Thursday, 29 September 2016

When will the other Khazar bogus Semites and ingrained Zionists also emulate Claire Jeffery and piss off themselves?

By Stanley Collymore

Only bullies, sadists and cowardly ones at that who get their sexual kicks from doing so because they can’t in any normal heterosexual way manage that process let others do their dirty work for them while parading their bogus patriotism, that in their sick minds dictate that they must defend their country to the last drop of someone else’s blood but never their own or that of their children – often the ones they father but through being cuckolded unwittingly never sired – that’s why they never join the military or any other branch of the Armed Forces that they reckon they hold so highly in regard, but in reality they’re actually fucking cowards who would rather and do invariably sit back at home in their plush jobs making money at other people’s exploitative expense – reading me loud and clear Ms Hilary Benn, Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Gordon Brown, Angela Eagle, Theresa May, Neil Kinnock, David Miliband and the rest of you scum?

And in case you’re wondering generations of my own family have served in the British and American Armed forces; both my granddads in World War I, my Dad in World War II as did his siblings in other branches of the UK armed forces when they needn’t have done as Barbados which financed the English Industrial Revolution from slavery and sugar money - there was no UK at that time and it was England’s richest and only colony in the Caribbean – and at the time of both of these so-called World Wars, which were essentially internecine white Caucasian infighting; the First World War being a family squabble between Victoria’s grandchildren at war with each other and commoners dying because of their familial spat.

Barbados like the other Caribbean territories were every bit under the jackboot of British imperialism then and worst off so under British rule than anything that the Germans were doing under the Nazis. But Bajans and other Caribbeans nevertheless still volunteered, these courageous men and women, to fight your war and for which they never got any thanks or mention in your “history” books; voluntarily went back home after the war’s end only to have Enoch Powell come down to the Caribbean and beg them to go back to England those who were previously there during the war as well as newcomers since that time, help out the “Mother Country” and get it back on its feet, They did so and worked in the NHS as well as did all sorts of jobs that many whites now considered beneath them, but once the important task of getting Britain back on its feet was accomplished we all know what this odious and treacherous fucker – may he everlastingly rot in Hell – did and how many of you cunt-holes out there including trade unionists and the lot of you brainwashed white working class morons took to the streets in support of Enoch Powell and his lies.

A fucking Tory of the loathsome calibre that Boris Kamal is and amply demonstrated in the EU referendum and who cynically used you like Powell did for his own ends but in actuality and like Enoch Powell doesn’t give a toss about you, but then your stupidity and racism are so ingrained in you that even in 2016 you still can’t see the woods for the trees; for just as Enoch Powell was using you to set himself up for the job of Prime Minister, Turkish ancestral and United States born, immigrant Yid Boris Kamal was doing the same to make himself heir apparent to David Cameron. The one difference being that Edward Heath stood up to this lying and treacherous bastard and immediately and conscionably sacked him. David Cameron would never have done that to Boris as they’ve both fucking ingrained “privileged” racists Yids and have much in common with each other. Moreover David Cameron like his wife Samantha are both massive financial beneficiaries of Caribbean slavery and the racism baggage that goes with it just as Boris’ own racism is well known, and specifically in David’s case tax evading on a huge scale as well by his father who didn’t pay any tax in the UK or on that slavery money and had it all salted away in tax havens abroad and of course in Panama while at the same time his son David a prime minister was happily cynically and self-servingly enforcing austerity on you nerds; but even when he was exposed as the fraud beneficiary that he is, he still managed to con you all into feeling sorry for him. And you did. All together now –oh you poor thing!

