Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Strangers bonded by an indivisible compatibility!

By Stanley Collymore

A stranger entering one’s life whether casually,
intentionally or just plain accidentally can be
delightfully pleasing to that person’s inner
psyche but all the same in the durability
of this encounter’s actual existence be
as ephemeral as footsteps noticeably
and rather teasingly caught off guard then most
delicately implanted and skilfully paraded on
the delicate sugar white sands of a veritably
fascinating and incontestably paradisiacal,
tropical beach prior to a progression of
exuberant waves amusedly watched
over from a peerless cloudless and
sapphire sky by a radiant and all
seeing sun sportively and very
permanently expunge those
sculptured footprints lying
in the sand one by one.

Or else that stranger could well be a providential
someone whose awe-inspiring, unfaltering and
enduring presence will be synonymous to the
ubiquitous coconut palm trees picturesquely
and harmonizingly garrisoning that same
pearly white and sandy beach with their
multi-colourful and perpetual swaying
rhythm adding their own distinctive
allure to the hypnotically powerful but completely
and characteristically zephyr-like cadence of the
Transatlantic Trade Winds whose recognizable
presence is both tangible and everywhere to
be seen; and correspondingly translated
into human terms is exactly the same
unrivalled effect that you artlessly
but manifestly unpretentiously
bring about in me Kathleen.

© Stanley V. Collymore
14 September 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Unpredictability is a common and natural feature of life and even though circumstances don’t always work out as one would like the challenges that they can and often at times do present, can nevertheless if sensibly taken on board, astutely analysed, learnt from and the results practically implemented into one’s personal life schedule quite often make the world of difference to the quality of one’s own life and how that positive outcome might possibly and for the greater good of all concerned significantly or even permanently influence others both in the short and long term.

But there are also unscripted or wholly unforeseen circumstances too that appear completely out of the blue and whose very presence can and invariably does trigger a massive and uninhibited responses that discernibly, instinctively and rapturously extensively dismantle the usual social convention of wary scepticism that there is and unapologetically in its place institutes instead a hearty welcome. And so it would seem Kathleen that you and I were jointly destined to be an integral part of this same invitingly, stimulatingly interlocking, markedly unrestrictive, openly enterprising and thoroughly likeminded 21st Century company of trailblazers, and delightedly to which I’m most glad to add: “Welcome onboard!”

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