I’ve had some very pleasant memories and loads of friends still. I’m also a long standing journalist and unless Yorkshire or even neighbouring Derbyshire folk have dramatically changed their pattern of speech or vocabulary the kinds of words and the syntax that this brainless southern cunt Mickey Smith, trying desperately hard to get himself noticed for once and failing most dismally to do so in the process, is putting in these so-called local activists mouths just doesn’t add up. For folk up north don’t speak like that; and Mickey Smith’s offerings of their supposed words were simply manufactured by him or someone else on his behalf at some Daily Mirror office desk or elsewhere down south. And furthermore these so-called activists must, if they’re real people which they evidently are not, have names one would have thought, so why not use them? After all they’re not whistleblowers petrified of losing their jobs and moreover if they feel so strongly about Jeremy Corbyn as Mickey Smith suggests and would also like his Daily Mirror rag and the rest of the corrupt and avaricious Zionist ones across the UK have us all believe that 99.9% of the UK’s population equally despise Jeremy Corbyn one would have though that coming out boldly and having their names used in articles such as Mickey Smith’s would be a major feather in their cap and even land them plumb jobs in the Zionist scheme of things. So why haven’t they done so? Answer! Because these Jeremy Corbyn hating activists don’t fucking well exist and are all in Mickey Smith’s sick fantasies! Aren’t they queer-boy?

But also leaving this purblind cunt Mickey Smith aside let’s cut to the chase. Mosborough a dead-end nonentity that most people in greater Sheffield, the entire Yorksire region, the North, South, East and West of England/Britain have never heard of and that includes the 650 MPs in the House of Commons, the entire House of Lords, the Queen who has been on the British throne for 60 years and the so-called mainstream media as well whose disingenuous interest in Mosborough was only contrived as a desperate bid to ludicrously attack Jeremy Corbyn, recently had a by-elected for one of the wards comprising the local council to which it belongs because the sitting councillor who was Labour kicked the bucket and obviously in typical sham English democracy he had to be replaced.

Full local council elections at the best of times in England only manage to get a maximum of 12% of voters to the polls, a figure that not infrequently drops to 6% most of the time. At by-elections in a local council ward the figure is even more pathetic and range between 2-3% of all those voters eligible to vote; such is the level of disinterest in these travesties of so-called democracy. And a measure of the apathy that most sensible Brits have to elections generally in Britain is that the incumbent Tory regime “elected” under David Cameron in the 2015 General Election and now headed by an unelected Theresa May as PM “won” those elections with a – WAIT FOR IT! – 22% of the national electoral vote and even the overall figure of those who bothered to turn out and vote was just 40% of the overall British voting electorate. So essentially no British government in living memory and under our crooked and undemocratic first past the post system has been able to garner anywhere near 50% let alone over that mark of those eligible to vote in UK elections. Yet with just 22% of voter “support” the Tories still consider themselves to have a political mandate to rule Britain – which in Germany would have Germans falling about themselves with convulsive laughter if some party there did the same as no one would take it seriously – introduce whatever outlandish political, economic or social dogma they care to and do so in the full knowledge that their fellow collaborators and likeminded morons in consummate idiocy: the Zionist Labtories and neoliberal Lib-Dems, and their respective supporters will always back them as aspirant beneficiaries. Hardly surprising this in intellectually challenged and dumbed down Britain where these cunts haven’t a clue of what literacy and numeracy mean; and why it was that I quit England 36 years ago for Germany to escape them. A decision that I’ve never once regretted!

Therefore and against that backdrop I can’t for the life of me see how the fuck it is that with so many self-inflicted problems besetting Britain and England especially that a kiss-me-ass by-election for a ward in a fucking nonentity entity called Mosborough can be such a pressing priority to exercise the “minds” and resources of the mainstream media. And I’m not alone in that as none of my German friends or students can’t either and charitably put it down to risible English/British eccentricity!

For here are the glaring facts! Mosborough has a population of 4,063 people living there while the population of the UK is 65 million. The by-election recently held in Mosborough – essentially for a ward – garnered the following votes: Julie Grocutt (Labour) 1,279 votes; Joanne Parkin (UKIP) 466 votes; Gail Smith (Lib-Dem) 1,7211 votes; Andrew Taylor (Tory) 229 votes; Julie White (Green Party) 67 votes. Hardly earth-shattering stuff! Now interestingly enough when you add up all the votes cast against Gail Smith – the Lib-Dem “winner” and who’s being risibly hailed by a brainless so-called mainstream media and purblind cunts like Mickey Smith and Laura Kuenssberg for example as trouncing Jeremy Corbybn, which is a surprise to me as I didn’t know that Jeremy Corby was a candidate in that election and I’m absolutely positive that neither did he – this is what you get. With me so far you brainless tossers?

Gail Smith a local woman and the Lib-Dems “winner” got 1,711 votes while the total votes cast against here were 2,041; so even among those who bothered to vote she doesn’t under any fair democratic system qualify as the winner and most certainly wouldn’t be here in Germany, since more people voted against her than for her. Furthermore Julie Grocutt who isn’t a local woman in Mosborough and was parachuted in – Labour apparently hasn’t learnt a thing that people are sick and tired of this crap as they’ve seen many times and firsthand how the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs in the House of Commons who similarly gained preference over genuine local Labour Party parliamentary candidates have consistently behaved most appallingly against the constituents that elected them and who have themselves understandably grown sick and tired as well of it all, and why it is that they’re flocking in their thousands to Jeremy Corbyn and the true interpretation of democracy that he represents. And why it is too that these arrogant bastards and their likeminded Zionist media chums who’re getting their financial kickbacks for writing the shit that they do don’t want Jeremy Corbyn leading the Labour Party or running the UK as Prime Minister – yet this seemingly anti-Corbyn bint Julie Grocutt still managed 1,279 votes; so Gail Smith’s personal margin over her was just 432 votes.

But what amused my German Partner and our circle of friends is that Laura Kuenssberg who in her obsessive zeal for power and influence is now clearly angling for a Dyke relationship of some sort with Theresa May as she “ lovingly” sings and writes the latter’s praises while castigating Jeremy Corbyn at ever turn as she now claims for Labour’s failure in Mosborough conveniently failed to recognize let alone comment on the glaring fact that in this nonentity in the wider scheme of things, British and world politics for example, local ward by-election in Mosborough that ANDREW TAYLOR the TORY candidate only got 229 votes. And bearing in mind how the Zionist Yid-run BBC and the corporate media all wax lyrically about how Theresa May will wipe the floor with Jeremy Corbyn in any election, general or local, that this FACT of Andrew Taylor’s dismal performance didn’t elicit some comment from these detritus pillocks like Laura Kuenssberg and Mickey Smith that infect British society and indeed our nation! But don’t hold your breath on that one though as they won’t; since their loathsome hypocrisy and double standards know no bounds!

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