Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Satirically speaking Bermondsey’s finest, I don’t think, is dying of HIV!

By Stanley Collymore

Heil Neil Coyle! A casual greeting but definitely no
respect for this man who the entire country obviously
doesn’t even know exists let alone actually cares
is the incumbent MP for Bermondsey, and a
right pillock and a half too between you
and me, but for all that is decidedly
and by no means even worthy of the derogatory
abuse normally reserved for morons of his
ethnicity who readily fit the sobriquet
of being two sheets to the wind, and
rather humorously in the case of
Neil Coyle distinctly reminds
me of a septic boil that’s highly
distasteful to look at and is
dreadfully in the bargain
horribly stinking in its
smell and one that
sure as hell does
require to be

But since this pillock and a half who’s obviously
not the full shilling nor the sharpest or most
useful contrivance in the tool box – fancy
this mindless nonentity obsequiously
allowing himself to self-absorbedly
go out on a precarious limb – as
he indubitably could not have
thought up something like
that entirely by himself – to get his name
in the papers, not mind you in order to
do anything remotely advantageous
that would benefit his constituents
but absurdly would you believe
it, threatening to sue Jeremy
Corbyn, of all people, for
Corbyn’s campaign team allegedly
defaming him? In other words
quite rightly pointing out to
the public generally this
nerd’s rampant double
standards, astonishing
hypocrisy and clearly
ingrained stupidity!

Poor Neil Coyle then taking great exception we’re
lead to believe by the Mirror and the Telegraph
daily rags to what Jeremy Corbyn’s team had
astutely – my word not those of these so-
called mainstream liars – and sensibly
done, and not least so because it was
a huge political embarrassment for
Neil Coyle a typical feebleminded moron;
and him too with this troublesome bum
problem of his and worst luck for him
has come on top of his nasty boil!
Apparently the recommended
lotion prescribed to him and
that he has been regularly
using isn’t working so
he’s lumbered with
an ongoing, shall
we subtly say,

Well one thing is for sure after all this matey! And I’m
making it unambiguously clear here and now that he
won’t get any sympathy whatsoever from me as
regards that specific matter, as I don’t or will
I ever approve of supposedly male gender
Member persons sticking their sexual
organs in places where they don’t
belong and ought never to have
been in the first! A disgusting
habit I firmly and honestly believe that’s
far from being hygienically clean and
furthermore is completely in every
regard morally obscene; and the
mere thought of which readily
causes me, and I’m being
truthful with all of you
here, and it includes
you, Bermondsey
MP Neil Coyle,
to shudder and

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 September 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
My German Schwiegermutter recently brought to the attention of her daughter, my Partner, and me a very unflattering but nevertheless exceedingly truthful article relating to what as a Brit I instantly recognized was spot on in relation to significant number of other Brits at home in the United Kingdom and who alas I’m forced by birth and not choice to share British citizenship with.

Scum I generally refer to them as for a number of very valid and pertinent reasons some of which I’ve outlined in previous articles and tweets I’ve written but anyway are far too numerous to enumerate here or give full credit to as an addendum to this poem, so I shan’t even bother to try doing so again and you’ll just have to take my word as regards what I’m saying and which is entirely your prerogative and shan’t have any direct or material effect on me one way or the other I promise you.

This poem though, satire and reality combined, is essentially about one such piece of British political and parliamentary shit Neil Coyle. One of those genderless prats who in analogous terms readily conjure up in my mind all the masses of other nondescript pieces of shit that you’ve personally passed from your bowels down into the lavatory pan, then disinterestedly flush away never to think of any more but all the same either end up milling about initially then inevitably float collectively in various underground sewer drainage facility systems before they’re involuntarily swept away to whatever sewerage depot that they destined for

That’s how I see you Neil Coyle together with all the other detritus elements of purported humanity to which you belong and moreover will always do so; and in that solitary regard alone am 1000% in unison with my German Schwiegermutter, my Partner, all of our several friends, countless numbers of other Germans and other continentals who laughingly look at the likes of you Neil Coyle in the 21st Century and wonder what the fuck is happening to Britain, and how come pillocks like you are even regarded as human beings let alone get elected to parliament?

Feel free Neil Coyle to sue me and all those in Germany who think like me!

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