Friday, 9 September 2016

This inured criminal, Blairite scum have forfeited all right to life and must die!

By Stanley Collymore

I was quite buoyed up by the outcome when I was
appointed a member of the Labour Party’s NEC
and was additionally delighted as a Blairite,
neo-con, Nazi, Zionist, fascist, racist and
a neoliberal too that I now had carte
blanche to expressly and unfettered
at all times fulsomely indulge
myself in my personal bigotries and furthermore
to avidly do the every bidding of my Yidland
obsessive, warmongering exponent, clearly
war criminally disposed and indisputably
terrorism inured controllers, who pre-
planned had carefully engineered
the situation that my colleagues
and I are now comfortably in.

This of course was always to guarantee that
my close and child-porn-fixated friend
Ian McNicol along with all the other
likeminded scum who comprise our
team and together work as one,
and quite naturally me Tom
Watson: archetypal closet
Queer and Paedophile extraordinaire,
immune so far, could collectively
be here where we presently are
to undemocratically and quite
arbitrarily initiate adjudicate
and overseer every act of
deliberate illegality and
other forms of harmful
criminality under the
auspices of our
directed NEC.

Most helpfully, I must confess, with significant
corrupt assistance from the England and
Wales judiciary, namely in the form
of the Sales, Macur and Beatson
Appeals Court pronouncement
sanctioning the purging of
bona fide young and
working class Labour Party members while
at the same time brazenly permitting the
rigging of a coup inspired and wholly
engineered enforced Labour leader-
ship campaign against an already
hugely democratically elected
and grassroots popular leader
Jeremy Corbyn. But have
faith my fellow Britons
for Death the ultimate
leveller will before long for all of
them in this specific affair be
the overriding catalyst for
their warranted undoing;
categorical and hellish
too I most solemnly
promise unyielding
violent nemesis!

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 September 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
My Mum, bless her, has always insisted and robustly and convincingly instilled in my siblings and me from our earliest childhood that evil of whatever sort when detected and unmistakably recognized or acknowledged as such should unquestionably, unhesitatingly, unrelentingly and remorselessly be confronted and permanently destroyed by every means at our disposal, and that under no circumstances whatsoever should we ever make compromising overtures towards it.

And she exemplified this resolute and undeviating philosophy of hers by also telling us in the form of an analogy that if unsurprisingly or otherwise we encountered for instance a poisonous and therefore dangerous scorpion with both the capability and determined will to kill its selected victims, ourselves for argument sake, and it so happened that this scorpion was also the parent of several baby offspring that were dependent on this predatory killer that we shouldn’t allow sentiment for these baby scorpions to personally and irresponsibly intervene and consequently have them remain unmolested in our justified decision to murder their progenitor, since these baby scorpions if accorded that dispensation will eventually grow up into adult ones and in like manner behave precisely like their parent(s). So it was not only best but also judicious to wipe them out entirely as well.

And steadfastly adhering to my Mum’s advice that’s precisely how I feel about Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, their respective family members and all the similar lowlife, warmongering, war criminal, crimes against humanity, white exceptionalist, Labtory and endemically racist, Nazi Zionist and Yid scum who infest and infect not only the Labour Party and its NEC but also the entirety of the United Kingdom!

And consequently from a personal perspective I have neither a problem nor for that matter any reservation whatsoever in explicitly stating, as I’ve done on other occasions before, that with a corrupt judicial system in place in the UK and itself compounded by a plethora of nepotistic and cronyism lawyers in both House of Parliament that are all closely interlinked with each other, and a system reinforced by the transparent revolving door that facilitates these bent and criminal lawyers that make absolutely sure that none of their kind will ever find themselves in the dock far less so doing prison time, that the only resolution in place of this marked lack of justice is to kill ever fucking one of them and their offspring as my Mum suggested must be the case with scorpions.

And to that effect I’m wholeheartedly in favour of that and will lend every support that I can to facilitate the necessary process of cleaning up this stinking Augean Stables that is Britain! And if as a result the police, security services, the cap-doffing, brainless and manipulated assholes that are too totally brain-dead to even see what’s happening to their country, they would have you believe, can’t stomach what I say and am firmly committed to, then I really don’t have to tell you what to do with yourselves, do I? Since you’re already fully cognizant of that! 


  1. In my honest and impenitently stated opinion it’s high time that these fetid British Augean Stables were forcibly and thoroughly cleansed; and where better to start than with the inured criminal, Blairite and Zionist scum who’ve forfeited all right to life and MUST die! So stop pissing around out there and decisively get on with it! Or what part of reciprocal mass killings, at which these odious bastards and bitches are either currently dab hands or past masters at: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Aden, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Congo, Somalia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and the list goes on, don’t you in marked contrast to them and therefore conscionably and appreciably understand?

    Infinitely better for Britain all round, and the whole world of course, with everyone of them, from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown downwards, and their entire progeny naturally to be out of the way and permanently gone – in the identical ways that these loathsome lowlifes sadistically favour and implement in routinely encouraging and actively assisting in the annihilation of the Palestinians and other Global Southerners!

  2. One good reason on its own, as all the others are simply superfluous, why these loathsome present day scum who love warmongering, grasping and avariciously indulging in lucratively, financially exploitative regime change in the Global South, rigging Labour leadership elections at home in Britain and gerrymandering parliamentary constituency boundaries to favour themselves, their fifth columnist Labtory collaborators and conspirators in the Labour Party and in conjunction with the Lib-Dems, and who individually and collectively have no concept of or any interest in fairness, decency, objectivity or crucially democratic principles of any kind – just GREED – and consequently love nothing more than inflicting their delusional dogma and consummate barbarity on others both at home and broad in order to achieve their inured and obsessive rapacity MUST be just as brutally and equally murderously disposed of!