Friday, 23 September 2016

It’s not just brainwashed voters but also undemocratic MPs and councillor scum who’re the problem!

By Stanley Collymore

Loyalty whenever it’s volunteered should be clear-sightedly
given and not done so blindly let alone unconditionally,
just as treachery mustn’t be a badge to instinctively,
unscrupulously and self-servingly be worn because in
doing so the current and even the foreseeable odds
of such activity only goes to favour the ill-gotten
and much more easily attainable and personal
acquisition of financial rewards which you
idiotically convince yourselves you need
but that others having scrutinizingly observed the
pattern of behaviour you’re indulging in and
furthermore are promoting in tandem with
what you’ve already done and are still
carrying on doing is synonymous to
nothing less than unconscionable
and rapacious greed. And quite
frankly is something that no
valid civilized country or
society or aspiring to be
one and consisting of
real meritocratic as
well as truthfully
democratic and
people need!

© Stanley V. Collymore
23 September 2016.

Author’s Comment:
I wholeheartedly support Jeremy Corbin and what he’s trying to do for Britain and its citizens. Note I’ve used the word citizen and not subject as I’m NOT one of the latter, never have been or will I ever be! And having through an email received an invitation from Momentum’s HQ, which I think overall is doing a grand job politically, to attend a Momentum meeting in Crawley, as I was in Britain I decided to do so. What a bloody waste of time spent with such wasters! For here was, for the most part on parade what is so bloody wrong with Britain. A bunch of detritus nonentities for the most part of councillors who would make the Nazis look like cherubic collection of choirboys and girls boasting in the case of one female nerd there that she was a Crawley councillor and had been for 30 years; hates Jeremy Corbyn and doesn’t see what role he has to play in the Labour Party. Stuff right out of rightwing media’s propaganda book, as this cunt quite literally couldn’t think for herself about any thing worthy of the name even if it were to save her bloody life!

A strong and unthinking Progress member – the Blairite group – she saw Momentum along with others helping Jeremy Corbyn as a party within a party or and furthermore all undesirables – substitute in its place the Nazi term Untermenschen and you’ll be spot on as regards her thinking - and entryists. Not Progress or the other pseudonym entities set up by Progress to persuade even Sun readers to vote for Owen Smith and displace Jeremy Corbyn. The sole purpose of this specific exercise being they were actively and openly encouraged being to specifically get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and furthermore also told that it didn’t matter whether they supported the Labour Party or not, which Sun readers overwhelmingly don’t, so long as they did what was required of them and robustly assist in this extermination politically of Jeremy Corbyn.

That action though wasn’t seen by this Crawley female councillor prat as entryism However when dealing with intellectually challenged pillocks like this one it’s a clear thing that they can’t differentiate between right and wrong. Progress led and run by war criminals and mass murderers who should uncompromisingly be behind bars for the rest of their pathetic life – if they were Black or African the ICC would ensure that they were but when you’re white, Nazi and a Zionist in the bargain absolutely no way and what’s more your actions are seen as and defined as being perfectly fine; not so however if you’re a proper, legitimate and democratic member of Momentum. And the list of these pillocks’ asinine and lame excuses being paraded as arguments just went on and with me growing increasingly tired of hearing them.

Meanwhile the guy who chaired the Momentum meeting, and I’m being exceedingly generous here, I wouldn’t put him in charge of a public lavatory let alone trust him with anything else and most certainly nothing that I attach any importance to. He hadn’t a clue of what he was doing and frankly is your typical jobsworth asshole who can only see things through the prism of his own stupidity! Collectively, with two notable exceptions of those that attended this meeting apart from myself, these were your typical delusional 18/19th Century-mindset nerds who continue to asininely think and even believe we’re living in that period of time, or should be, when Britain then dominated the world and can’t accept that the empire has gone, never to come back and good riddance to it I say. And who I’m positive are all enthusiastic Brexiteers who thought that when they voted to exit the EU on the pack of lies they were callously and cynically served up by the likes of Boris Kamal: the Turkish ancestry Yid, American born immigrant to Britain, preposterously classing himself off as the quintessential Englishman and the former mayor of London fraudulently using the assumed name Johnson and the rest of them - Britain the next day would be emptied of NIGGERS like me and all others who don’t look like them. DREAM ON PURBLIND CUNTS!