What a prized bunch of assholes you are my fellow Brits! Well after Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech many Barbadians and other Caribbeans promptly left the UK and either returned to the Caribbean or emigrated to Canada or the US where their skills are in great demand. Incidentally, did you know that the man who invented the search engine that Google and the rest of them make billions from and you couldn’t do without on the internet is a BARBADIAN, born and bred on that beautiful and paradisiacal Caribbean island who while at McGill University in Canada invented the system but refused to patent it for himself, not through stupidity but because he like the rest of us Bajans aren’t avaricious and have from birth been brought up to really believe that we should wherever possible altruistically assist our fellow man, woman or child - I can vividly recall at just four years old when I started school my maternal Grandmother who has been the principal mentor of many such persons in my life: at home in our community, at school and at church, saying to me: “Stanley, whatever you do in this world always try to make it a better place than how you found it!” – and not exploit anyone!” It’s a philosophy that I’ve always lived by and is a general concept adopted by most Barbadians, so what this Bajan entrepreneur did doesn’t surprise me.

But I can truthfully say that I’m completely convinced that in identical circumstances no British, white entrepreneur would have done what this Bajan did, but putting that aside you none the less have to really search hard to discover who invented this valuable and indispensible search system. Check with Huffington Post. For as many of you are concerned I’m absolutely sure as well that you instinctively think that this technology had to have been invented by someone white and undoubtedly a white man; just like those Caribbean Blacks in Britain are supposedly immigrants. Sorry to disappoint you, the vast majority of them are third and even fourth generation Brits. I could go on but what the hell? Most of you are too fucking dim-witted to understand anything anyway and besides most of you have very short attention spans and what you gravitate to are the sound bites of the BBC, Sky News and the rest of them or the lying headlines in rags belonging to the likes of tax evading mother-fuckers like the Barclay Brothers at the Telegraph rag and, of course, the other Zionist owned rags.

One final passing remark, I DO know what it’s like to wear a British military uniform in earnest as I voluntarily joined and served with the RAF having been encouraged to do so by the late and great Bajan leader Errol Walton Barrow, a World War II, RAF hero and the father of Barbados’ independence. Check him out. He was also a close friend of my dad, and later me, and they both joined up together and at a time when the Americans were selling state of the art weaponry to the Nazis as well as Zyklon B gas widely used in Europe’s death camps, I say Europe as it wasn’t only in Germany that the so-called Untermenschen: millions of Romany people or Gypsies as they are better known, Communists, the German feebleminded, others that didn’t find favour with the Nazis and some European Jews who were exterminated. And this against the backdrop that both grandfathers of George W. Bush were great business pals of the Nazis – one was the banker for the Third Reich and the other the CEO of the US company that produced the Zyklon B gas I referred to earlier; but like the Americans always say: Business is Business! What I sure you also don’t know is that Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad freely paid for the construction and purchase of a number of RAF aircraft so the Caribbean contribution was just restricted to fighter and bomber pilots when it came to the Royal Air Force. Again, go check that information out and don’t just take my word for it.

Going back to the Americans who sensibly could blame them for NOT wanting to enter World War II after the British government and the BBC through its inured propaganda techniques fallaciously got the US into World War I under false and pernicious propaganda ploys; most notorious among these was the BBC globally broadcasting but directing its propaganda principally at the USA, and something the British government also did, that German soldiers were routinely raping and then bayoneting German nuns. There was not a shred of truth to this and was all odious lies, a technique that the BBC which never fucking well learns used again when the Cubans sent troops to Angola to help that country against its attack by forces from what was then apartheid South Africa. With the Cubans turning the war against the apartheid forces that Britain and the BBC supported the BBC along with the British media used the same loathsome lie but this time it went like this: Cuban soldiers are raping, torturing and bayoneting Angolan women and girls some of the latter as young as six years old. More Lies!

But with the BBC being a repository and is still very much so in 2016 a sickening repository for paedophiles and most notoriously Jimmy Savile among the ones that have been publicly named it’s easy to see how the sick minds of those that run the BBC can either intentionally which is more likely or confusingly transfer their own perversions on to others, just like their Zionist Yid bosses and collaborators are quite exceptionally good at doing. Well after they were inadvertently caught out once the Americans swore they would never again believe a word coming out of the UK let alone rescue its ass in a fight with anyone; but after the false flag operation of Pearl Harbour the pro-British president Franklin D. Roosevelt at a time when over 95% of Americans favoured Germany swung the vote Britain’s way. All too late Americans realized they’d been duped again. Their president had behind the scenes clandestinely had it conveyed to the Japanese that the US would do nothing if Japan attacked Pearl Harbour.

