Thursday, 15 September 2016

Don’t you patronize me with your smug masculinity!

By Stanley Collymore

Well, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs! So completely
appalled am I by what you’re doing. Fancy you
after of all things my very own proposal that
you invite me out for dinner then incred-
ibly and equally arrogantly as well, I
must say, expecting me to make a
financial contribution to the
restaurant’s dinner bill!
How dare you be so impolite and cad-like
to do that to any woman and especially
a refined lady like me? Something
so wholly unbecoming of any
man – and totally unheard
of in all the cultured and
sophisticated circles to
which I unconditionally and have always
belonged and moreover firmly intend
to remain in – who even remotely
perceives himself as a civilized
human being and even more
questionably a gentleman;
perceptibly an imposter
endeavouring so hard
to influence urbane
and quite trusting
women like me
that he’s really
you know the
actual thing!

Trust me!” You really ought to be thoroughly
ashamed of yourself you misogynistic cad
and unpleasant charlatan of a man to be
doing something like this in the 21st
Century. Have you not heard of
or worst still don’t you believe
in according persons of my
sex, put bluntly ladies in
effect like me, with the
supreme respect and
of course our due
rights to human
decorum and
our gender

© Stanley V. Collymore
15 September 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Whether to go Dutch or not in the financial sense and looking at this particular issue astutely and objectively is to a prescient-minded observer like me a no-brainer! Why? Because its application, one way or the other, completely depends, or should do so, on the nature of the existing relationship, personal or otherwise, that at the time is being engaged in by those who’re involved – usually the individuals of either of the two standard and conventional sexes generally and globally recognized and therefore accepted as such, or none as it happens and is increasingly the case in officially genderless Britain, and consequently is exclusively a matter for those who’re directly and consensually involved. This regardless of whether their particular participation resolves around or significantly or not impacts on two or materially more people. That then in my judgement and likewise I would imagine also that of other sensible and intelligent minds is how it should always be and logically therefore has bugger all to do with one’s gender or equality of any kind for that matter.

However the situation in my opinion is that in Britain and specifically so as is distinctly evident in England is that this undoubted no-brainer problem is a comprehensively manufactured and self-serving one wilfully produced by those who’re obsessively preoccupied with as well as concertedly involved in asininely, most markedly and dysfuntionally creating a totally genderless and quite noticeably an unnatural society in which the consistently brainless and unthinking adherents of these sick policy makers’ nonsensical assault on the intuitive and generally accepted consensual norms of what are conventionally recognized and overwhelmingly adhered to as normal conduct in the universal behavioural sense within civilized cultures and countries globally, and are now officially and quite encouragingly in Britain either callously, misguidedly, injudiciously or just plain stupidly trampled upon.

And furthermore these cherished and societally cohesive precepts are also so wantonly abused that they’ve become most discernibly to anyone with functioning eyes in their head to see and conscionably wish to do so a markedly confusing and even a particularly debilitating and daily scenario for the average apathetic Briton let alone the manifestly increasing plethora of witless ones who unchallenged roam our seemingly green but deceptively pleasant land. And advisedly to all women who like mindless lemmings that as a species happily it seems indulge in jumping off cliffs to their well-deserved fate are idiotically leaping on to this specific bandwagon I will shrewdly say to all of them it’s not misogyny in this particular matter but your own deeply ingrained or else deviously practised stupidity that you should be most preoccupied with and profoundly worried about!

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