And to those who have in good faith joined MOMENTUM in Crawley or Horsham you have my utmost sympathy I assure you! And to those who haven’t, do support Momentum elsewhere if you can but keep the fuck away from dozy Momentum cunts in the Crawley and Horsham area and equally so delusional Crawley councillors like the one who boasted that she’s been on the Crawley BoroughCouncil for 30 years. Well Jimmy Savile was doing his thing for almost 50 years, so that doesn’t say anything does it, prized idiot? And longevity Ms Longstanding Councillor doesn’t equate to competence, ability, intellectual acumen or commonsense. None of which YOU have!

And finally, we have a government elected under David Cameron with 22% of the 41% or so who bothered to vote. That’s not democracy nor is it by any means legitimacy, but under our corrupt first past the post system it apparently is. And when this silly Crawley Cow who boasts that she has been on the council for 30 years, I’m sure that if you add up her percentage of the votes garnered at any election that she “won” then it’ll be a pretty paltry total, as at most only 6% of people bother to vote in council elections. So please woman, fucking well grow up and get a grip on reality! In marked contrast and in the short time that Jeremy Corbyn who you proudly boast that you absolutely dislike has been leader of the Labour Party he has generated hundreds of thousands of people into joining the Labour Party which is now one of the largest political movements in the entirety of Europe and not just Britain. How many voters has this prized twat motivated I wonder into either getting involved personally in politics or more important as a “Labour” councillor joining the Labour Party? Answers should you just s daftly respond to this no-brainer on the back of a postage stamp please!

But as long as Britain has leaders, according to this brainless moron and others like her at that meeting in Crawley, who gratuitously knock the shits out of those who inhabit the Global South, purloin these local citizens’ natural resources, grotesquely and massively enrich themselves from doing so and all the rest of it, actions like those in the fucking sick minds of cunts like this Crawley councillor undoubtedly for them constitute LEADERSHIP qualities, and so in that regard Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, Ms Hilary Benn, Dykes Angela Eagle and Liz Kendall among the Labtory lot and their Tory counterparts notably David Cameron and the many others of them along with Theresa May those still in her cabinet Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t. Yet Jeremy Corbyn was right on Iraq, Libya and Syria and many other important national and global issues. And you know what, all you delusional, white exceptionlist morons with your let’s give Johnny Foreigner a good kicking and coupled with you sadistic concept of life and empire loyalty stickers welded on to your chests, here’s a piece of advice from me – JUST FUCK OFF!

You’ve had you day! And whether you like it or not Britain will change one way or the other and if violently there are not enough cops, security service members or private guards providing you can afford to hire and maintain them to protect you and your families 24/7 365 days a year. Killers and lone wolf assassins only have to get it right the once while in marked contrast your protectors have to get it right all the time. Just think on that you pathetic lowlifes when next you sickeningly think up your next murderous assault on the hapless citizens of yet another Global South country then disdainfully treat the refugees that your callous actions cause with mindboggling hypocrisy and double standards. And in the meantime, let those like Jeremy Corbyn who genuinely want to make Britain a country fit for civilized human beings to live in, and not the loathsome detritus that you quite manifestly are, get on with the very serious and important task of making it so!

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  1. I'm replying to this as myself - not representing anyone, or any organisation.

    Last night was the very first meeting of Momentum in Crawley. A lot of people had come along simply to find out what it was about. I myself wanted to see what was what.
    Yes, there were some right wing councilors. And that may have made it tricky for some to speak out as we've had a few problems with people being suspended etc.

    So last night was to see what was what and, hopefully, to put the wheels in motion for the future. It used a simple format - a chair deciding who would speak, mainly in the order that people put their hands up.

    Your intitial introduction was superb. I found myself nodding and saying 'hear hear' a lot. You had some excellent things to say.
    However, you were very quick to anger. And that's where the wheels came off. Yes, one of the councilors refered to you - and had you waited I am sure you would have been given right to reply. Instead you blew your top.
    There is a time and place for anger. This was not it. You are right when you say there are murderers in the party. I myself would happily pay money to see Blair and his ilk in the Hague. But the way you presented yourself last night wrecked any argument you were trying to make.

    I would love to sit down with you, hear you talk. I think you would be fascinating. But last night wasn't it.

    Crawley, and it's area, Momentum is just starting out. We hope to do well and help the Labour Party to win power, with Corbyn as Prime Minister.

    But it takes time.