The Japanese swallowed that Roosevelt ploy hook line and sinker and when they did and acted by attack Pear Harbour as Roosevelt knew they would, he simply sat back, did nothing, refused to warn the US commanders in Pearl Harbour of the imminent Japanese attack and then when it eventually happened naturally and in a manner that had he been an actor instead of President of the United States – hey what am I saying aren’t those guys in the Oval Office all bloody actors any way? - would have won him an Oscar expressed shock, horror and contrived anger afterwards. Well war was a foregone conclusion after that! So fucking well beat that one you British, kiss-me-ass-cowardly and bogus patriotic warmongers and war criminals among the UK’s Dyke, Queer and Paedophile political elites and their brain-dead camp followers! Hope you enjoyed a REAL history lesson wholly true and different from the fucking crap these bogus patriots and revisionist “historians” fill you with your empty heads with!

The second part of this article is a counter-attack on the spurious, lying and orchestrated propaganda against Jeremy Corbyn and the spouting of the customary cry wolf ploy whenever these sorts of lowlife know that they’ve not only lost the argument, assuming that there was one there in the first place to be lost, but most certainly the plot as well and thus instinctively revert to the overused and fraudulent smear of so-called anti-Semitism. And I’m using the antics of one such Yid, Claire Jeffery a Folkestone in Kent England councillor who on the 24 September 2016 the day it was officially announced that Jeremy Corbyn had again won the Labour Party leadership contest decided, and more than likely in a pre-planned move, to quit the Labour Party and join the Tories, claiming that she’d been consistently subjected to anti-Semitic abuse for several years and in her words “enough was enough!” The inference from her of Jeremy Corbyn’s win all too clear; namely that it was his entire fault that she was forced to leave the Labour Party. Now draw your own conclusions upon reading this article.

This notwithstanding that these alleged and clearly lying on her part accusations and several incidences took place long before Jeremy Corbyn ever became leader of the Labour Party in September 2015 after he had succeed by a massive landslide Ed Miliband who had stood down after her lost the 2015 General Election, had obviously gone on prior to that after she stupidly mentioned the time frame of SEVERAL YEARS according to her account which entailed the said tenure of Ed Miliband, another Yid like herself, as Leader of the Labour Party; during the entirety of New Labour when the Labour Party was under the autocratic Zionist control of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and their fellow Zionist tribe; her being an elected Labour councillor during this time, her husband being the leader of the Folkestone branch of the Labour Party and she Claire Jeffery having been selected as the Labour Party’s parliamentary candidate for Folkestone in the 2015 General Election which she lost to the Tories. Nevertheless, the lame and completely unconvincing reasons she gave for quitting the Labour Party and joining the Tories don’t stack up, principally among these being in her sick fantasies that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic and had forced her out. Work that nonsense out for yourselves!

It’s analogous to someone claiming they had to move house because of their neighbours from hell for you to discover afterwards that for years this same individual had put up with what these neighbours were doing, real or alleged, did nothing in terms of even complaining about their supposed behaviour and carried on as though nothing untoward was going on, but when the local residents in that area for whatever reasons they had actually and effectively got rid of these neighbours of this individual now belatedly moaning about what she had to suffer we suddenly get this same person claiming that she couldn’t any longer live in the house where she was because of what she had had to endure all those years, but instead of blaming the previous residents of that property for what she alleges her problems were and still are she turns her ire and vitriol on to the new residents of that house who’ve done nothing to her and what’s more have been in the property for less than a year, for her deciding to up sticks herself and leave the neighbourhood. Doesn’t make sense does it; but who ever said that self-absorbed and demonstrably attention seeking Yids like Claire Jeffery ever had or have the capacity to acquire any such common sense in the first place? So here’s my debunking of this Claire Jeffery crap, the ludicrous debunking and also the generalized and blatantly dishonest claims surrounding her own and those others like her relative to the fraudulent Cry Wolf and much used and intentional deception of anti-Semitism.

I think sensible and intelligent people can detect a pack of lies when confronted by it. Well over two years Claire Jeffery claims she’s been having the sort of abuse she protests she’s been subjected to. Now ask yourself these simple questions: 1. Why didn’t she report those incidents that constitute crimes in the UK to the police? 2. Over two years she asserts this abuse has been going on yet she did absolutely nothing about it, stayed in the Labour Party as a member and councillor and was even selected as the Labour Party candidate in the 2015 General Election. So how come that someone who claims she was so universally reviled by Labour members and the Labour Party itself could achieve this?

Wouldn’t that be analogous to a half-breed House Nigger person being an elected member to a local council where they lived, selected as the parliamentary candidate for the same BNP of which he or she is a councillor and then claiming that the BNP – for overseas followers of this writer not aware of what the BNP is it’s a virulently racist parody of a purported political party mostly operating within the boundaries of England and vaingloriously calling itself the British National Party and that expressly doesn’t like Black people – is racist? This silly and lying pillock Claire Jeffery was elected to NOT one but TWO constituent parts of the council system in her own area and who by? The Tories, UKIP, Lib-Dems, BNP or others? No! By Labour voters! So if these Labour voters and the Labour Party per se hated her so much why have her as a candidate or vote for her? Or come to that have her stand as an official Labour Party candidate in the 2015 General Election where she lost very badly to the Tories?

But let’s forget this attention seeking prat Claire Jefery and deal with the fabricated issue of anti-Semitism. European Jews are NOT Semites but are actually Khazars whose ancestors converted to Judaism. Khazar now part of Russia was once a kingdom in its own right and at the time stuck politically between the Holy Roman Empire of proselytising Christians whose ancestors were all European converts to Christianity and the Ottoman Empire that was itself comprised of proselytising Muslims. Constantly pressurized by these two powerful entities to join them the Khazar ruler rather diplomatically and in survival terms chose not to and opted instead to turn his kingdom into a Jewish one, signally declaring that henceforth he would be a Jew and by royal decree insisted that all his subjects do the same. A strictly religious move with political implications and had nothing whatsoever to do with ethnicity or race, since the Khazars remained what they always were, white Caucasian and European, still are to this day 29 September 2016 and always will be. Jews some of them may be just as others of them are Christians or atheists but whatever religion they practice or none they are undoubtedly white Caucasian Europeans; and although in-breeding is a common feature among them just as it is among Pakistanis it doesn’t alter who they biologically are, which is most definitely NOT a SEMITIC people any more than 70% in-breeding among Pakistanis alters their biological or racial identity!

The oldest and continuous Jewish religious sect anywhere on Planet Earth is the Falasha. Who are they and where are they from I hear you ask? Well they’re Ethiopian and have been Jewish from the very onset of that religion; real Semitic Jews and NOT converts. In the wake of the global outcry, still very much ongoing and hence the anti-Semitism frenzy on the part of these bogus European Kharzian Jews to give Yidland some credibility regarding its claim that it was a homeland and haven for all Jews, knowing the authenticity of the Falasha as real Jews the Zionists and the bogus Jewish regime located in Tel Aviv self-servingly and highly illegally carried out a number of covert operations to spirit many of these Falasha Jews away from their indigenous homeland to Yidland or Israel if you wish to call it that but I prefer not to and still see that stolen entity as Palestine and consequently refer to that section of it that these imposters have so far sequestered for themselves derogatorily as Yidland and of course infested by bogus Semitic and deeply ingrained Zionist, white Caucasian “Jews”.

The essence of all this was that from 1981 onwards in covert operations with codenames like Operation Moses, Operation Solomon and others Falasha Jews against their will were taken to Yidland to give that bogus “state” some much needed credibility as a Jewish entity. And I suggest that you check up the preceding statements on Wikipedia as the information is much too intensive and detailed to fully and properly outline in an article like this which is already quite detailed as it is. So check out the following online if you’ve the interest or guts to do so and don’t want to be forever conned as you discernibly are in relation to all of this ludicrous and barefaced lying anti-Semitism garbage that’s propagandistically and ad nauseum thrown at you and will continue to be if you don’t do something about it and very soon. 1. Operation Moses – Wikipedia; 2. Operation Solomon – Wikipedia; 3. Jew, Ethiopian, Falasha in Israel, Joshua Project; 4. Falasha, Facts, information; 5.Judiaism and Rastafarianism: A study of the Falasha, Edward Barfield and many more such articles, academic research and empirical data studies. Additionally, I suggest also suggest that you read the full complement of my tweets of the 28 September 2016 which followed in the wake of the Kent online article I retweeted in relation to Claire Jeffery and which preceded them.

Not the paltry figure of exclusively 6 million European Jews and no one else who – wholly and empirically lying, dishonestly and consistently are canvassed and widely promulgated as the only ones who died in Europe’s holocaust, no mention mark you of the Gypsy or Romany population, among Europe’s oldest and continuous inhabitants and whose genocidally eradicated numbers were markedly much greater in total than the fictional and considerably less figure of 6 million Jews that all the same is meticulously and assiduously propagandized and drilled into the minds of the gullible and even the dim-witted as accurate when nothing could be further from the truth. European Jews, but it must be stressed JUST European Jews and no other Jews even though the German Armed forces were in countries in eastern Africa, the Middle East and North Africa all of whom had a preponderance of Jews in them at the time and still do; but when it comes to you prats the only “Jews” that matter are those that are European and look like you. So why if the Third Reich wanted to eradicate all Jews from Planet Earth didn’t it take the opportunity when it had it to do the same to these non-white and genuinely SEMITIC Jews but instead went for these European imposters? A stupid and ingrained belief in westerners who consistently fail to think for themselves and principally so in the UK and US that if you follow this ludicrous propaganda piped out to you by the Zionist media then you’re truly a worthy human being but if you question it no matter how solid your evidence is compared to their fantasies then you’re anti-Semitic!

And anyway the incidents of 1939-45 were perfectly justifiable on Germany’s part I believe after the manner in which the German people were thoroughly humiliated by Britain and France after the end of World War I and the role in this that European Jews played. Don’t take my word for it look it up! And that’s principally why Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich had such a massive following across the entirety of Germany. And it’s not as if Germany was the only European country to instigate a holocaust as it most certainly was not; and Britain’s role and that of France, Spain, Portugal and Holland for example are far worst in the regard of their colonies and empires than anything Germany did in my view. And in even Germany’s case the European holocaust wasn’t its first venture in this respect as it had previously at the start of the 20th Century carried out TWO holocausts in what was its African colony of Southwest Africa in which 90% of the indigenous population was wiped out, far more than the paltry, even if correct and which it isn’t, figure of 6 millions Jews in Europe. Check out what went on at Shark Island in what’s now the sovereign and independent state of Namibia.

And the Germans readily admit that what they did in Southwest Africa was their prelude, their testing ground as it were and bolstered by racism, of what they later carried out in Europe. Incidentally the techniques they applied were all garnered from the British who were the first to institute concentration camps and the same methods the Germans used in Southwest Africa and later Europe, for it was none other than Winston Churchill who organized this British barbarity against the Boers in South Africa and in effect made the UK the first ever country in the world to invent and utilize CONCENTRATION CAMPS, but your “historians” aren’t going to tell you that will they, and you’re too dim to check out such information and facts for yourselves.

So just two decades after Germany’s last holocaust in Africa for which it didn’t apologize until 2004 and grudgingly so and hasn’t or will it pay reparations for, as it says it won’t, while 71 years after World War 2 ended still forks out for what took place in Europe, and we all know why – one group is white, the compensation receivers and the other is BLACK the non-reparations receivers – don’t we? But set against that backdrop it wasn’t only Germany that was involved in Europe’s holocaust, since every European country was from the Nordic states in the north of Europe including Sweden with its bogus neutrality to Greece in the South; France, Holland and Belgium in the west; and Poland along with Ukraine and other East European countries in the East. Not forgetting the Irish Republic’s contribution to all of this, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania: all members of NATO and the EU now but still openly boast about how they were the only countries to wipe out European Jews, chide Germany even to this day for not having managed to do so, and openly celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday, the Waffen SS of which many of them were members and have cenotaphs in their countries to celebrate the Nazi war dead.

Britain too was itself involved and I recalled colleagues of mine here in Germany pointing out how a cousin of the now monarch of the UK a man called Anthony Blunt was dispatched to Germany at the height of the war and at the express behest of Buckingham Palace and the inner circle of the UK government then to escort specific treasures in Germany’s possession and with the active assistance of the Nazi government in Germany to Britain; yet ordinary men and women were dying while the royalty, aristocrats and privileged were as usual looking after their own; Blunt was later denounced as a British spy working for Russia. How true that is I don’t know and really don’t care. For if Jeremy Corbyn can be branded anti-Semitic these sick fuckers who constitute the British establishment are, as I well know, capable of anything. I’ll come back to that later.

Meanwhile before even the last shot was fired in anger during World War II Australia that well-known indigenous European, both culturally and geographically, land infested, as these white indigenous inhabitants see it, by pesky and foreign aboriginal groups of sub-human was openly advertising in Europe and including Germany itself for emigrants to go and settle in Australia but specifically specifying that those who wished to emigrate Down Under MUST be white Caucasian and distinctly of ARYAN STOCK. You couldn’t make crap like that up in those circumstances even if you wanted to, and just goes to show how sick these fuckers are too Down Under! And why? Specifically because ONE million Indians, several hundreds of thousands of Black Africans and Caribbeans and millions of Russians including the 25 million who died fighting Nazism and fascism had collectively, voluntarily and altruistically come together to save Britain’s ass and at a time when the Americans who were duped by Britain into entering World War I weren’t that keen to and moreover were very pro-German, apart from the business aspect of selling them state of the art weaponry and the Zyklon B Gas used Germany and the rest of Europe’s death camps. But that Aussie Aryan stock stipulation was right out of the Third Reich’s handbook.

Returning to where I previously was all European countries played their part in Europe’s holocaust and had their respective death camps on the European mainland or else readily rounded up the so-called Untermenschen in their own country and transported them to appropriate death camps. Britain’s royal family also had prominent members who were active supporters of the Nazis and I’m not just talking about Edward and his moll Wallace Simpson, but the mother of the current monarch was a Nazi sympathizer and some of you may have seen the videos of her and her daughter 60 years now on the British throne doing the Nazi salute which predictably was described by royal sycophants and cap-doffing nerds as a childish prank – yes! Well I’m the Chancellor of Germany and not Angela Merkel, and you can bet your sweet ass that if Jeremy Corbyn or Ken Livingstone were photographed at that same age as YOUR monarch was doing a Nazi salute that gesture wouldn’t be portrayed in the rightwing or any British press as a childish prank, especially if their respective mothers were in the same photograph doing the same thing. Think on that! And Labour’s NEC and the Blairites would be making a field day of it!

And to top that, this said monarch of yours went on to marry, obviously for love we’re told, a man called Philip Mountbatten who is German and whose sisters were all active Nazi members, and in turn their husbands were too and in addition to that were very hardcore members of Germany’s notorious Waffen SS, intimate friends of Adolf Hitler as well as other prominent members of the Third Reich’s hierarchy. So linked to the Nazi cause were Philip’s sisters and brother-in-laws that they were banned from attending the wedding of Philip and Elizabeth but NOT a whiff of the ludicrous cry wolf screams of anti-Semitism against any of that lot that we constantly, fraudulently and ad nauseum hear against Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingston or others for that matter who’ve fought racism of all kinds throughout their entire lives.

Then there was and I shall use its German title: DAS BRITISCHE FREIKORPS – never heard of them? Why am I not surprised? Well I shan’t waste time giving the brain-dead or short attention span nerds among you a history lesson here. Let’s just cut to the quick and say they were Waffen SS members who were all British or else white Commonwealth members from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and Britain. Volunteers who joined the German military apparatus and served in concentration and death camps and even as security guards for prominent German personnel; all of them keen, fanatical VOLUNTEERS fuer Deutschland gegen Grossbritannien! At the end of the war many of them were rounded up and should have been put on trial at a time when Britain was executing German soldiers for simply “following orders” and killing William Joyce for treason, which was illegal in itself as one can only be charged with treason if they are or were ever a citizen of that country which William Joyce – Lord Haw Haw – never was in Britain’s case; but it was sheer bloody-minded and barbaric revenge on Britain’s part, since he was just a propagandist who’d got up the nose of Britain’s political elite and they were going to see to it that he paid for doing so. Using that tenet every fucker who ever worked for the BBC and still does should be treated in the same fashion, as the BBC is one of the most biased and propaganda outfit – I shan’t dignify it by calling it a media one - as these cunts don’t have any inkling of what the Fourth Estate is all about – anywhere in the world. So why weren’t these British traitors likewise executed? Politics, British hubris and propaganda.

Churchill countermanded all orders that they should be tried and lawfully dealt with on the hubristic premise that to do so would put Britain in a bad light and having “won” the war – omitting conveniently to mention the part played by Russia, India, the African Colonies and those in the Caribbean in saving Britain’s ass – but praising the white contributions of the same countries that these traitors came from, he evidently didn’t want to tamper with the fraudulent illusion and fantasy that they - WHITES ONLY - had won the war. Over a MILLION Indians participated militarily in World War Two, hundreds of thousands of Black Africans and Caribbeans and millions of Russians with over 25 million of them dying in the fight against Nazism and Fascism and had it not been for their stalwart and unrelenting opposition to the well run Nazi machine on the Eastern Front the Germans would have had the British guts for garters! So stop revising history and tell it as it really was!

So Claire Jeffery just get a fucking grip of yourself, get real, read the brilliant DAILY MAIL article on Shark Island and the Unforgotten holocaust, other such truthful accounts of history and not the fabricated kind that cunts like you like to wallow in.

And as my German partner has suggested, there are now no concentration camps in Germany as everyone well knows but Auschwitz still exists in Poland as a holocaust memorial, so why don’t you go there – she’s even offering to pay your fare there instead of having to pay reparations for your sort – a most fitting backdrop we both agreed and HANG yourself? And good riddance I add to that! Incidentally, the Star of David is an ancient and millennia old Ethiopian and Falasha emblem just as the so-called Swastika is an ancient Indian religious emblem as well. And just as the Nazis abrogated that emblem to themselves so too have European Jews with the Star of David.. But then European Jews are past masters and mistresses at re-inventing themselves in every respect aren’t they Boris KAMAL, Michael HECHT, Margaret HODGE and the many others of you? Why can’t you be like NORMAL people?

Many decent and honourable Jews and Mischlinge: one parent Jewish the other Christian or other, courageously fought for their homeland Germany during World War Two and some of them died doing so, and Helmut Schmidt a decorated German Luftwaffe pilot was just one of them, he would post-war become Chancellor of Germany, I met him a number of times and had long chats with him, I also taught and still do German and genuine Jewish students at university the Volkshochschulen and other institutions here in Germany and count them as among my friends and they don’t regard themselves as traitors because they see themselves first and foremost as Germans and Judaism is to them a religion as Christianity is to me. And neither they nor I countenance Zionism or equate it to Judaism. And they don’t classify themselves as Semites as they know they’re NOT and are racially white Caucasian Europeans. This is not in any way an apology or excuse on my part simply that I don’t take kindly to the anti-Semitism crap you’re spouting at others when you haven’t a clue what it is or even who the real SEMITES are.

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